Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Busy catching up on WoW and Cataclysm

Playing catchup is allot of what I seem to be doing, so really not allot of time to dedicate to writing anything much or anything long. Plus being a bit busy re-learning how to play and leveling up 3 of my lvl 80 characters to 85, so not much time to stop and talk about it either. Quite understandable that is. As well been reading some other blogs and forums trying to understand some the changes and mechanics of some the classes I play.

So not really busy trying to blog about much.

Did transfer my Paladin, Shadow Priest, Shaman back to the old server of my Paladin back to Zangarmarsh. At least to play with some old WoW friends in my old former guild. So was able to do that vs spending time building back up guild on the server where I was which i really don't have time for anymore.

Since leveling my Paladin to lvl 85 and with fairly ok mostly ilvl 333 tank/dps gear from leveling up for both specs, haven't done much or played since. Mostly been working on leveling up some profession when i can. Still have alchemy to level up a bit though leveled it up enough to craft the epic trinket that i cant remember the name of.

Started to work at leveling up my lvl 80 Shadow Priest, but first had to figure out a spec as well as relearn allot of how to even play one as well as learn the changes to the class vs before. So spend some time reading other blogs as well over at EJ to figure things out a bit. However was able to get my Shadow Priest to 85. I still find the class fun and not to difficult to relearn though it took a while after months of haven't played one.

So now just left with leveling up my Enhancement Shaman with a Elemental off spec who is currently at lvl 84. So had to look around for a few blogs to read that i read before that already had some good info as well as visit EJ forum to read their class compodium to understand class changes. So had to do the same as well as did with my Shadow Priest had to figure out spec and re-learn skills, talents and spells and dropping totems. Re-learn how to play the Shaman was to me harder than figuring out how to play the Shadow Priest. Took awhile. But so far been doing ok and almost there leveling up my Shaman.

Have found the new instances fun and challenging though been there just as dps really. Overall just busy playing, observing and catching up really in allot of ways so just not allot of time to blog right now. If anything i'm spending time reading other people's blog as well as forums just taking in and understanding stuff and class mechanics.

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