Monday, February 21, 2011

Rift and future MMO plans

Have been playing RIFT beta since Beta 5 event over a month ago after which I made the decision I was going to play the game and pre-ordered the game from Trion. Since I had already ordered the game and knew was going to play at launch didn't really play at all much during the Beta 6 event over a week back, I just played more EVE Online. This past weekend played a little bit for the final RIFT beta event to test out a few souls and classes haven't played before the game launches live on Thursday the 24th.

So had a bit of fun over the weekend trying out a different class build as a Tank, a slightly different one to the main soul as a Paladin/VoidKnight/Reaver build I leveled up during Beta 5. Tried out a Paladin/VoidKnight/Warlord which seemed to work well though took some getting used to after having played the first build.

Also leveled up two different Mages to at least lvl 10 trying out the dps class builds to see what I actually liked for dps. First tried out a Elemental/Stormcaller/Archon and though worked ok didn't quite work all that well for me with the Archon as well as with keeping the pet alive, but played it at least to lvl 10 to see how it played out. In trying to test out another support class for mage dps then made a Warlock/Necromancer/Chloromancer and that seemed to work out well for my style of play especially with the Chloromancer soul for support role. Thus i figured that would work well with the Elemental/Stormcaller as well and with the pet. Overall figured out what I wanted for both and had a fun time for the short amount of time really played overall during the last Beta event.

Currently my main MMO right now is playing EVE Online which have been playing for almost the last year and that's not really going to change much best I can tell for rest of year. RIFT will be the only other MMO on my plate at the moment and looking forward to playing it at launch on Thursday since have already pre-ordered the game and will be playing at head start all the way thru. I'll be playing Defiant of course just because I always play the underdog side. Kinda like always having Horde in WoW and never played Alliance. As well will be playing on a PvE server yet to be determined.

So the only thing left to decide for playing RIFT is which shard (server) to play on. As well as which server the majority of everyone I know that blogs and that will be playing will be playing on. Could be allot of fun to be all on one main server. Really best though to get that decided and figured before the game launch on the 24th. I know I'm highly unlikely to change server I start playing on to start over on another server everyone else is playing on after launch.

Trion hasn't as yet released the names of what the live shards will be. I've heard at least 1-2 days before launch they will release that info. So while it will be fun playing at RIFT launch it can be even more fun playing on the same server with majority of blogging community and friends.

Until then its back to playing EVE Online mostly.

Seems will be forming up a community/guild for RIFT launch linked here.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I think I'm going to stick with MP. They will be creating a guild on the Wolfsbane server (the same one I'm on now) if the game will keep the same servers and names. They will be going Defiant, but I will probably make my mage alt a Guardian on the same server.

Ardent Defender said...

Thanks GamerChick, yeah i remember the conversation we had in game. If Trion keeps the same server, i'll probably more than likely join you over there on Wolfsbane. Thanks again.

Will check the link as well.

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry, it may be Faeblight. Arg, I don't know. All I know is it's going to be a RP-PVE server. You should check out the link there, and go to their forums! They'll have the info!

Ardent Defender said...

Wolfbane server it seems to be assuming Trion have that as one the listed server from what I read over at

Anonymous said...

I think they need to update that main thread. I saw this other thread, looks like we will be on Faeblight. I don't mind too much, most people I knew who were playing Rift were split between Wolfsbane and Faeblight anyway. It looks to be a good RP-PvE server too.

Here's the thread I saw

Anonymous said...

In any case, apparently we will know the servers by tomorrow. I would keep checking the MP forums.

Ardent Defender said...

Thanks. I will be checking as well i'm sure.