Thursday, March 17, 2011

Completely Abandoned and pushing the Red Self Destruction button.

It was somewhere around a year ago when I went on hiatus from WoW and started playing other MMO games to broaden my MMO horizon and gaming habits. Had started another blog on wordpress under the same name for whatever mmo games I played, but mostly kept both blogs somewhat separate somewhat to keep blogging about WoW separate mostly for the WoW readers. Sometimes I double posted on both.

This blog has been a constant companion for my entire WoW career. Its also been apart of the WoW blog community through out the years and considered it as valuable as my own WoW characters. Its also tough to have and somewhat maintain two different personal blogs about playing mmo games just because the player base and readership can be different in the games one chooses to play or move on to.

I've agonized about the thought of what to do for almost a year in my on and off declining play time with WoW. I've always maintained to myself that as long as I continued to play WoW that I'd keep the blog till whenever.

But not too long ago made the decision that my WoW career is absolutely over and as this blog has been my constant companion its life shall come to a complete end as well. It was great to be and have this blog be apart of the WoW community through out the years. Times eventually change for us all and so does out gaming habits. Really thank all the WoW readers for all their support for the last 5 years, blogging here on this blog and playing WoW was made more fun because of all of you. However it will be much easier having just one blog to focus on and blog about whatever other mmo game I choose to play or enjoy whether its just one, a few or others.

This blog will officially Self Destruct in 24hrs!

That decision if absolutely Final!


Anonymous said...

Well, it always sucks when a blogger takes their site down, but I know you're not really quitting writing and as long as you keep posting about the games you're playing on your other blog, I'm cool with that! But I'd like to say a fond farewell to anyway.

Since you were writing about Rift on here too, you will start writing about it on the other blog now then, I guess?

Ardent Defender said...

@ MMOGC, Yes that would be correct.

Orthien said...

Good bye you were my first blog and you will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything,


Ardent Defender said...

@ Orthien, Thanks i can remember your name in the comments through the years, glad my being apart of the community in the early days was helpful to you and your WoW journey.

@Porkchops, Thanks for humoring me with such a funny name. And glad my blog may have been of help or a resource in some way in your journey as well.

I was always glad to be apart of the community in the very early days when blogs were so few and in resources. Eventually we all move on to other things.

Ardent Defender said...

I had a change of heart after pushing the red button :)

Yow said...

Hey man I love ur blog, Maybe wanna Link my blog to yours and i do same to yours =)?
Girl gamer from finland =P
Writing is from 2.7k warrior POV :)