Sunday, November 11, 2012

It Was Fun While It lasted

Felt fun at least for a while in MoP. I subscribed about a month before Mist just relearning how to play the game after being away from it for so long. Took awhile relearning how to play my class and a few alts just going thru the motions questing and learning new skills that were changed. And I had fun in the process.

Took my time not being in any hurry and paced myself getting my Paladin to 90. And I enjoyed the story of Pandaria as well. I had fun doing some Pet Battles and getting a set of Battle Pets to lvl 25 and capturing allot of rare Battle Pets, yet even that felt like a grind and a huge time sink.

My guild wasn't really active other than a good old friend GM friend and his host of alts as well a few other members logging in here and there but not really that active. But that was OK and didn't really bother me much. I enjoyed playing the game whenever I logged on to play whether anyone else was logged on or not in the guild. I worked at leveling up a few alts I played a bit and overall had fun leveling them up a bit. Yet even that felt like a grind repeating many quests trying to level up those alts even on Max Rest Bonus.

Overall I did enjoyed Cooking and Farming on the farm and even got cooking leveled up to 600 though not in all the Cooking Ways. I spent a bit of time slowly grinding up the Tillers Reps to Best Friends status with almost all of the Tillers and getting half way so far to Exalted. It felt fun most of the time.

At 90 so far I didn't really care to do any of the other dailies or grind nor did I even pay them any attention at all. It all seem like so much to do. I slowly realized I no longer had the heart to try and Tank anything so I didn't even waste the time trying to. I didn't care much for the grind of Reputations either at 90, I consider it all a massive time sink. While leveling the few alts I slowly felt the fun draining out of my play sessions repeating recent quests from different characters and came to the point that I didn't want to do it anymore either leveling them up.

And so it was really just going about doing that last set of Reps to get Best Friend status with the last of the Tillers the Fish person that that right there I realized…. this all no longer really felt fun and I didn't care to continue anymore. I didn't care to grind anymore Reps and I didn't care to make anymore progress in the game on any of my characters. None of it really mattered to me anymore so I just cancelled my subscription which runs out in about 2 weeks. It was probably just a matter of time when it was going to happen.

It was fun while it lasted.


Anonymous said...

i just pvp, nvr wasted time with anything else, game is still fun for me.

Anonymous said...

I mostly do old school content and achievements, but I can see how you would get frustrated and bored facing the rep grinds.