Friday, January 30, 2009

Its Been a While.....

Being away from the game so hope the New Year is going well for many of you. Haven't played WoW in a good while since I stopped playing a while back. I just flat out quit playing and just kinda focused more time working on real life and personal issues. Nor have I really kept up with much with blogging or the happenings around the blog community either. Its was relaxing to just not have to worry about doing either.

Not playing a game you enjoyed relaxing playing like WoW is and was not easy and it wasn't after deciding to just not log in anymore and just focus on life issues. I though about the game when I wasn't playing for a while having played it a while as well. Eventually over time you think less about the game as time goes on worrying about other things in real life. At some point I realize you can really quit playing and eventually stop thinking about the game. Yet from time to time you still do think about it. 

One the hardest thing was missing the community of blogs I often read. After all I read most daily and was really hard to just stop reading about players perspective and daily happenings in the game even when I wasn't logging in anymore. For me that was just hardest thing to quit doing. But eventually I stop thinking about the game being busy with other things in life and forget about reading blogs as well. I guess when I got bored of things it was easier to find the time to read a few blogs and see what was happening a bit around the world of Azeroth. I never felt much to updating the blog though it sat on my desktop, so just never did. But was amazed of how many people stopped here to read old blog entries even though I wasn't writing anything. Many thanks to those who did.

I can say I've missed the game. But at some point you make a choice to spend more time dealing with real life issues becoming more important vs playing a game and dealing with its issues. Yet its good to escape life as well from time to time just not completely.

Some days ago finally got around to cleaning up my computer and reinstalling things including WoW. It can really take like a whole day almost just to reinstall WoW with all the numerous downloads and patches. I finally got around to buying WotLK as well. I had ordered the collectors edition on WotLK release, but since I stopped playing I just never bothered to go pick it up or get my deposit back. So few days ago just downloaded the WotLK installation patch straight from Blizzard and all the patches as well. 

I haven't really played much at all. Just long enough to log in, say hello to some guildie friends and make the trip to Howling Fjord in Northrend. It looks very empty the starter zone, most people at this point since release are way beyond lvl 70 as well. With work being very tiring and dealing with other personal things in life, Its being really hard to find time to just log in and play. I guess whenever I log in and play its just going to be casually at best and trying to level to 80 ..................... for the second time since WotLK Beta. But when I do i'll have just fun doing it my way and casually at best since i'll be doing it all over again.