Monday, November 17, 2008

Screenshot Files: 77-80 Grinding...

Just stuff from my Beta Files. During Beta found this spot at Malykriss: The Vile area in Icecrown to be the best grind spot of any the last two zones for lvl 77-80 grind if you like to grind stuff. I remember a quest sends you there to check something in the area. Area not named on the zone map but its just north of Icecrown Citadel where the huge chunk of metal suspends in the air with chains overhead and gargoyle's guard the area along with Aboms at the entrance. But its all undead mobs that respawn very fast. From Beta remember the mobs spawn there in less than 30 sec and real nice to grind for fun or XP. They are other areas in Icecrown but this I remember was the absolute best for easy XP.

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A wired grind spot in Storm Peaks just east of and outside of Brunnhildar Village where the lvl 80 Brunnhildar mobs path attacking the frost giants. If you just happen to be standing in the right area you will be in the middle of all their paths and end up you can just park and pile up mobs non stop for XP with barely time to loot. Don't think its really a grind spot, but the mobs runs that path back and forth and just happen to find it by accident in Beta as such just standing around mounted in the area.

Elemental Mobs/Spirits

lots of various Elemental mobs or Spirits on the Western edge of Sholazar Basin or "The Stormwright's" I think its called.
Sholazar Basin. The very Western edge of the zone is only accessible by flying mount and all the various mobs there are Elemental/Spirit mobs which yields various Crystallized elements of Crystallized Air, Water and can't remember what else mobs spawn there on the shelf. But the shelf runs the entire length edge of the zones with mobs.

Some Crystallized Fire you can find in Borean Tundra from the Fire elemental mobs there also in the northern part of the zone. Grizzly Hills zone have some Elemental Spirits in the eastern part of the zone where the rune mobs are that also drop Crystallized Air I remember also. There are several caves in The Storm Peaks zone that have various Spirit mobs that drop Crystallized elements of various sorts also if you like to explore. If you mine allot you can get the rest of many the other Crystallized Elements to make Eternal Air, Water or whatever else. Just stuff I remembered in Beta from all the many screenshots.

Edit: Western Edge not Eastern Sholzar Basin.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Have Fun in Northrend!

I know the new expansion launches tonight. How could one not know or be aware of it. I had even ordered the CE set myself some months ago at my local Game Stop. But anyway times have changed and at this point have not being playing the game. Irregardless I may still pick up the game as i'm sure to eventually play it at some point again. However at this point just want to wish you all well in Northrend whatever you choose to do when you get there.

No I didn't re-roll anything. I just haven't being playing the game for my own reasons or have quit playing at this point. I did cancel both my accounts since not playing as well. Players do quit and some eventually get resurrected just like in Raids. In WoW death is never permanent unless you just about completely delete your character account and maybe your blog as well. I did delete everything else except to my character and give away all the money my characters had so flat broke since don't need it now anyway not playing. But I'm keeping the blog though :)

Just choosing to do other things in my free time for now at this point and fine with it. I still read some blogs in my free time as that's much easier to do. But not that much reasons to blog much not playing the game as well. But the game will always be there till that point I feel like getting back around to it if nothing better game wise. A much different game I'm sure by then, though i've already done the leveling game once already to Northrend having played and leveled in Beta.

Wishing you all lots of new Fun and Adventure in Northrend. Hold onto your Wallets and don't go broke on the new Continent because their will be plenty of stuff to take all your money in Northrend. Right now just enjoying my 6 weeks of much needed vacation off from work. Too bad I won't be playing WoW though in that time. At some point in the future... perhaps if nothing better!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point is a Best Seller Book by Malcolm Gladwell. Its one of my many favorite Books and one of many of the books I've read when I used to actually read lots of actual "Books". These days I've tend to read many blogs. The sad thing is I can't remember the last time I read a actual real Book recently either.

"The Tipping Point is that Magic Moment when an Idea, Trend, or Social Behavior crosses a threshold, Tips and Spread like Wildfire. Just as a single sick person can start an epidemic of the flu, so too can a small but precisely targeted push cause a fashion trend, the popularity of a new product, or a drop in the crime rate".

We all make million of choices everyday, many subconsciously. Everyday many of those thoughts or choices tip one way or the other followed by a choice which leads to an action or a thought of some kind. Sometimes its weighing the choices on a balance scale with a game perhaps.

I believe at some point something whatever it may be in the grand scheme of all things something will cause your or I to reach your own Tipping Point in whatever those millions of collective thoughts are. At that point things begin to change. I've reached mine.

Dear Silvermoon,

My faith is with me no more. It has kept me going this long in your service. I've proudly served you as a dedicated son of these lands of our people. I've traveled far in service of our land and of our people who have suffered so greatly for far so long. Fame, Fortune and Honor I've found in my great service. Faith in the Light bestowed upon me has guided me through countless battles.

I have reached my End! I can go no further in my service of our great city and people. My steadfast dedication is no longer with me. My faith now fails me. Disillusion fills the emptiness that remains. I can no longer perform my duties as a honorable Blood Knight in your service.

To Silvermoon I leave my cold steel righteous Sword, my Shield of faith, my Divine Armor in thy keeping. My loyal companion Charger I return to thy stables. All thy gathered wealth I've instructed be donated to charity for greater good.

I have met the enemy and have fulfilled my service commission. With great sadness it pains me to acknowledge I can serve you proudly no more in my present condition. I shall take my long over due and much needed leave to wonder portals to other lands and realms. I know not if I will ever return.

Son of Silvermoon
Ardent Defender

One day your time will come! In the journey of "My Life and Times...." and with my most beloved and dedicated Paladin. I've chosen to end my journey here.

Being a Alchemist in WotLK

If you've done Alchemy up to 350+ one does not have to tell you how to be a Alchemist. Anyway all the new recipes you can learn from the new trainers in the starter areas and later in Dalaran. If your a Herbalist as well those are your 4 most valuable herbs that you need to constantly flower pick when seen or spotted for your self to do constant Alchemy Research as a Alchemist to discover new Potions/Elixirs/Flasks under the new discovery system. Can be valuable to sell if your a Herbalist and not a Alchemist as well.

So if your a smart Alchemist you should stock up on those herbs if anything and on every cooldown do Alchemy Research to discover something new with the side effect of some new potions created. The faster you do that on every cooldown the faster you will have all the new to play with Potions/Elixirs/Flasks. That also means the earlier you can use or sell some your new brews in the new economy and make some money. Helps to be good at making money as well in skills selling your stuff.

If your a Alchemist with good economic skills and a have mining or a pocket miner. You can do well burning up that Transmute on every cooldown (4 days) to make lots of Titanium. It will be heavily used in lots of things especially in making Titansteel and other valuables. Of course one does need to constantly pay attention to your economy Supply, Demand and Over Supply & Demand can help or hurt your wallet. Be smart.

Cobalt will be found everywhere just about. Saronite can be found in Scholazar Basin (lots) and the last 2 zones. Exploring caves are always nice (tip).

WotLK 70-80 All that Green Gear.

It will be new and fun times leveling in WotLK and with reset of entire server Economy. One of the things you will collect from 70-80 is lots and lots of green gear drop. The more stuff you kill the more of it you will tend to collect. What will you decide to do with all that green gear?

Well one the options if you so choose after picking up all that green gear is after you have a bit of a collection of it to have your guild Enchanter or a Enchanting friend DE it all for mats: Shards and Essences. Obviously you will need enchants to enchant your new rocking lvl 78+ gear and all those future 80 Blues and Epics. You don't want to be at the mercy of the AH trying to look for Essences and Shards at the beginning of WotLK or having to pay high prices.

They may not be any and if they are any you may be paying high prices for them. From 70-80 in Beta every piece of green gear I collected I had them just sent to an alt and latter when I found a good enchanter I just had him mass DE all of the gear and paid him in some the mats since he needed mats more than I did for his profession. I never had any problem getting any mats for any of my Beta gear to get it enchanted due to that. Hardest thing was finding a Enchanter that was skilled to do the enchanting since most weren't as leveled up as yet. So in all that lvl 71-80 gear I had collected quite a bit of the new WotLK mats in:

Dream Shards
Small Dream Shard
Infinite Dust
Greater Cosmic Essence
Lesser Cosmic Essence

As well Planar Essence and Arcane Dust from all the 68-70 green gear that dropped in the starter zones as well. You may need the money and choose to sell or vendor the gear all up to you. But one idea is just to DE it all since your going to need new Enchanting mats anyway and quite a bit of it to look all shinny and glowing. Just a thought.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Paladins: Nerf, Nerf, Nerf, Nerf, Nerfs!

Our class just got Nerfed yet again! When will this cursed Nerfing nightmare ever finally end?

What will the next Class Wide Nerf be for?

I'm not sure I can stand another Class Wide Nerf due to PvP affecting PvE. I'm just a PvE player, I don't even do PvP.

It's beyond stupid now.