Friday, October 21, 2011

WTH Blizzard! LOL Pandas

LMAO at Pandas! I can't imagine at this point in my MMO career that I can get excited about a Teddy Bear game and Kong Fu Pandas running around in a game. No longer my kind of game in WoW as a previous long time player.

However though you gotta admire Blizzard boldness in marketing at striking back at the coming SW:TOR soon release for a 2 for one deal offering. A 12 month sub to WoW with the next expansion Beta included, free pets and free Diablo III subscription for the deal. 

That to me strikes right back at SW:TOR in Blizzard fearing loosing more current WoW players and to lure old no longer playing veteran WoW players back to WoW. 

At this point in my MMO gaming career I can't get excited much about coming back to play WoW. 

I'm just interested in playing Diablo III not a game with or of Pandas. My gaming taste has changed much since WoW days.