Wednesday, May 30, 2007

WoW without SPAM, SPAM, SPAM.

On the lighter side of things World of Warcraft (WoW) has gotten alot quieter for the last several days and i know its just not me that have noticed the absence of SPAM, SPAM constantly. Practically anyone that plays WoW in some daily fashion has noticed it and i can't see how you could have not noticed it at all since Patch 2.1.

Good Job to Blizzard for putting the Sword & Axe down on the GOLD SPAMMERS. I was practically sick of the SPAM messages like every 10 seconds of a session. That's alot of damm SPAM when your trying to read text messages without the SPAM messages itself all directed to selling in game gold or power leveling services. So life has indeed been much quiter now or seem so at least FOR NOW.

I've seen a few SPAM messages in trade since the new patch. Its always a level 1 character in one of the major cities. In doing my part i report them promptly using the new report feature. Getting rid of the gold spammers would be nice.

Spammers have been using a new tactic though i have noticed. Level 1 gold spamming characters are zoning into random zones and sending random & CONSTANT group invites to players to group. I've gotten a few and when you respond back if they frustrate you enough to do so, then the SPAMMING starts again since now you've whispered them back. Gold selling spammers just won't quit. If you don't buy the gold supporting all these gold selling outfits they be no business for the Gold SPAMMERS to SPAM us for to sell and buy gold.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Epic Mount & Instance Run.

Asked a nice friend in game if she can help me with the quest. A lvl 70 Paladin, ended up with 3 lvl 70 of her friends giving me a hand on the quest which seem more than enough firepower to say the least. We had a Mage, Shaman, a Holy Paladin and myself. We then headed to Eastern Plaguelands and then into Stratholme.

We didn't enter Strat through the regular front door of instance, as it seem we took a back or side door entrance into the place and the Chapel was close by as it seem like first building on my right from the side entrance. Not sure if someone used a key but i suspected so. The Mage & Shaman cleared the way to the chapel easily killing everything and was just like that i was inside and extinguished the flame burning there. Was a Elite Paladin standing there with the blue ? and after i extinguished the flame he said some stuff at that and then he attacked and we down him easily since it was a few of us. After that several other Elites rushed through the entrance and attacked us but the mage and the shaman had it all covered and i really didn't had to do much there barely got 2 hit off on the sword. After that i got the complete quest completion notification for extinguishing the light flame. Great!

As we left the light chapel it seem like a full instance run was on. I had no idea we were even doing a full instance run as i was not on Vent with the others, i just thought we were heading back out somehow as i could barely tell where i was at as the place seemed like a big maze to me with the sky glowing red above with oodles of undead basically everywhere. After a little while as we seemed to be taking on more group of undead mobs i had the feeling we were doing a full instance run. I was along now for the ride.

I've never done Stratholme Instance or the few before it so this was just GREAT! Good opportunity to see how lvl 70's play and well i get to run the instance. You got to figure with getting to Outland at 58, who attempts to runs these instances anymore? Not much of anybody i can think of. I never hear in trade, looking for group for Strat. So we killed lots of undead everything and lots of undead in mass groups and these were lots of elites also. Undead have a lot of Runecloth to say the least too. I got to consecrate allot, and cast demon Exorcism and Wrath Spells to knock out undead in masses, with lots of floating yellow numbers everywhere. WoW! The Mage and Shaman did allot of chain killing and it was cool to watch. There was lots of BOP blue pieced everywhere, too bad nothing i can ever use much as we passed on them. We got many pieces as BOE and i did not win the roll on much of those. All the BOP i passes on. Did get a few blue pieces and a Priest codex i will keep for the Alt Priest.

We killed lots of Scarlet Crusaders in Strat going through hidden doors everywhere. Mage had the key for the doors. A key dropped for strat i guess, we rolled and no luck getting it. Maybe when I'm 70 i come back and kill undead Protection Paladin Style in Strat. I did get lots of Argent Dawn rep points for all the kills, and some experience points also at 60, just too bad i was not wearing my Argent Dawn Trinket, Duhh! It was in my bag too. Again picked up lots of Runecloth everywhere. We got to a chamber the mage entered and fought some guy, he seemed to be really tough. The mage fought him since the shaman had left, the holy paladin healed and i backed up healed Flash of Light from outside chamber. First time i ever really did so much support healing or spammed Flash of Light. The guy was on low health, mage was low on mana, the guy turned into a big demon and i went in consecrated and casted Exorcism and after 1 or 2 other spells he was dead. We downed the boss guy, i didn't even know it was the boss since i was healing the mage before, i barely looked to see. Cool. We owned Stratholme!

The mage port the remaining 3 of us out the instance to Shatt, and then i took the portal back to Silvermoon and head to the paladin trainer to see the boss lady for the quest and i got about 8300Xp, New Summon Spell, All Riding Skills for 150 & the Paladin's Blood Knight Tabard. WOOT!! Yeah!! I feel like a real Paladin now somehow. I tried out the new Epic Mount with the new spell and its alot faster, even glows a bit too. I decided to wear my Blood Knight Tabard as its my right of passage as a Paladin and proud to wear it. I think i will just keep wearing it vs wearing my guild tabard for a long while... who knows till when. It was a good right of passage to earn it the Epic Mount, Blood Knight Tabard at least i took hits to get it.

Edit: Some day soon i will revisit Stratholme if not to get that Key also. But it would be nice as a challenge to solo it. Some people seem to get bored at 70, soloing stuff may seem fun just to do as a challenge in Epics.

Screenshots - Fishing in Azeroth

Fishing is good for you. Fishing is a good secondary profession. Fishing may be boring, but you can make the trip adventurous getting there. Fishing is FREE, it cost you no Armor Repairs. Fishing can be your Friend. Fishing can be GOLD to you, if think you think like a real Fisherman. Some people can be just flat broke in WoW with a ocean full of fish. When i look at the ocean i just see GOLD. You need the Fish, i can use the extra Gold.

Fish, its you don't have to Beg!! Give a man a fish feed him for the moment. Teach a man how to fish and he never goes hungry, at least you don't have to go Begging in Azeroth.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Be a WoW Insider Gamer

Article: Game Night: It Came from the Blog

Saw this article linked above on WoW Insider earlier in the day today and though it was a interesting article. Be a great idea if you can get or have a lot of WoW Insider readers and others on one of World of Warcraft servers in particular with a common interest For The Love of The Game itself as its meant to be and been apart of something in common with other players for plain good fun and a Uber Guild, so official guild group night kickoff will be tonight at 7pm EST.

So in the spirit of been apart of something like this as i think its a nice idea i created a ALT on Zangarmarsh server to be apart of it to some degree. I created a Horde Hunter and in the spirit of SecondLife and i called him "Aetius" in direct name relation to my character there also in SecondLife. I quick lvl him to lvl 6 and was able to get a invite by the guild manager to the guild. This should be fun. Read the article above and just maybe i will see you too there.

375 Fishing & a Snafu?

Did a bit of a world tour on the fishing front leveling up the fishing skill from 342-375 last night. Some of the best time to fish is at night. Fished in Azshara in a few spots, Hinterlands in "Forgotten Sea" for variety and ended in Winterspring for ice fishing in the lakes.

I loaded up on 20 ten minutes Bright Baubles and went fishing to level up the skill once and for all. Hadn't fished in Azahara before and headed to the coast there and exploring the coast a bit. Mobs there 52-54 or so mainly Naga mobs. Fished in "The Shattered Strand" and in "The Bay of Storms" Used up about 8 lore's so about 1.5hrs of fishing other than riding allover the zone picking some use full herbs when i saw them mainly Purple Lotus.

Fishing went OK caught a bit of fish for the most part. With the new changes to fishing since the patch 2.1 update i noticed what may be a bug maybe or a new problem that can make fishing a bit harder. Some people seem to only fish and watch TV or do other things when fishing in World of Warcraft because it can be a bit boring. Well it may be a bit harder for those folks fishing now on. The timer been changed from 30 sec to now 20 sec fishing to catch a fish. The change in the timer just runs down much faster and as a result during the times that the timer ever exceed 80% or more of the 20sec timer countdown you better pay attention and you probably will miss catching the fish. The thing is the bobbler will splash in water at the very last sec before the timer runs out and by the time you click on it, less than a sec it seems the timer runs out and poof you miss the catch. Before you had at least 2 sec you could click and catch the fish. Usually if you miss catch a fish due to low skill lvl it will say go when fish got away.

This happened to me over and over a bit when i started and i had 342 fishing and though no way i can't be catching fish here and it did not say fish got away either when it did. The thing is when the timer is almost running out you have to really watch it to the end and at the last sec as soon as you see the bobbler start to splash even before it finish splashing in the water you have to click on it very fast right away to ensure you catch the fish or you'll will miss the catch. I started to pay attention to this and this works. However the minute you slip up and not pay attention looking at something else you miss one again. It is very frustration, as i probably missed 10-15% of my catches, sucks!! JUST HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION NOW ON. Unless Blizzard fixes it soon. This never happened before as it gave you a sec or two when you clicked it to catch the fish before the patch. However i reported it to a ingame GM as a bug, got a GM response and they will report the issue with it.

Fishing is now at 375 and spent 16 (10) min Bright Baubles, about 3-3.5hrs total fishing time as some time i did not use a Bright Bauble. Had to hearth out to make a trip to clear the bag space and then switch zones to fish again.

Will report my catches here later: Fished from 8pm until past midnight.

Winterspring Catches.
22 Plated Armorfish
42 Raw Whitescale Salmon
6 Raw Sunscale Salmon
5 Lightning Eel
26 Raw Nightfin Snapper
1 Raw Redgil

Azshara & Hinterlands Catches.
18 Raw Rockscale Cod
39 Raw Summer Bass
10 Mightfish
85 Raw Spotted Yellowtail
30 Zesty Clam Meat (Giant Clams)
2 Mithril Bound Trunks
1 Reinforced Locked Chest
1 Heavy VCS Crate
34 Stonescale Eel (80% in Azahara, Bay of Storms)
24 Firefin Snapper
40 Darkclaw Lobster (Azahara Only, Bay of Storms)
1 Lobster 7lbs
9 Large Raw Mightfish (Azahara Only, Bay of Storms)
1 Grouper 53lbs
1 Grouper 40lbs
2 Black Pearls
4 Iridescent Pearls

Total Catches: 404

2nd Edit Update:
Posted most the fish catch on AH this morning. Almost everything been sold, with exception of a few Yellowtails. StoneScale Eel are not for sale but for Alchemy potions making with some metals can net me 90-100g if and when all sold. Yet to open all the trunks. Profited at very minimum was at least 50gold from the fishes.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gone Fishing

I may have the Paladin Mount Quest to do a priorty and still work on straightening up my inventory. However i'm taking a detour from all those unless a few friends pop online that can help with mount quest. I'm scheduling Galo to go hit the coast and do some Azeroth Fishing tonight.

Fishing at night changes the kind of fish you can normally catch to some valuable ones i like to catch so will do that for tonight. I had though my fishing skills was at max lvl but it surprised me to note it was only at 342 i think it was. If i knew i would have gone fishing long before the patch 2.1 when double fish caught was still in effect. I completely missed noting what lvl fishing was still at.

Anyway gone fishing!

Continue Mount Quest

Turned in Holy Water to the Paladin Boss Lady and got a followup quest to obtain 4 one items to continue the quest. Per the quest seem all 4 were to be fairly easily otainable IF you had the gold.

One item a powder i obtained from a vendor inside the Rogue area, that sells rogue poisons, obtained it for 145gold. The next item another powder i obtained at a reagent vendor a powder for 45gold. Next item was a Azerothian Diamond i obtained that at Ah quite luckily at 2.5gold as the other 8 listed was for 16gold each minimum. Last item was a Pristine Diamond which i also obtained that for 14gold buyout on AH as there were only 2 listed. It may be a quest for the mount buy the mount quest do cost a fair deal of money to gather some the items, though less than the other classes a bit if you compare. So far so good.

The followup quest now is to head to a chapel inside Stratholme and extinguish a flame. Checking with a few higher level friends seem i'm gonna need a bit of help to do this as it seem if doing the quest will need some lvl 70 help as doing the quest it seem you will have to fight 5 Elite Paladins at lvl 60 or so inside the chapel all at once to complete the quest. Gee. I would have rather to try and solo it but, seem i rather have the help this time for once. So the next quest i guess is really getting the help to do the next part of the Paladin Mount Quest inside Stratholme Instance, will see when i can get this done.

Paladin Epic Mount Quest Cont..

Been busy with some other things and clearing up bank inventory and such so not too much action. However today went to work on the Paladin Epic Mount Quest a bit, solo as usual.

Headed out to Eastern Plaguelands to Light Chapel Hope took the wing rider, first time i guess by way of flight. Found the location of Tyr's Hand in the South East corner of the map which would be direct south of Light Chapel Hope area. Heavily guarded by elites 54-60 all casting Scarlet Crusaders it seems. Never one to like casters much.

Fighting the elites were not too bad one on one. Most were OK to fight, the Enchanters were not bad but their Arcane Magic did eat at my health a bit. Too bad Paladin don't have a arcane aura as it be much easier so did have to try to kill them quick. My 1H weapon need some serious upgrading as the elite seem to do as much damage as i do looking in combat log. Had a hard time figuring out which one of building was to be the Abby to look for the Holy Water i needed to find.

Wasted a lot of time trying to move from building to building. Once i drew too much adds going up the hill (wrong way) and died. Got killed by elite paladins i guess. They seem to do as much or more damage than i did (need weapon upgrade much). In death i figured i roam around to find correct building. Turns out it was the building entering the location on your left of the square. So headed there. Fought the Eilite Paladin Guards one at a time, used the boomerang to pull(nice to have). Was not too bad. Found using Mana Tap and Arcane Torrent when they start casting helps to silence them a bit in spell casting because they self heal.

Entered the abby and drew two Elite Enchanters directly inside and they cast Arcane Magic so it eats away at your health. Didn't have any protection to these spells so just have to down them quick. Inside the abby best to go to immediate left, no guard there that side. Ahead in next room three guards down them quick. Best to Mana Tap all these guys to build charge and release it when they casting or stun them whichever works, they all seem to reheal on low health. A guard walks back and forth other room to here also so he got me first in fight but i got him in end.

Straight ahead in next room ahead NOT up the stairs but the next room is the holy water on the table. All three Elite Enchanters are together next to table so hard to pull. So i rushed in and started fighting. I down one. Got the other almost down and died there. No LOH it was on cooldown, forgot to use a heal pot. Arcane Spell damage did me in from the casters though. Did the quick corpse run back from the grave yard not too long. resurrected outside the room, recharged health and mana and entered the room and this time quickly down the other two. Picked up the holly water on the table for the Epic Mount Quest. I left the abby and fought the respawn elites on way out and out the Base camp and was not as bad leaving as it was entering with the benefit of knowledge of the casters. Headed back to Silvermoon turned in Quest.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dedication & Commitment

Its been a slow week for Galo and will be till the weekend. With a 12 hour daily work schedule not much focus time to play daily even if i log in just pretty much checking on things AH or a quick buy or make some pots for selling.

Galo been playing WoW for 4 months now and have learned a tremendous amount of things in that time about WoW, been a Blood Elf and playing a Paladin. Much of what i've learned I either learned playing solo or doing research which lead me to many other people's blogs. Learning to be a better player was a personal commitment as a player than just fumbling around World of Warcraft in the begining. Its the same approach i took in learning to play Secondlife to become a great builder of architecture and sim landscaping & developement in Secondlife. Dedication to learn something or constantly get better at it over time.

When i started playing WoW i bought both the TBC Strategy Guide and the World of Warcraft 2nd Edition Strategy Guide same time. First week i completed reading both books front to back. I had picked Paladin class. Though it took a little while to understand what a specilization was i choose to spec Protection. Realize later that as that spec it took longer to level, but i was ok with it. Been like a turtle in a shell had a appeal to it, hard to kill vs been high on burst damage. I picked both Alchemy and Herbalism as profession and Fishing as secondary. I work in Chemistry in Biotech in real life so they both had a appeal i understood.

Since that time i'm still a Protection Paladin, i've reached 60. In the begining lvl 60 seemed ungodly to reach. I've never really had to respec to change my spec. I did had to respec the the talent point once because i placed points unattentively in wrong area one time. I have the same 2 professions i've always had and all close to been maxed skilled. I've gotten better as a player because people much smarter people than myself write blogs of the game and figure out all the math. I just come along doing research and stop by and read which informed me of what i was unaware of and allowed me to become a better player. Don't make me great in anyway, but i guess even if its just a game i took the time to learn to be a better player.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fishing Nerfed!

On a side note if you haven't been fishing in a while. You were able to catch 2 fish at same time in some areas instead on just one. Happened to me after 300 fishing. Like 2 pairs of fish at a time, 2 valuable fish at a time etc. I often caught 2 fish in the Forbidden Sea at a time, this was a hoot to say the least. Well with the new patch it no longer happens. Blizzard says it was a bug! They take the fun out of everything. Nerfed!

I'm gonna miss having boat loads of StoneScale Eel for Alchemy to make StoneScale Potions (2000 Armor for 2 min). BUMMER!

Well that's a little nerf if you didn't like fishing you never knew about. And people said fishing wasn't fun. Try fishing and collection over 15 stacks of 20 stacks of fish. Hows that for fishing fun.

Post Patch 2.1 Changes For Galo

Logged in today real quick after the new update.

Headed to Shatt City to the Alchemist trainer after yanking some herbs I had sitting in my mailbox for some time and started brewing up pots. Moved Alchemy from 363 straight to 375. Those last 3 points took a bunch of pots to get the last skill points for but its done. I'm now maxed skill trained in Alchemy at 375. Now all I need is to get faction reps to get the other hard to get Potions & Elixirs and also Transmutes recipes.

I also went on a little spending spree in AH. Upgraded my gloves for more Stam & Intelligence was a lot more than the previous one. Saw some good weapons but I didn't buy I can live with the ones I have for a while longer. None was blue though.

I picked up my first Libram as a Paladin, just looking on AH and I saw one listed a nice Blue for 30g and i looked at it and just decided to buy it out right for 50g. Got to spend the loot on stuff I really need to make my life easier. Plus I waited 60 levels to wear a Libram so nice to have one for a change. I got the Libram of Fervor.

With the new Protection Paladin changes I slid my 1 unused talent point from leveling 60 into the improved Holy Shield. So far my spec in mind will now change a bit all the way to 70 so will see how that will work out in the end.

New Patch 2.1 Changes Comes Today.

With the new Patch going live today for Patch 2.1 the list of changes is pretty long to say the least. I make a copy of the entire list to look at when i can but i made some snippet of the changes for both the changes to Paladin's class and to the Alchemy & Herbalism Profession. As well as a few things that may impact those two professions both best i can see in the long list of changes i could gather so far. List below is a direct extraction of the changes posted in the Patch downloaded notes. Will take a while to get use to all the changes good or bad and to the Paladins nerf. Alchemy had some nice new changes though.


  • Ardent Defender (Protection) now reduces damage taken by 6-30% when below 35% health.
  • Avenger's Shield no longer has a minimum range. It may be used on any target within 30 yards.
  • Avenger's Shield: The damage portion of this ability will now be applied even if the victim is immune to snare.
  • Blessing of Light: Paladins can now cast this as intended when they have Greater Blessing of Light on themselves.
  • Consecration: Corrected a tooltip typo. Low ranks of this ability being cast by high-level players are now being properly penalized.
  • Divine Shield: This ability no longer removes or prevents the Weakened Soul debuff.
  • Eye for an Eye: Some spells did not trigger Eye for an Eye correctly. That has been fixed.
  • Fixed some data errors that caused Seal of Command and Seal of Blood to generate more threat than intended.
  • Forbearance: It is no longer possible to use a macro to gain the benefit of Avenging Wrath and Divine Shield at the same time.
  • Forbearance: If this debuff would prevent you from casting a spell on a given target, the button for that ability is now grayed out.
  • Greater Blessing of Kings: The cost for this blessing is now twice the cost of Blessing of Kings, instead of a fixed cost of 150.
  • Greater Blessing of Sanctuary 2: The range on this spell was incorrectly set to 30 yards. It has been changed to 40 yards.
  • Greater Blessing of Wisdom 3: The range on this spell was incorrectly set to 30 yards. It has been changed to 40 yards.
  • Hammer of Wrath: Rank 4, damage increased.
  • Illumination: This talent now only gives 60% of the mana cost of the critical heal. It also now returns the correct amount of mana when used with ranks 4 and 5 of Holy Shock.
  • Improved Concentration Aura (Protection Talent) no longer increases resistance to Interrupt/Silence mechanics, but instead reduces the duration of Interrupt/Silence mechanics by 10/20/30%.
  • Improved Sanctity Aura now increases all damage caused by affected targets by 1/2% and no longer increases healing done to affected targets.
  • Improved Seal of Righteousness: The percentage increase in damage from this talent is now applied after all bonuses from items and effects which increase your spell damage.
  • New Protection Talent added: Improved Holy Shield, 2 ranks: Increases damage caused by Holy Shield by 10/20% and increases the number of charges of Holy Shield by 2/4.
  • One-Handed Weapon Specialization(Protection): Now increases all damage caused by the paladin by 1-5% while a one-handed weapon is equipped.
  • Seal of Blood: This seal will no longer cause additional chances for weapon procs to trigger.
  • Seal of Righteousness: This seal will no longer cause additional chances for weapon procs to trigger.
  • Seal of the Crusader: The rank 7 tooltip has been fixed to read the same as other ranks of this spell.
  • Spiritual Attunement: First-aid generated healing will no longer trigger this ability. However, Lifebloom, Earth Shield, and Improved Leader of the Pack will now trigger it correctly. The tooltip has been adjusted to indicate it only works on healing from spells. It will also now work correctly when you are mounted or sitting.
  • Spiritual Attunement: Mana is no longer healed if the paladin is at full health.
  • Stoicism (Protection) should now properly affect all magic effects cast by the Paladin and no longer applies double its intended benefit to Blessing of Might and Blessing of Wisdom.
  • Vengeance (Retribution) now increases Holy and Physical damage by 1/2/3/4/5% for 15 seconds following a critical hit, but the effect now stacks up to 3 times.
  • Vindicator Aesom at Blood Watch will now correctly train a full range of paladin spells.

Professions Changes.

  • The chance of a discovery occurring while making potions has been substantially increased.
  • Elixirs now stack in two categories, Battle (Offensive) and Guardian (Defensive) Elixirs. You can only have one of each type of Elixir up at a time. As a result Elixirs now stack with class abilities such as Arcane Intellect.
  • Elixirs now stack to 20.
  • Four new defensive elixirs have been added. Two are on trainers, one is in Halaa and one is in Cenarion Expedition.
  • Flask of Petrification can no longer be turned off during its duration, but it now will clear all threat from all monsters for the duration of the effect. Though monsters may reacquire you after the effect ends.
  • Cooldown time on Earthstorm and Skyfire Diamond transmutes has been reduced to 1 day.
  • Invulnerability potions now stop the first 120 damage per hit for 8 seconds, rather than making the imbiber physically immune.
  • The major protection potions made by Alchemy now require more Mana Thistle and vials, but create 5 potions instead of just one.
  • Fel Strength elixirs now work correctly with elixir mastery.
  • Elemental Absorption potions now have a 2 minute duration rather than the 60 min duration they used to have.
  • Alchemy transmute of Heart of Fire to Elemental Fire changed to 15 minute cooldown.
  • Reagent costs and potency of all flasks has been reduced.
  • The cost of Imbued Vials has been reduced.
  • The chance to find a Fel Lotus while picking an herb has been increased.
  • Juju Chill and Juju Ember are now considered Guardian Elixirs and do not stack with other resistance buffs.
  • Juju Flurry is now considered a Battle Elixir and has been converted from haste to haste rating.
  • Ground Scorpok Assay, Juju Might, Juju Power, Lung Juice Cocktail, and R.O.I.D.S are now considered Battle Elixirs.
  • Crystal Force, Crystal Ward,Gizzard Gum, Infallible Mind,Juju Escape, Juju Guile, Sheen of Zanza and Swiftness of Zanza are all now considered Guardian Elixirs.
  • Sheen of Zanza is now considered a Guardian Elixir. Stamina and Spirit bonuses have been reduced to 25.
  • Elixir of Fortitude now correctly displays its name in its buff tooltip.
  • The Alchemist's Stone bonus now works on potions that restore both health and mana.
  • Super Mana Potions now require 2 Dreaming Glory instead of 2 Netherbloom to create.
  • Super Healing Potions now require 2 Netherbloom instead of 2 Dreaming Glory to create.
  • Reduced the number of Stonescale Oil required to make Greater Stoneshield Potions.
  • Reduced the reagents required to make Ironshield Potions.
  • New cauldron recipes can now be discovered when making most major protection potions. Cauldrons can provide an entire raid with a major protection potion.

  • The fishing timer has been reduced from 30 to 20 seconds and it now takes less time to fish.--> You now catch fish faster.
  • The fishing timer can no longer run through its duration without a fish biting.
  • Fishing has been removed from Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley.
  • Fixed a bug where you could catch 2 fish at once in some zones. (Hey, i liked this bug)
  • You can now fish in Underbog.

  • The Dreaming Glory buff now correctly works in combat.
  • Netherbloom no longer causes negative effects, although the positive effects happen less frequently. Additionally, the effects will not replace one another.
  • Nightmare Vine has a reduced chance to poison the herbalist.
  • Underbog Colossus have an increased number of herbs on them when harvested by an herbalist.
Additional Profession Changes
  • You can now unspecialize in tailoring and alchemy, and then select a new specialization. This is a repeatable choice, but costs gold each time.

  • Profession recipes that had 24 hour or longer cooldowns, have had their cooldowns reduced by 1 hour.
  • Monsters will now attack players who are mining mineral nodes near to them, even if they didn't notice them previously.
  • The location of many of the Outland mineral nodes have been adjusted both to put them in locations that are more traveled and to make them more likely to be near creatures.
  • Essences (Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Living) have had their drop rates significantly increased. Also Outland creatures that dropped motes will now have a chance of dropping essences as well.
Once heck of a lot of changes to get used to. Paladins issues aside Alchemy has some nice changes. Including been able to get random discovery on learning a new recipe making high level pots. Well better remove all those herbs i have just sitting in my mail box and get alchemy to 375 asap, 13 skill points and I'm there. I guess i can not drop my 1 unused talent point in the new Holy Shield. Will have to see how this is gonna change my spec all together.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Mining WoW Armory for Data?

I was reading over on BRK (Big Red Kitty's) Site and saw a article he had linking to a new blog someone just started. Always good to find new stuff for research. So far it looks to be very interesting on mining data from all the WoW Armory profiles of various builds and specs or whatever else they can mine there. I'm no mathematician so will be interesting. Given the data been mined and to be commented on i think this will be interesting to see what becomes of it and read about statistically. Link below.

The Build Mine

Shattrath City Faction, Scryers or Aldor?

I did the little quest and finally got to tour around and get the introduction to Shattrath City buy the guy there in the middle of city with the guardian. You walked around with the guardian and he shows you around and talk to you and tells you the history of the city and as you walk by other NPC's will say stuff to you like welcome to the city and all that. Some think you may be a new faction spy or such so they whisper it seems.

So after i went back to the guy there at the Terrace of Light he gives you a choice of one of the two factions to choose from to ally with.

Scryers or Aldor?

Choosing one make you gain reps with that faction and make you enemy with the other so as you gain reputation is seems with one faction you loose reputation with the other. Gee.. I could not decide as it seems the rewards and quest you can do are different for both and rewards been different also.

So i haven't chosen either or as i can't or have yet to decide. I have to figure out which one is best for me spec Protection Paladin, and which one also favors me as a Alchemist?

So far hard choice it seems as i can't decide. So i haven't choosen a side as yet.

Alchemist Paladin Trick?

I learned this trick while questing in HellFire Peninsular, and why it occured to me i would never know. But probably because been a Alchemist plays alot into how my play style changes as a paladin. Alchemy backs up or buffer my weak spots as a paladin. I don't usually use my own pots if i don't need to, but will if i really have to. If i'm totally low on mana, i can make pots and use so i always have mana or health pots even though yes i can bubble and heal. But sometimes i have long bubble cooldown in a tough fight. But i found that been a Alchemist Paladin i can perform a nice new trick if you call it that.

I needed to make a pot real quick in middle of fight and i have alchemy potmaking always on side bar, so knows exactly where its at. I Devine Shield, and i made a pot while in bubble, drank it all before bubble was timed out. And back to fighting with the buff from the pot since i was out of the pot. The only trick to it is you must be aware where all your specific pot spells are in your book so not have to search long, a quick scroll a sec or two and make quick. If the pot is hot key to click on you can click it immediately to drink. Work like a charm. But it works only if your a alchemist i guess in been able to make buff pots.

I started thinking how can i apply this at other times or situations. I'm not sure of its usefullness though but it has its uses i think. One you must have the herbs to make the pot. I always do. I guess if your low on mana or need a major health pot or buff pot you think you need and your a Alchemist Paladin you can do that in middle of a fight and be back at it with a buff to continue fighting. Well its something new to learn.

Paladin Epic Mount Quest

On my visit for Paladin training i picked up the quest which i guess is to get the Paladin Epic mount. Had to go visit the Boss lady and a quest to obtain some items.

6 Arcanite Bars
10 Sungrass
5 Dark Rune
40 Runecloth

All of these easy for me to obtain. As a Alchemist, i had stacks of Arcanite Bars transmuted sitting in my bank. Sungrass i had in my Bank for Herbs. I had stack of Runecloth from fighting in Winterspring sitting in the bank for unknown reasons so didn't had to buy. Did had to buy the Dark Rune though on AH for 23g for 4 ... Ouch. Couldn't be bothered to go quest for it.

So now i had the followup quest on turn in to head to Eastern Plaguelands to kill some undead engineers and destroy some engineer units something like that. First time heading to Eastern Plaguelands so was interesting. Fighting undead is easy for paladin, we got all holy spells for undead at that. So was a easy quest. I ended up completing it easily and then bit of grinding on undead for even more runecloth. I had forgotten my Argent Dawn Trinket in the bank so could not obtain Stones for Argent Dawn so didn't bother to grind much. Did get a bit of rep increace.

I wondered around Eastern Plaguelands a bit and found the Argent Dawn Hide out Camp way to the east corner or Plaguelands at "Light's Hope Chapel". I just got the Flight Path here and didn't take any quests. Most i need to get with Argent Dawn is Freindly to get a few alch recipies that's about it. Unless there is something special i can get maybe. Everything in Eastern Plagueland seen to be lvl 54 and above. I also found "Statholme" wandering around and made my way right up to courtyard. I think i have to return here for the Epic Mount Quest

Lvl 60 Training

Since lvl 60 i headed back to Silvermoon to get new training. A lot of new spells are available at lvl 60 for training. In all i counted 21 new spells or improve rank spell training. Spells cost on average 4.5g a few was for about 25 silvers..... Ouch! Lots of the spells were not even stuff that i as a Paladin even use for myself. I say over more than half the spells it seem were all group Utility Buffs on greater blessing buffs. How about a new offensive ability for once!

In all it cost me no less than 90gold in total for training cost. Bummer! And for half the training in spells that i not even can use myself to help me out questing on my own. But i got all the spells anyway. Some people make fun at Paladins, but you got to admire the ones that actually take the time to get all their spells in the first place and get the reagents to go with greater blessing spells so they can buff up everybody in a group. On every training session i obtain every single spell even if i can use it or not. I just have it if i ever need it. Heck i got spells in all my time to lvl 60 i have never ever used.

Some time ago i decided to get Avengers Shield, I have yet to ever use it. But i have it. I have more fun just using my Boomerang to range pull at 30yrds. I have 1 talent point i have yet to place. Not sure where i will put it yet. I can maybe put in on Ardent Defender. I find Ardent Defender saves my life more time than i can count as i can tell it works at i sometime fight on my health down to the wire when i sure i can win without having to heal even though i know i could. So may get my full 5 points there.

Spells i never have actually used.

Devine Intervention.
Righeous Defence.
Any Greater Blessings (I don't Raid or as yet)

The Price of Wearing Plate Armor

Since in Outland I've been racking up noticeable repair bills. I probably did before but it was always due that whenever i went to a vendor that could repair my armor i always had it in tip top repair fashion.

Been in Outland and with much better armor improvements i find after quests, a few deaths from lots of adds and grinding a bit in a few areas but taking lots of hits on my delicate plate armor and on weapon durability that Plate Armor repairs in noting to laugh or shake a stick at or take lightly. Plate Armor repairs is EXPENSIVE! Warriors & Paladins are only classes that wear Plate Armor. Plate Armor is best you can get, provided lots of armor protection but when it takes massive amount of hits on that delicate plate the repair bill can damm skyrocket to repair it. My second day of Outland total repairs was almost over 10gold total on several repair sessions at vendor. At one time my Hanzo Sword almost broke with just 3 durability points remaining, i had to switch to another weapon deep in a enemy camp or fel orc's and immediately hearth out of there to get repairs. Cost a bit of gold to repair.

I'm not raiding or running lots of instances, I'm just soloing and so i encounter my fair share of deaths, few usually as i try to avoid it since i play a bit strategic if i can, but it happens. I grind a bit so i take lots of hits or multiple hits from many mobs on me all at once. But when i show up at a weapons merchant to repair on every quest turn in usually it stuns me at my repair cost. Luckily the trash loot can often cover it in repair cost, but its pretty much just that...covers repair cost. I have to imagine what a Warriors repair cost is tanking instances or a Paladin tank that's actively tanking instances on a group run or raiding is. If mine is costing me several gold in repairs, i can't imagine what a tank in plate repair cost is. Other classes in cloth don't usually take the hits in groups or the mail armor wearer as much. Plate wearer take full onslaught damage. So i can only imagine the staggering cost of repair for that Plate Armor.

People need to love their tanks because that Plate Armor comes at a price for their group protection from mobs.

Been a Paladin in Outland

So far I'm enjoying Outland, as its really fun and interesting place to be. Best i can think of is been in Outland is like starting the game all over again. Its like been in school in Kindergarden again to me.

Most the quest so far seem relatively easy, more difficult stuff ahead I'm sure. But so far quest it seems to me is to get you somewhat re geared for Outland questing. Quest goes like this: Bomb X number of target on bombing missions or on fly over, Kill X number of demons, Gather X number of plants, Obtain X number of items, obtain from specific mob X number of this or that, Find X number pieces of a ship. For rewards you get improved armor with very nice stats (stuff i really need) and +Spell/Healing, +5 mana per 5 sec, all stuff i never had before in Azeroth. I've replaced half my gear so far in Armor and I'm glad for that to get new improved Plate Armor and Spell/Healing/MP5 gear. What i need though as a Paladin is a superior shield, with armor rating, lots of blocking and good stats.

Other quests you also receive some nice trinkets as choices. I even got one for improved blocking i think it was. I now have 4 or 5 trinkets i can think of. I'm still working for Argent Dawn but i been missing in action for him a bit with that trinket though. But the quest rewards are nice starting at lvl 58. So my advice at lvl 58 head for the Dark Portal. If anything you can head back to Azeroth with nice gear for further quest stuff need be.

The new Plate Armor makes a tremendous difference in fighting now. I also have a few Plate Armor rewards back to back on same piece item that I'm almost not sure which to wear. For odd reasons now i got more mana than health, odd as this never happened before. One armor set peice has much higher stamina, the other less stamina, but intelligence to balance it. So for now i keep both and maybe rotate them for solo or tanking if need until i get a better set with balance of strength, intelligence, stamina and spell/healing and MP5's (mana per 5 sec). Almost all the new gear has MP5. This is really a boost to my man pool on regen. Before sometimes i be completely out of mana on some fights, so this helps a bit and had to use a mana pot then, at least better than before without it. However i do find wherever you can mana tap (BloodElf) a mob always build up mana charges. As if your out of mana as a BloodElf you can release it in Arcane Torrent to silence a caster but it also gives you some mana back based on charge built up if even a little to maybe recharge a blessing maybe.

So far my I'm starting to look at my Plate Armor gear more. Looking at it i realize i have like 300+ defence but i have almost 0 block rating on stats like that. Something i need to fix in time. No wonder i get hit so damm much. One trinket i got gave me more dodge rating but its only for like 10sec. So not sure how much help that is. But as a Protection Spec i guess i need stuff with lots of Block rating, Block value and Dodge rating or +Defence is i can find any of those type of gear. I can say it gets a bit confusing sometimes when analyzing picking up new gear. Since as a Protection Spec i seem to need so many different type of stats to make my Talent Skills work efficiently. Needless to say I'm in need of a very good 1H fast weapon as its a must have. All in all the new gear makes a big difference. Before from 0-58 i mostly had just warriors plate stats on my armor been high stamina ans strength and some intelligence. Good gear was just hard to find 0-58. So as a Alchemist it backed up been a Paladin greatly as i often made +25 intelligence pots to use as a buffer for not been able to find good intelligence stats on plate armor.

As a result of my new armor i also realize in how much difference it makes in having +healing/spell gear is that now sometimes when i heal with Holy/Flash of light my heals sometimes go critical. Never happened before. So i'm now getting more crits with just minor armor gear improvement. Great when you never really crit as much before. Most of the time i have combat log open to see what i'm been hit for as it makes a difference to me. At least i don't get to see all the spam messages. Seem the most thing you see in chat text log is mostly anyone located a Fel reaver walking around the thing that stomped me before. Or anyone want to group for Rampart Instance.

So far toughest things to fight so far in Outland so far has been the spider critter looking Razorfang Ravagers. I has a quest in their area to gather eggs. These things are vicious to fight, but all the same nice to fight also, as a paladin or warrior maybe. Funny thing my Hunter Krovon has one of these things as a pet. I like them because they are vicious. But they hit you with something called "Ravage" and its like they claw you in a swipe in the graphics and looking at combat log they block and return damage all at same time. Hmm, I'm wondering if this is a actual learn able skill since my hunter has one of these. If some can let me know that be great. But i constantly got knock back from these things when they did that, makes me think i really need more defence or block rating to armor and stats.

I found a nice place to grind in HellFire area and that was on the Buzzard Birds. They don't have anything special in attacking you and i did some AOE grinding on these things. The Buzzard meat is needed anyway as it makes nice buff food for +20 stamina if i remember. The Ravagers i grinded on some but not as much as it was tougher to AOE grind on then with that damm knock me on my feet thing they did with "Ravage" skill and not good when I'm procing Reckoning for extra hits. With the Ravagers you get ravager meat another meat source for buff food. I always carry one full stack as much as possible of +Stamina/Spirit buff food as Spirit stats usually comes with most food i can make. My spirit stats is the lowest anyway also so it helps in regening health and mana. Helboars are nice to grind on as i can handle multiple of them easily as a paladin.

I'm also having to use Adept Elixirs and Onslaught Elixirs i can make easily to supplement my low DPS pool when on some harder quests or just fighting more mobs at same time. I'm in need of a much better 1H so still working with Hanzo a lvl 50 sword enchanted with Crusader on lvl 61 mobs. So be looking for a good one. I find in Hellfire area if you find "Dreaming Glory" plant they lit up like a light bulb if you see one pick if if can and it gives you a 15 buff to regen health at +30 every 5 sec, helps allot.

Guild Stuff & New Guild

A few days ago i eventually decided to leave my former guild and join one i had created by my alt lvl 18 priest. I don't talk about the priest here as its a Paladin blog mostly and other things World of Warcraft related.

I liked my former guild as i liked my hunter friend that is the GM. The GM girlfriend is also in his guild and there are mature players over 21 both and I'm both in game friends of theirs and we get along great and really do like playing with them both as they few of the players i really enjoy playing with. Good friends a a dime a million in WoW. They are are fun good players. Occasionally i group with them every now and then and i send them free stuff as i enjoy doing it in game as it mends bond of player friendship. I send the hunter big groupers i catch when fishing, his cat likes those. If i pick up stuff i know they can use or skill at i send it to them if i can vs selling it on AH for profit gain. Its just a way to make good with friends and not been a friend that always just ask for help on a quest or something.

The GM and his girlfriend has been moving i think to a new home and have been having some real life challenges. So as of some time ago they have been away from WoW for over a month now almost 6 weeks or so now. About 2 months ago the GM created a guild and was growing good and had a few good fundamental players and regular players some from PVP play. Anyway i had my own guild back them but it was just me and another guy in guild as i really played WoW solo. So i eventually joined my GM friend Guild and i was mainly only high lvl paladin in the guild. Soon after GM and girlfriend had been absent from WoW and wasn't sure why. No one really knew as a few people asked in Guild.

Anyway I'm like my friends and was sad to see them been gone a while. Lots of people left the guild to go to other guilds or for other reasons, lack of people around in the guild to help them i guess. Since i played a bit solo it did not bother me much guild wise as it didn't seem i was in a guild anyway due to my play style been solo play. But occasionally i helped out a guildie if they asked in guild chat. Guild eventually dropped to half its former size when GM was not around. I stayed in the guild out of loyalty to my friends the GM and his girlfriend. Eventually i started to recruit people to the guild, i didn't know before i could but i started and found i could invite people. So now i was only higher lvl person in guild and was kinda a acting GM since they were away somewhat. For some time i recruited and its really a damm pain to recruit people to guild as i also hate spam messages in general chat for guild invite. Its a pain to recruit people, especially good players. People always want to know can your guild run me through instances? Or do you help lowbies run instances? Gee.... what the heck do you as a player bring to a guild for a change.

At same time my lowbie alt 18 priest had created a guild on his own (Tabard mostly) and when i was on that alt i recruited in the Blood Elf areas as that where i was, Silvermoon, Eversong woods, Ghostland so was all players mostly my level and lowbies and noobs. So had some players but mainly alt players. But only one or 2 really active players. Too many damm atls around really. However my main was in another guild the one with my GM friend. I stayed out of loyalty and to help out and safe keep the GM guild in tack as a daily player and someone there daily. Anyway after 6 weeks of their absence i decided to leave and join my alts guild to help there as it was my own guild also. Funny thing was 2 hours after i decided to leave my GM friend guild he returns logging into WoW, imagine that. Anyway we chatted a while and i explained it all and he was glad i stayed as long as i did to keep his Guild going as best i could.

So he invited me back and i did rejoin in that session. After chatting with him a while i said it be best i really stayed in my own alts guild a while till when you really return to WoW in some regular fashion and that i could do some good been in my own guild for a while till later i could rejoin yours. So i did. Has someone in my alt guild re invite be back to it and there is where "Galo" is now. So logged on to the alt priest and made me officer or acting GM since i'm always on my main usually. So now i recruit but its to help my guild out for now to help it grow somewhat. Later i may hand the guild to someone else as GM maybe but keep both my alt there, who knows.

But for now I'm in "Wrath of Armageddon" Guild and its cool, we're growing a bit and I'm there to help out. I'm only one above lvl 40 for now, people at higher lvl harder to find to recruit as most are in some guild. I prefer quality mature players, even they are hard to find. But working on it. Hopefully i can have a decent good reputable guild, so working on it. I've got leadership skills as a GM, had 8 years of navy for that and more. But basically its just a leveling up guild and helping out the others that's there. Raiding is just now in my nature as i need to also dedicate time to work on moving Galo along.

My GM friend is gone again as haven't been around since last logged in few days ago, so i guess made right choice to just stay in my own guild for now. Life in WoW i guess. Why does everyone just want to join a guild for just the Tabard, just to get run thru's in instances than maybe to form a good guild team or be apart of one?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Outland Day 2, Ding lvl 60

Reached another milestone in getting to 60 on day 2 of getting to Outland. Outland continue to be fun and a very interesting place as well are the quests. What wasn't fun was a 11g Plate Armor repair bill. That's the down side of wearing plate, repair are expensive the more expensive the plate when its taken a beating on. Only Warriors & Paladin wear Plate Armor. Died 2 times today though, all due to adds. Time to go get my Epic Mount.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Blogging on WoW

I have to say it really takes a tremendous amount of effort to write a blog on adventuring in World of Warcraft and to try to keep it up to date almost daily with summary of prior days events or whats not. Just doing a blog entry can take me two hours. That's game time i could be questing maybe or something else. But somewhere someone will stop here and maybe pick something up reading.

So i have to give a shout out to everyone else that blogs on WoW. you guys and gals do great work and takes time and a lot of effort to put your thoughts, ideas and happenings down in text and pics. Some of you all are math wizards in how you figure out all of Paladin spell efficiency and whats not. For me i just enjoy the read, i call it educational research reading your stuff. When i need humor i read over at BRK. Can learn a lot of stuff from a hunter or a hunters point of view. My alts a young hunter too.

Shout out to you all who blogs on WoW

Outland Day 1

I'm still a bit gaga about been in Outland, I keep looking at everything, checking things out, studying the place and everything and oh yeah always watching over my back when outside the gates of Thrallmar. Why! Outland for some wired reason has Galo feeling almost a bit paranoid that something is going to get me when i'm not paying attention. Dunno why, but its just the feeling and the hellish look of the place or feel of HellFire Peninsula.

So i Galo decided to wonder outside the gates of Thrallmar again. I re-read the quest i was given, looked at the map and decided a making on the map seem like the general area where I'm suppose to go and the marking on map of a camp of sort seem like it and general direction. Turns out approaching a camp there that it was indeed the Horde outpost i was suppose to go to and meet some forward posted war commander of sort. Funny thing was the previous night i was just down the hill where the demons were and i looked at the camp and though it was a enemy camp or something like that. Anyway it was like reporting to a new place or military unit. Reminds me of when i was in the military. Yeah served 8 years in navy and 3 tours of combat duty so felt familiar of sorts. So i got my first orders to do 2 bombing missions.

Bombing Missions? Now i though this was a cool idea of a quest, never had these back on Azeroth. Headed off to find these portals. I located the first demon portal as it had a name on it just over the hill one of two i had to bomb and destroy. Took me a while deciding exactly how i was gonna get that close to the portal to bomb it. So pondered a while then decided best go down there and start making headway. Took me a while fighting and testing out the demons and fought quite a bit of them before i actually got to the portal just making a path straight to it and actually detonated a bomb and ran back up the hill, didn't know if they were gonna chase me or what. However succeeded.

Locating second portal took me a while to find as i wondered all around the peninsula got into lots of trouble fights in the area and could not locate portal. So re-read the quest and it said it be due east. So went straight east and there it was in the distance and heavily guarded by 58-60's demons. Did a bit of fighting and actually got to use my exorcism spells quite a bit. I dare say i use that spell more in 1 hour here than all the time 0-58. Exorcism is a pretty power full spell as i can see the effect when i cast it. I wondered how much more power full it would be with increase spell damage. Anyway made a straight path to the demon portal, bombed it and ran away. This is fun stuff. Fought demon again as they were all around and back to the camp. I'm noticing i really need a good 1H weapon here. Hanzo still works but not well enough and taking a while to slug it out with demons. So i'm improvising a bit by using Onslaught pot for more attack power and and Elixir for more spell damage. Do have to love Alchemy for its tricks.

I'm noticing I'm having to consecrate on almost every fight at beginning of fight to wear down health of mob quicker, something i only previously did with multiple mobs on me or adds. I'm also firing holy shield more as I'm getting beat on and it blocking hits for effect then redoubt procs and holy shield is already up so it ticks off, i recast it as long as i have the mana. I'm also burning mana like a thirsty traveler. due to consecrate, exorcism and holy shield been up more, spells eat mana. My normal play style is usually to conserve mana and no dramatic end moves, since my armor gear is warriors gear and not much intelligence gear. Its just what i have, solo gear.

Completed quest and the rewards was some impressive looking green armor with major stats increase, +spell dmg/healing. Dang!! Great stuff. I has just upgraded some my gear for 58 before heading to Outland and now I'm getting good gear i need. I could have not bought the gear and saved myself some gold. Then again i may not have fared Outland as well so far maybe. So far i haven't died in Outland since getting here, which is good as i detest dying. Death in plate armor is rough on the wallet. EXPENSIVE to repair. Back in Un'Goro my tumble with Blazerunner for 4 times was costly to repair and also because i carry multiple weapons in bags also in death penalty. So hate death and so far so good. Next two mission were again bombing mission on the wing rider. Flew over 2 more portals and dropped bombs on them and blew them up. Click on bomb, select area and drop. Very cool this was. Next mission was to drop bombs on a range of sort with various mobs and cannons below. It was a blast. Engineers should be able to make bombs like this in game. Would be heavy duty bombs for AOE if could use.

On quest turn in got even more impressive green gear with more great stats and spell dmg and +healing and + mana regen. Seem for every class there were equivalent armor sets pieces available. On all completed quests i basically got replacement armor set for what would have been my old armor. Seems to me on getting to Outland Blizzard want you to replace your gear or get you a quick upgrade to your old armor gear. Mines were crap anyway mostly, these were much better pieces. Galo got word to report back to Thrallmar to see the man in charge and got a quest to kill 10 bad guys south of Thrallmar at a camp. Headed off to do so, reward was some impressive looking shield choices. I already had a lvl 58 upgraded shield from AH a nice one i have in the pics. But the reward was nice if you come to Outland with a sub par shield, i guess they want you to replace it too.

Found camp and started fighting and realized some the bad guys were casters and was eating up health with fire damage, so Aura switching was in order. I end up pulling in one guy look like a orc riding a wolf as a add so was a 3 way fight. I got the casters out first then the orc guy for physical combat last and just as i pwned the melee wielding orc i heard some big horns blow and then i was dead. Duhh! Death by Flying Foot. Stomped silly into ground by Elite (???) Felreaver that roam the area. Suspissions confirmed in Outland. Stuff will get you when your not watching your back. So did my first corpse run, luckily it was not too far away. Went back to the camp, killed x number of bad guys as i surveyed the area and completed quest, always watching out for the flying foot from above. Did see him a few times walking close by and stayed away.

Got a nice shield for completing the quest. Right now I'm trying to decide just which set of gear to wear. The replacement gear i upgraded to from Ah or the ones i got for the quests? Both are impressive in stats, though the quest rewards give me more boost in needed areas like spell dmg and healing stats. Quests completion give a whopping 10k XP and killing bad guys and demons can net 1k XP. So I'm almost lvl 59 in a short time questing, seem easy to quickly lvl up here so far.

Screenshots - Hellfire Peninsula

Outland is very exciting. All content new and thrilling here. Shots of Hellfire Peninsula with Demons everywhere. As a Paladin with all those Holy Spells, you get to finally use your Exorcism spells and unleash them on Demons here. Lots of fun here.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Goodbye Azeroth, Hello Outland!

Dinged 58 in Winterspring questing for Everlook inside the Yeti Cave. At lvl 58 I can now go through the Dark Portal to get to Outland and leave world of Azeroth. Went to Orgrimmar to vendor stuff and Ah stuff. Removed all my new lvl 58 armor I had sitting mail a while and upgraded some gear for new lvl and to survive outland till get better gear. I got a much better Shield so its nice also. So headed to Swamp of Sorrows and then south through the Blasted Lands and to the Dark Portal. Almost seem Hellish getting here. For 58 lvls I quested and Soloed countless quests all over the map so I could earn my right full place to head to Outland through the Dark Portal. Feel relieved been able to now head through the Portal.

/played time 29 days from 0-58 to get to the Dark Portal. I sat here and stared at the portal a moment. I would of though this thing be guarded with elites or something like that.
Got through the portal and you report to your faction here in Hellfire Peninsula so that would be the Horde. Its actually a quest and get Xp just for going through the portal and reporting here. Seem after a bit getting to other side of portal, I would have though Thrall of Orgrimmar would send a lightning bolt and strike me with a special blessing or a buff for like a hour or something for getting to Outland. Didn't happen but it would have been a fitting welcome in getting here.

Traveling on the Wing Rider to report in to Thrallmar on getting to Outland as the follow up Quest. Seem pretty exciting. I earned my way to Outland on my own steel, my efforts and just proud to get here finally.

The sky is really beautiful here.

Reporting to my very first actual Outland Quest.
Outland seem pretty dramatic and engaging just waiting around by the NPC's. Demons show up and its dramatic. The Horde NPC's just rip them apart in style. I'm just dumb struck watching all this happen. Very cool. I couldn't help but constantly watching my back here thinking something going to get me from behind or sneak up on me. Like this Giant Elite walking by that shakes the ground under you. It seem like a very wild place here. I completed my first quest and i got a nice 1H sword. Its got more DPS than Hanzo Sword, but not ready to give up Hanzo Sword just as yet, need a superior weapon still. I got a follow up quest to head off to some other place and report to some other person, basically I got lost. Can't figure out where its at, i have no bearings here where things are and everywhere they stuff that want to kill you here. No place to be lost here. Well I made it to Outland....Finally. Its Kindergaden all over again.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Elite Blazerunner Defeated

Logged back into World of Warcraft and right back into Blazerunners cave on top of Fire Plume Ridge. Making another go around and failing to defeat him was not anything i had in mind. So decided to get a little buff help from Alchemy. Immediately made me an Adept's Elixir for increase spell damage and Onslaught Elixir for increasing attack power on the spot. I don't normally use these myself as much or make since limited bag space, i mostly sell them and they great to sell. Adept's Elixir been great for spell dmg increase and effect on healing. So buffed up as ready to go at Elite Bladerunner again. I changed to Fire Aura to lessen dmg and back face cave wall. Only other change strategy was to constantly dispel his aura on Hot Key. Used SOC, JOC, SOR and kept up Consecration as his Aura was dispelled and i kept dispelling it as it impenetrable when up. I had to use LOH & Half bandage also since he hits very hard. He bit the dust eventually and completed Quest.

Finally after all the frequent flyer miles all over the place and talking to and finding countless people i finally got my Boomerang Trinket. I immediately equipted it and went to try it out on Hot Key and it work from 30 yards, does damage and has a 4 min cool down on use after a pull. WOOT!!

Paladin Alchemist on Alchemy

Proff: Alchemist & Herbalism

I should do a blog entry or a few entries on Alchemy up to my current lvl as a 352 Master Alchemist on been a good Alchemist.

Not to Self. Remember to do a blog entry series post on Alchemy Basics, Tips & Strategies.

Stock & Inventory Problems

Encountering lots of Inventory Problems and bank problems with having space available for extra stuff. I got all 16 slots and in the bank and 2 (20) slot herbs bags one of which i carry (1) always. Its decreased space but i like having my Herb bag with me its my Profession as a Paladin Alchemist and i just count it as one less spot and made due that way. But it keeps my herb organize and at quick glance i know what i need to look for if need as i'm a Herbalist also. I keep allot of Herbs in stock i either collect myself preferably or buy very cheap. I rarely sell herbs i collect myself. A good Alchemist keeps lots of herbs & item in stock. However space in Galo's bags a problematic.

One bag is just full of quest items i need for quest and some also in another as doing multiple quest at a time. One bag is just full of herbs and that's always there. I've had to carry a few less of my normal weaponry arsenal since i like versatility and i carry every weapon in its class i can use, so i put some in the bank on some quests. I also have new Blue weapons unused sitting in mail unopened from buying on AH and probably won't use ever use. I will just resell back on Ah at higher price so no money lost on selling. I also use mail as a bank of sort. If i have no immediate use to use a item i bought on Ah i just don't open & remove it from mail. I leave it there. That way i always know price of a item i bought if i have to resell it back on AH. So even my mail is full of items. My priest boy alt professional Buy & Seller who sells my stuff also bank space is full and i use him as "Reserve Bank of Galo". Even he has stuff in mail not removed also. Makes for easy removal to sell to Ah when i need to remove items. He makes more money than i do selling my stuff.

However regulatory inventory i will need to reduce drastically or a clear out and auction as i get to Outland soon. So a Inventory House keeping is in order. In Inventory I keep things in order and groups. I have one bag that's just full of metals and ore's or gems from a friend at lvl 70. I need lots of metals and ore's for Alchemy Transmuting. If your a real alchemist a miner is your friend also. So as i sell stuff I'm always stocking at same time at lower price the raw materials constantly. I sent stuff to my priest to sell or hold to sell. But its a problem to maintain state of inventory as it needs clean out. Mostly its really all Alchemy stuff. I consider Alchemy my profession so its what i stock as reserve items to make my own gold on AH. But at 58 i will have to do inventory clean out. Funny thing is i usually buy my armor 1 level ahead when I'm close also so i even have new Plate Armor sitting in mail yet to be opened. No reason to remove it as no space to put it if i did. If i never use it i just resell it at a higher price. So no loss. Deciding to pay 25g for another 16 slot bag space is hard to swallow. Just prefer to make do. But inventory is due for clear out Auction on getting to Outland.

Countdown to Outland.

Current lvl: 57 and 3 bars

Been a bit busy questing in Felwoods, Winterspring primarily and back to Tanaris & Un'Goro for some follow through on a long chain for Linken's Quest to really get the Liken Boomerang. As a Paladin i don't have any range weapon other than as a Blood Elf i can mana tap a Caster which can in essence pull the mob, but then when you do that the caster can return fire at range. So a Boomerang is a awesome weapon to get for a Paladin. So questing time past weekend been a bit limited due to RL working schedule.

Been doing various quests in the Felwoods as i then do a few quests there so not so much the back and forth. Did some quest for the Cenarian Circle in Felwoods. Did some quests in Winterspring. Killed a ton more Furbogs just to keep upping my reputation with Timbermaw Hold to Neutral. I have to agree with many others, grinding can get old after a bit when its constant grinding for reputation points. I don't mind a grinding session for when its just for XP to level up, at least i know whats it for and what to kill to up it up, usually i do it on double XP when i have maxed out rest bonus to the next level. But faction reputation grinding can get old. Only good thing is you get a chance of a maybe good drop maybe in rolling the loot dice around for a Blue or Epic item maybe. Speaking of loot drops I've heard there are some very valuable items on various lvls that can only drop on world loot drops and they can drop literally anywhere and anyplace. So i have a strategy to kill everything i encounter usually back and forth to anywhere... just increase my chances if anything. So far I've got about 5 epics so not bad.

So far i haven't seen the Hanzo Sword drop for me anywhere in Winterspring, meaning i need to kill even more of every single thing to make it drop. I have acquired a habit on Ah of buying and trading Hanzo's, works for me too. Just another way i speculate on Ah trading and make do on good gold on profits as i know what this weapons is worth in its use to the right class that can use it. I will aim for at least friendly with Timbermaw Hold so i can do the followup quests when they open up at friendly. Also so i can get a Alchemy Recipe for Transmuting, but its not as valuable transmute compared to Primal Might Transmute which i already have.

So far i find Winterspring a nice place to be. However not many people around as its a remote area. But been nice and snowy is appealing with all the trees snowed over. So its usually back and forth to the Felwoods. So be a bit more grinding to get to Friendly with Timbermaw Hold. IF you get exalted with Timbermaw Hold i hear you get a chance if you complete the quests you get a Trinket of Timbermaw Hold that can summon a spirit shaman to fight by your side that can also heal you and fight. Sounds appealing. A Paladin can fight forever been always healed just keeping up Blessing of Wisdom. I do need to go fishing here still so not as yet been.

However for the most part i been really busy doing a very long adventurous special chain quest for Liken Boomerang (Few Days now). I think any mid level 50's Paladin should pick up this quest in Un'Goro by finding a recked boat in a pond in Southern Un'Goro as you will really have to look to find it to retrieve Linken lost memory and his things so can complete the quest to get this special Boomerang. The Trinket can do range damage with also the possibility to disarm the mob. Hmm, i like that. Anyway the quest have you talking to someone named Donova in Winterspring and other people, flying all over the continent literally, heading to places, finding stuff, retrieving stuff from people, drinking special potions, talking to people in death spirit phase, flying back to places, back and forth to Winterspring, back to Un'Goro, talk to more people, then to Liken again and then try to defeat a Elite 56 Elemental Void Walker on top of Fire Plume Ridge in Un'Goro to get the Boomerang as a reward. You get to get Liken's Sword too but I'm in it for the Boomerang. If you really like a good quest then this is fun. Blizzard should do more like this as the XP is also good.

So far i can tell you that lvl 56 Elite is a DAMM tough one to take down. You have to use a special item that you receive to dispel his impenetrable Aura. But you have to keep doing it otherwise you damage is reduced by ten times damage. Duhh! Anyway do far I'm on my fourth Death. This many deaths facing one Elite is unheard of for me or to any one mob. But so far the score is not good. However as a player I'm willing to try and fail enough times before i ask for help, but i may need to ask for help on this guy. Another reason is as a plate wearer this damage is costly to repair on plate armor. The problem for me is after i dispel his Aura keeping it dispelled and then been able to tell when he has it back up. Its really hard to see with your back to the wall and the view is now as clear. Why back to the inside cave wall you ask.... this sucker hits you flat out hard and its easier with your back to a wall, if not and your outside on Fire Plume Ridge he can squarely knock you off the mountain ridge. Good enough reason there, plus you don't need to have adds with the other elemental there on the ridge anyway.

Screenshots - Krovon the Hunter & His Pet

Krovon the Hunter and his new tamed pet "Ravager" pose for a picture in Silvermoon. I like my awsome & fearsome pet. He's a carnivore, born to kill (DPS) and he loves raw meat. Just what i want in a pet - A Killing Machine. This Hunter don't want any cute pets! This Hunter wants Killer Beasts for Pets to do his biddings.

World of Warcraft Pets? Link here: Petopia

My Little Alt Brother - Krovon

I now have a Alts Brother named "Krovon" the Hunter. I'm not keen on having many characters as been a Protection Paladin is my main character and what i love to play, i just like Melee combat. But I'm also a avid reader of Peter's Blog and been a daily reader he got me curious in trying out a Hunter since he has a new Hunter. Yeah i read BRK - Big Red Kitty's blog, always funny to read, but its interesting. I often reads his blog just for the funny humor of been a Hunter even though I'm a paladin, just never know what you will learn or pickup so i read many people's blog. Just wider understanding of all things with a grain of salt it is... but mainly its just Paladin stuff i prefer to read.... for now.

However a new Hunter has been born and "Krovon" will some day make a fine Hunter. I'm gonna learn from BRK so I'm sure I'm gonna be one. I get to read Peters Blog of his daily happenings and funnies so i will sure to do just fine, plus he's one of the most daily consistent blogger on WoW i know of as a player. BRK i read for mainly tactical learning, concepts and just things i need to learn Hunter related. I usually play a Paladin so I'm mostly focused on one class, though much Hunters around, i usually had no idea what a Feign Death was as i do have a good Hunter Friend. Often i just though he died so suddenly and once i tried to resurrect him, was funny. Peter's Blog i read and lean a bit from as its more daily happenings guide, learning and interesting to learn through the eyes of another player learning their class and that's always more interesting as its relatable. I like Peters humor which is much better than mine so all great.

I got Krovon leveled up in just a few short hours and i think he's now a lvl 14 and lives in Blood Elf (BE) area of Silvermoon currently. Krovon has proven his tenacity to be a Hunter beyond his measure at a young age. At 10 he ventured to Thunder Bluff alone to get him some wide array of training for Swords, Axes, Staff, Guns from weapons master there, he's taken a bit ofter Galo as his older brother is versatile with all offensive weapons though Hunters use their pet for that; I like to be prepared always weapons wise. At lvl 11 he ventured from there in Thunder Bluff to acquire his first real Hunter beast Pet. He then tracked across the Barren areas alone on a single minded journey which would eventually take him to "Azuremyst Isle" Alliance territory. Krovon journeyed his way from the Barrens to Ashenvale to Darkshore, the latter both areas been Alliance territories. As a lvl 11 its a pretty dangerous journey, but Krovon was a Hunter will will power and determination to acquire a proven pet that reflects the inner beast of Krovon's might and a pet worthy of taming.

Having to get a boat ride to his intended area and no way around it to Azuremyst Isle, also meant impending death for his trials. In Darkshore Krovon resorted to tactics, removed name tag and snuck right into town of Auberdine a Night Elf town and right up to the Inn there. Immediately got stopped and hack to death by NE Sentinels all around as they could detect me from a distance away, so had to do a few long corpse run back to push ahead. Tried 4 more times and eventually made it all the way from the Inn there to the end of the pier encountering the wrath of NE Sentinels guards and pier Sentry & Sentinels all the way. It was funny to see Alliance members steer at him in wonder on the pier and boat ride to Azuremyst Isle. But i was not PVP flagged so i was fine. Tip: Just don't fight back when attacked. But the Hunter made it to Azuremyst Isle, jumped off the boat pier and swam ashore and off to find him a beast. Any of the tigers could have made a fine pet there or from along the way. But he already had his beast in mind a carnivorous "Ravager". In northern Azuremyst Isle, found him a Ravager spot and tamed him his first real beast pet.

Hearted out of area back to BE area. Quest completed for first pet. Was going to call him another name but decided on calling my new pet Ravager "Ravagon". So also starts tales from the HUNT!