Thursday, May 29, 2008

Challenge The Readers: Pre WotLK Goals can You Get Them Done?

This one is for the Readers whoever you are playing WoW and anticipating the next expansion of WotLK. Can you accomplish all the goals you've set for your toons or your alts before WotLK arrives?

My goal for raiding has been achieved based on what I had set for my New Years goals way back at start of year. So has many the things I wrote I would get done as well. I probaby won't do any BGs though but all else is just about done. That goal was simply to get to Karazhan. Somewhere in there I got afflicted with that WoW disease called Burnout. These days I'm in laid back mode till WotLK and leveling some alts for different reasons plus I only have one 70 and you probably have a family if 70s already. So I'm playing catchup. I have a simple goal to get two characters to 70 that remains. Hunter at 47 and probably will be the Shammy, Druid. May get my 20 priest to 35 for Enchanting, who at lvl 20 has max enchanting already. So there it is.

But I'm challenging the readers for whatever goals you have Pre WotLK or as BC winds down asking you.

Can You Get Them All Done?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Harsh Reality

I've being spending allot of time thinking and reflecting on things and as it relates to how I've played WoW and how I wish to continue playing the game in the future. I haven't being playing the game as much lately, neither have I written as much on this blog either of "My Life and Times". I logged into the game pondering things and trying to work on a direction and goal for my little guild. It like trying to do something different in how I play the game and those that are apart of it. Im very much a thinking player and methodical at times.

But as I've reflected on things of the past and what I want in moving ahead in trying to define exactly what kind of guild I wish to have and considering my style of play I've come to confront a very harsh reality.

I'm a HARDCORE Player! Duhh.

I've never ever define my playstyle as Casual. I've always said I'm just committed and dedicated to everything and anything I choose to do and with goals. Yet I'm not a Extreme Hardcore player either. I'm just a very laid back and relaxed player in how I play WoW. Im not sure it this is surprising to the very long time readers here of the blog to not have noticed this. So I started to think just how is it I'm this kind of player as defined.

Im a Self Starter as a player and driven by other game forces other than the norm. Im willing to swim against the tide of conventional vs just blindly following everyone else along. The other thing is I'm very accountable to myself and character as a player and the fact that I'm very committed and dedicated by choice as a player makes me as such. HARDCORE.

I've now come face to face with this reality. So in wanting a small and agile guild with like minded players I guess it will probably reflect my playstyle as well to some varying degree of like minded players. That I forcast is not easy to find.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Office Memo

Wondering if you've gotten the Blogs Office Memo? Well most if not almost all of the usual WoW bloggers it seems are either on vacation, vacation doing other things, taking time off, quit the game until WotLK, some gone on break, some are burned out, other are relaxing playing alts. Some have gotten tired of doing Sunwell dailies and decided to get busy at playing other games and are adventuring playing Age of Conan. You get the idea.

Hmm, did you get the WoW Blogosphere Memo Yet? I must have missed it.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Wrecked by Brutallus!

The #1 Guild on my Realm (A Team) it seems was recently wrecked by the Sunwell boss Brutallus. From what I hear through second hand, It seems that on one of their boss attempts while progressing in the Sunwell, some of their guildies got tired of raiding vs pushing forward and some the others of the raid wanted to keep pushing forward with the Sunwell.

Though they could be more to it and not knowing the entire story. In the attempt it seem quite a bit of drama went down the the whole guild it seems disintegrated in the process. Some it seems transferred off the server including the GM and as well and whatever was left of their GB and all their BT stuff in there. Some seems to stop raiding, some left the guild. Some left and went to other less progressed guilds and one started a guild "Brutallus Wrecked My Guild". So its been quite funny watching Trade chat get filled up with their old guild members constant drama in Trade chat. Either way the #1 Guild on my realm has fallen it seems with most the raiders not having much to do anymore it seems. Not much for Sunwell progress on my server for now. Seems everyone wanting to take a break these days till next expansion.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

How To Convince Tanks to PuG.

Saw this article How To Convince Tanks To PuG over at WoWInsider and as one of the rare Tanks that have and continue to PuG all my Instances. Some with a friend or two but most as a PuG. I have to say I endorse this well written article piece by "Allison" which is one the best articles I've seen on WoWInsider. More can be said, but I endorse it.

I think its a good piece to read by all who run in 5 mans and Heroics PuG's often. You may not. But all my Heroics are completely all PuGs and much of whats mentioned over my experience I have to agree on. I have no fear of PuGing because I have lots of experience PuGing... all of my tanking is actually. However you may want to hop the link above over and check out the article yourself if your reading here.

On another note the biggest things for me as as a Tank that PuGs quite often usually its Heroics because I'm farming Badges is, if someone /w me and can't ask me nicely to PuG for their group chances are you likely to get nowhere. Take that for whatever you can imagine it means! If you can't ask me in a full sentence nicely I have no obligation to answer you either. And if your being a jackass or insulting someone else in the group on the run I'm in, chances are very good that you will never make it to my friends list to ever get first consideration when I'm doing another PuG run and looking for another dps or healer. On another note, when a Tank outgear a regular instance other than Heroics maybe chances are they probably will never go back and run it again for less than a very good reason.

Altism Project

Thought I drop this Altism post in while I work on another post for over the weekend. I've being working on my Alt Project I set as a New Years Goal to level a new 70 before the next expansion. Especially given that I don't elect to raid much these days until the next expansion with WotLK. So since I only have (1) lvl 70 in all this time my Paladin I've being working on some my Alts to see which one I like and one or two alts to level up before the new expansion hits anticipated sometime later this year.

So my little 41 BM Hunter - Krovon and Boar (Ravvie) I've had for quite a while sitting at lvl 38 got him up to lvl 41 and got him a HawkStrider and he's adventuring in Tanaris learning ways of a Hunter. He also has a Ravager since lvl 11 but leveling 2 pets kinda slows things down so will just level with the Boar and get another Ravager for DPS later on if he ever makes it to 70. So far he's not a official BRK licensed DPS Hunter killer as yet. But someday maybe. Its just laid back fun playing on the Hunter. For now he's lost in Tanaris, which I've always liked as a zone.

I've made a few other alts and so have one of each single class now. So far the next winners seem to be my lvl 20 Enhancement Shammy - Voodoolion and my lvl 16 Feral Druid - Gorias. So far I prefer playing the Shaman since its melee and seems more like playing a Paladin sorta, yet playing the druid is interesting as well who could one day be a Doom Chicken. So far seems like I prefer to play Hybrid characters yet not in a Hybrid way. But for now I'm playing with the outlook preparing for WotLK especially since only have (1) lvl 70 character my Paladin.

Expect me to blog less often as well as I spend time relaxing and trying to leveled my Alt Projects before WotLK anticipated later the 2nd half this year.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Impending Tank Shortage in WotLK?

Allot of good and interesting information has been circulated by now about Death Knights and the new WoW expansion for WotLK. Everyone probably heard it all by now and if you haven't well you probably been in a cave the last few days. I've read quite a bit of the details and about Death Knights, their abilities and their role as a Anti Magic Parry Tank. So not dwelling on it much since expansion is still a bit away. But I've being thinking of something and the question is: Will their be a Tank Shortage going into WotLK?

Now I'm not quite sure. But its interesting to contemplate how it will affect the tank dilemma that some realms face as well as some guilds may face as well. I for one if I'm still playing the game will absolutely roll a Death Knight (DK) but I'll level my Paladin first to 80. I'll see some content and then get my DK rolling in my off time. That's is certain. But its not for the usual reasons of most people why I specifically will roll a DK and level one up. The thing is I'm a "Dedicated Tank" and I love what I do and the role I play in the game in how I play the game. How many people are dedicated to what they do in WoW in the classes they play even though they play various classes. Especially when it comes to the tanking classes which at times can be seen as a Job with stress in itself and few people want the role as a Job despite how fun and visible it may seem.

But DK's to me seems to be and interesting class that appeals to me because well its a tanking class and what I personally love to play is a tank. I have the skills and experience as a tank which helps transition in playing another tanking class. But yes it will take time to master playing a new class as well as figuring out how to play the class properly. The Theoycraftying of such a new class can be interesting in itself though I myself don't write about Theorycraft. However it doesn't mean I wont try to figure out stuff as well as others like myself and most good tanks do and try to come to some conclusion on the best way to do something with a new class.

Playing a new class can be fun and interesting for all the new mechanics of the class. It is possible that most casuals playing WoW would probably roll a DK to see what all the hype is all about and maybe either love DK's or just go back to playing and leveling up to 80 and gearing their usual class they like to play when they get tired of their new DK.

However will their be effects at the level cap when a game that has a perceived short supply or tanks is all of a sudden now in short supply? As some tanks start raising their DK's and start leveling them and figuring out how to play them properly its possible. The people that play tanks are there but leveling up their the new class. They probably will be effects as people start looking for tanks to tank their new WotLK Instances, Heroics and Raids. Now I sure don't think all tanks going to be leveling DK's at the same time. But I'm sure a lot of good tanks going to be preoccupied at some point like leveling an Alt but just doing it with a DK that starts at lvl 55. DK does sound cool.... so far. But I'm sure their will be some effect of available tanks on various server realms and in guilds. Imagine that one tank in a guild that's a good dedicated tank who others want to tank their instance but he's busy raising his DK to the level while learning how to play it properly vs tanking your new instance.

Same can said of my own friends as well who like me to tank 5 man stuff for them. Its one less good tank available to tank stuff with the new content when I'm too busy leveling my own DK. And since none of my friends will probably know his name its safe to say I'll probably be leveling up in peace without all the whispers to come tank some new WotLK content. Is it safe to say their will be and impact to the number of tanks around? I'm not certain but its possible. Of course everyone will have a DK, but not everyone will know how to play a DK as yet or for a while properly. Though it will be nice to be in a Instance to have a DK in group and see how they perform most people will probably stick to what they know works with tanks initially with either a Druid, Warrior or Paladin.

Its nothing against the new DK's but people have to learn how to play them first to gain acceptance as new tanks in tanking instances. Either way its possible that at the level cap in WotLK at some point their can be a short supply of good available tanks for tanking new content for at least some duration of time while the expansion is still new in content with allot of new DK's as inexperienced tanks and players that are used to tanking as a whole try out the new class of DK's and leveled up them up. It may level out eventually over time with the expansion but it could be possible at the beginning phase of the new expansion content.

Next Post: Exclusive. Ardent Defender Interviews Galoheart.

The World Through My Window 05/12/08

Ran several PuG Heroics over the weekend enough to add about another 30 Badges of Justice with minor problems PuGing. That puts me up at 62 Badges. Through doing some the SSO Dailies also picked up 4 Badges of Justice which was quite surprising to say the least. And after heading over to the Badge Vendor. I had and idea of what I would like to pick up and I could not for the life of me decide what to spend 60 Badges on.

I now have a new gear problem, which is not enough Defense Rating. My gear is now starving to maintain 490 Defense for Kara level Tanking depending how I'm wearing my gear. Equipting any of the new SSO Exalted Shields over my Crest of Shattar also causes me to loose a bit of Defense as well though I've picked up both. Quite a bit of Dodge but not enough Defense. However I have a few options which is to craft my New Alchemy Trinket: Guardian's Alchemy Stone from being SSO Exalted. Would be nice if that Trinket has some Stamina as well on it vs just Defense Rating. That give as much as +54 Defense, but I'll loose about 520HP with my usual Netherwing Trinket. I can re-enchant my Badge Cloak for the new Defense Enchant of +12 but loose a bit of Dodge Rating.

Impending gear defense problems with just not having enough defense to pick up any Badge piece as yet. However I still do have good gear to Tank Kara+ with all my different gear pieces. However considering that I'm not really in a raid status either for Kara or beyond at this point for now and for obvious reasons, not likely I'm going to pick up anything much with lots of defense on it. Especially since most the Badge vendor stuff for Paladins in the gear pieces I need for Galo don't have much Defense vs more Expertise which I can use as well. So either I get that new Alchemy Guardian's Alchemist Stone Trinket crafted or re-enchant my cloak for +12 Defense Rating to make up the deficit. That's also if one can find a enchanter with the new Enchant Cloak Steelweave enchant which drops from MgT.

In other news I had Belt of the Guardian crafted as alternative gear for AoEing stuff as I need it in my gear sets. Had a Blacksmith from one the T6 guild on server with the pattern craft it. Cost me about 1200g total with mats and crafting fee. The Nether Vortex costs alone was around 600g. Investment in alternative gear to Girdle of the Protector for Boss tanking.

PuGing MgT
Finally got to do a complete run of MgT to do the Quest and to do the Heroic unlock quest. Kinda funny since well Exalted with SSO. But anyway I decided to PuG, how else am I going to get it done, can't rely on friends always to be around anyway. So while out doing some Dailies and just in LFG watching what's going on for activity as usual, heard a group was looking for a Tank. So said I would do it. Random PuG but nothing new for me.

So we had 2 Rogues, Holy Priest, Mage and myself the Tank. I'm not going to recount my entire first time through the instance. I found it really nice looking Instance and pretty place. Really like Silvermoon City. After a while I realize MgT is really like Shattered Halls in reverse. Shattered Halls has lots of Melee mobs, Protection Paladin heaven tanking there. MgT is just lots of casters which sucks. Casters are a challenge to say the least to deal with when Tanking. So Instead of saying it sucks with so many casters and spell damage on Tank, I rather say I find the place challenging with so many heavy Trash packs of casters.

So not many in the PuG had done the Instance before except one person in group. We wiped a few times due to not quite knowing which mob to CC and which mob does exactly what. Not much situational awareness here as yet. With so many casters the adds don't seem very forgiving if you get extra adds. Running regular MgT for the first time does feel almost like running Heroics, feels that way to me. Wiped on first boss since in clearing one side of the room trash group we somehow aggro the 1st boss at same time. But 2nd time we got him easily which seems just like last boss of Steamvault, just killing the crystal when he starts to channel from it. We got 2nd boss in one try, although I did find that consecrating don't work too well on the boss which causes lots of feedback damage with the debuff.

The 3rd boss and group was kinda fun. Took a while for us to decide what to do. I can't recount the names of all the adds with the 3 Boss since first time seeing them all. But think we had a Etherial looking guy, a small Demon, The Boss Priestess, a Naga, A Demon (Hunter) and a Ravager. I took the Ravager and cast Turn Evil on the Demon or Hunter Demon whichever it is. A focus Macro would be nice for casting Turn Evil. Hard to remember how that fight all went but it was over very fast with 2 Rogues and a Mage after two the adds were sapped and one sheep by the mage. I'm sure on Heroics this fight be most interesting. But one thing I did find is its best Not to engage the boss inside the room they are in. Best to pull them all the way back into the courtyard to avoid extra adds. As if a Paladin cast Turn Evil just like being Warlock feared got a good chance that mob will run into another add patrol on other side of courtyard. It happened that's how I figured that out and not fun when it happens. All a learning experience which make you the wiser the next time in instance.

We got to Kael'thas but the adds going into his room sucks as its hard to see without aggro on the group and kinda seem best to pull them around the corner out the room. Kael'thas was fun though. We wiped once the first time due to tanking Kael'thas and having the Phoenix stuck to me due to consecrating as much as I tried to avoid aggroing the bird. DPS just could not pull the bird away so that wipped up with all the damage from both. Second time through both phases we got him down to 1700 HP before we wiped. Did help being able to heal a dps or two while in he air swimming away from the orbs. After that both Rogues had to go to raid as both are in same guild. Healer had to go for dinner. So Mage got a few replacement guildies from his guild. A Holy Paladin, Shadow Priest and a Hunter. This time fight went much much faster with Mage on Phoenix which was not a problem for me consecrating on Kael'thas. I just healed whenever I was in the air avoiding orbs. But fight was over very quickly. I can tell packing lots of DPS here makes a big difference in this fight as well.

Kael'thas dropped a Phoenix Hatchling and some Epic Plate Boots. Hunter won the roll on for the Hachling. Was fun and challenging Instance. Got my quest done with the PuG group and got my Heroic unlock completed. Based on that first Instance run Yeah I can tell on Heroics it would be challenging you really need Allot of CC in that Instance as well as packing Allot of DPS on Kael'thas to get him down fast. I can't see MgT being on my list of favorite Heroics to do once I pick up the 3 items I need there. Not my recommendation either for a starter lvl 70 Instance either for a new 70. Neither can I see myself totally PuGing MgT on Heroics in a complete random PuG having run and PuGed the Regular version.

I love to PuG some things, but MgT I imagine would be a headache with some players that can be too impatient and a shot fuse when things go wrong. I can't see speed running that place on Heroics either for a Tank. I'll have to break out my friends list to run Heroic MgT to say the least and to pick up the 3 things I need there.

The Ring

Saw someone flashing this ring piece in Trade over the weekend. I found it a bit funny since I also remember there is "The 1 Ring" with 1 digit stats you sometime see as a Lowbie and that sells on AH for quite a high amount. So I screenshot the link.

So I wondered for a sec where does this "The 2 Ring" comes from. Well from "Old Man Barlo" in one the random Bags of Fishing Treasures you get from doing the fishing quests. Imagine that. Another reason to do them fishing quests. You might just get lucky. I guess in WotLK since Blizz have a sence of humor we'll see "The 3 Ring" maybe, can only wonder if it will have 3 digit stats.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Legendary Heroes

My recently created guild Legendary Heroes which is a PvE guild is coming along though slow coming for now, but that's fine. In a way its like a project to maybe get to build something for a change and see where the winds take it as a challenge. I'm not sure how great of a GM I'll make but I know I can lead and I think I'll do fine and in time. At least hope so.

Its taken quite a bit of effort and in some ways a distraction to maybe spending time running Heroics maybe. But its something different for a pace in WoW and at least I get to hopefully build something in preps for WotLK and do current game content as we get there.

So far I've created a guild charter and still working on it as work in progress. I created a Tabard which looks cool in design. Also figured out easily how to create guild ranks or modify them and created a guild bank for the guild with now 5 tabs. I think that's more tabs than most new guilds have but got to spend money on something. So that cost me in total around 4850g for 5 tabs with different levels of access tied to guild ranks. I'm far from broke to say the least.

For now now really as much a guild, just a bit of members lvl 10+ to 40 or so with about 36 members. Finding good quality members over time takes time and will have to go through quite a bit to get to find the good ones kinda like mining for Diamonds. I'm patient so not a big deal if things go slow for now building a guild from the ground up. I'm not chasing after this current endgame but the next so with that mindset I can take my time a bit with things as we get there. Dealing with new members especially lowbies is not the easiest thing in the world or WoW. Its a challenge to say the least in more than one ways. But its something different as far as WoW is.

I've being spending allot of time reading through various forums over at Tankspot and on the WoW forums as well. Lots of research reading, something I do allot of anyway. For now just setting sail I guess. Its something different for sure. I have time to plan and work towards the new expansion and maybe level up a new 70 maybe in the process.

Gamespy WotLK Interview with Blizzard

I just saw this over at WoWInsider earlier that Gamespy recently had a exclusive interviewed with Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan about WotLK and about Death Knights. Its Interesting with a bit of details about the coming of Death Knights and how they somewhat going to work as tanks. Think cross of Magical tank with a feel of Fury Warrior and Enhancement Shaman kinda if you can imagine with ability to summon creatures and cast DoT diseases and all the rune magic stuff.

Anyway I rather you read the article your self as well as watch all the video clips of the WotLK scenery. WotLK has some amazing and spectacular scenery to check out all the exclusive clips as well as the 10 min video clip interview of Jeff Kaplan.

I'm guaranteed to roll a Death Knight and roll him all the way to lvl 80, but that's well after my Paladin has first gotten to lvl 80 in the new content. Updated: Also read Matticus review of all the hubub.

Article Link:
Gamespy exclusive of WotLK with Blizzard.

Death Knight class revealed via WoWInsider.

Will Imbed the Streaming Video's here also. HI-RES Version a better view.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Shattered Sun Offensive Exalted.

After starting on the reputation grind late after the patch and a bit behind when I was on short leave, I'm now Exalted with Shattered Sun Offensive. Exalted from just grinding out the Daily Quests. I'm glad that JOB of grinding those reps is over!
For putting in all that effort, I better get some reward. So Yeah, how about a Title Please! So I was graciously awarded one Pronto for my speedy work and minor 1K gold donation as a benefactor to worthy cause in preserving my lovely Elf Land. Gee Thanks. Then off I went to that Vendor lady to check out her goods and picked up all the goodies. A new SSO Tabard which is really nice, Shields (both), Necklaces, Alchemy Recipes for Trinkets.

Just glad the grind is over I can go back to doing normal stuff and doing dailies whenever I feel like it. Now just need to go on a buying spree for some Nether Vortexes to make me some new Trinkets.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Screenshots: 2 Darknoids For The Party Plus

Taking down a group of Slayers Ok. A group of Slayers and a Shadowsworn Darknoid Fun. A Group of Slayers and 2 Shadowsworn Darknoid all at the same time...... a Party. Yeah Protection Paladins can do stupid stuff.

Primal Nethers

HolyWarrior got these selling on his realm for 35-55g or so, I call that cheap. These baby sells on my low population Realm for 150-180g and you never see more than 2-3 a day. I collected a lot of these from Heroics and they all sold for the same price usually within 12 hrs of being on AH. Got gold flowing out my ears. They made me a nice sum for doing all that dirty work in Heroics. Nether Vortex sells around 300-400g, don't have any of those.

Monday, May 5, 2008

SSO Reputation & Dailies

A bit behind trying to catch up on my Shattered Sun Offensive Reps since being on Hiatus. Anyway doing Dailies for the most part with some deligence and getting all 19 Dailies done a few days now in a row. I'm now at about 16.5k at Revered so I estimate if I do one more full day of Dailies and get them all done I would be at Exalted or just about very close. Funny thing is Tank are being sought for MgT on my Server go figure.

I'm one that loves to grind out stuff for the he'll and fun of things. But to be honest doing all these Dailies is like a damn JOB in itself while going everywhere it seems. I'm doing it for the reps so it has a purpose but when its done I'm pretty much done with it unless I'm bored for something fun to do. I'm making a bit of gold as well cranking out the dailies but he'll I don't need more gold and though I'm not going to turn it down on the quests, I have gold and stuff to make gold coming out my ears. I have more stuff than I know what to do with it.

I'm dissapointed to say I have yet to run MgT or with a good PuG group. A few good friends have offered so I have a rain check on that on my own time. Anyway a PuG group wanted me to Tank a run of MgT so a Mage I kinds knew from doing the Kara PuG last week which is as much I knew about him. So it was a group formed by this Mage. Since I have yet to run MgT I said why not and was in.....PuGs as usual.

So I get summoned to the Instance in middle of doing my dailies taking reading in Nagrand for SSO quest. As soon as I entered the instance where the group already was the Mage was already pulling mobs. I wasn't even buffed yet. The group died and I haven't even moved yet. I'm like what gives. Group rezz and everyone gets buffed and get into action. I pulled the first group inside and we clear. I'm kinds learning my way here. Magical damage seems plenty. On the pull with the Warlock patrol the Rogue goes up and saps one almost at the circle square in range to pull adds. So we get adds, lots and we wipe. On rezz we run back and somehow by time I got back in instance the Mage had pulled the patrol again somehow which I could not figure why. The Rogue died, Mage died so I run back out when i see the mobs just getting inside the instance. WTF is up here!

After that the Mage quit his own group as he was the one that formed the group. The Rogue was pissed at the Mage and quit too. I was left explaining to the Priest Healer and Hunter that this was not going to work in short. So group dissolved and I went back to doing my SSO Dailies for reps. Just another day in my life I guess.

Vorpil in 60 Seconds

Well on the weekend my friend the T6 Resto Shaman "Orez" was doing a Heroic run of Shadow Labs. Orez is in A Team the #1 Guild on our server Horde side. So I was invited in to replace the first tank he had for the group, which I guess didn't go well. So cool sounds good. One my PuG friends a Warlock was also in the group, so even better. With Orez healing the run is guaranteed to be fun and fast.

I've run SL a lot on regular however its not one that I've even run on Heroics for lots of different reasons and since I often PuG Heroics its not one high on my list to PuG. Anyway we cleared one side the room in fist room then through tunnel to first boss room. Cleared all the casters, then to the first boss. Then the boss which was not that much different the run so far than regular SL.

We pulled the trash pack mobs in the seating area heading to the 2nd boss Blackheart. Pulls were all the usual and went down like clockwork. As much as I'm burning mana on the pulls I still pretty much end all pulls almost full of mana, kinda sweet that is with the Orez healing. On Blackheart he don't seem to hit any more harder than regular mode. Pulled him from the back of the tunnel and kept back to tunnel door to minimize the knockbacks. I just switched gear mostly to more my Spell Damage gear set and Intellect with adequate defense. Just taunted whenever he kept running away. No one died on Blackheart and he went down like clockwork. Easy does it.

Cleared easily to Vorpil the 3rd boss, no more harder than regular SL. On Boss Vorpil I saw something new. Usually on regular mode I aggo boss and pull him south of him almost all way south of room fast and tank and dps him till he teleports back to his spawn point. Then immediately go north of boss pulling him north fast to avoid the voids and he usually be dead before a 2nd teleport. I've never had to ever take him south again on regular mode. But in this Heroic I saw Orez recommend something new. We hugged the wall and made it pass and around Vorpil and positioned all the way north almost close to the rear wall about 10ft from the wall just about where if you turn right you will be heading to Murmur's room. We had a Hunter in group, who Misdirected to me. Vorpil comes running. I tank him, group DPS and in less than 45seconds Boss Vorpil was dead. It was SICK. Vorpil was dead so fast I though it was a fluke. But he bit the dust in less than 45 seconds. I was dumbstruck how sick that was and fast he died.

On to Murmur we pulled as usual. Got to Murmur and Tank the boss. On regular mode the way I've always tanked Murmur is with lots of Stamina. I've always had good gear so the way I've done it was to always just stay in when Murmur does the Sonic Booms as almost every time I run out he always gets me and just about leads to a wipe. I always stay in and that has always worked for me. I always have healer top me off right before he Sonic Booms. Orez suggested i run out on this Heroic mode. I told him I'm better at staying in and just heal me through it. He wanted me to run out. We engage, Murmur cast Sonic Boom I run out he gets me slowing me down. Murmur hits the entire group dropping everyone to very low HP. Orez quickly heals everyone up with Chain Lightning healing. On second Sonic Booms he gets me again good and this time he gets the group and eventually we wipe.

So on rezzing and back at Murmur I stayed in and Tank Murmur the entire time. As well as everyone in the group inside the circle with Murmur. Orez Chain Lightning heal everyone and healed me straight through all of Murmur's Sonic Booms about 3 or so and Murmur dropped like a rock. Was great. Always works best when I stay in Tank Murmur and healer make sure I'm topped off in HP before Murmur hits with Sonic Booms. It also helps to have 15K+ HP for Heroics. Murmur dropped Shockwave Truncheon for epic loot. I passed on it not really looking much at the loot. It was a healing Mace. Which Orez won for the roll. I'm sure he has plenty of alternative healing 1H weapons. But after I though about it after the run I realized hey that's better than my Exalted healing mace from Shattar for my healing set. Would have being a nice Mace upgrade for my healing set as well. Oh well another day. But got my 3 Badges of Justice and was fun so another day. But Vorpil dying in less that 45 seconds was purely sick!

You never know when you will learn something new in a PuG, as for me happens a lot with my friendly T6 Resto Shaman Healer. I know my friend Orez like me to Tank Heroic runs for him when he's keep bugging me all the time if I'm up to running a Heroics. I call that a very good relationship with a Tank and Healer. A Team has plenty of Tanks, but best I can tell they just all BT raiding Tanks I guess.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Macro: Simple Weapons Switching

I switch weapons allot sometimes from 1H & Shield to 2H back and forth doing Dailies or questing for whatever reason that suits my play style. I found this macro somewhere while looking for one to use a little while back and it works pretty well.

/equipslot 16 Continuum Blade
/equipslot 17 Crest of the Sha'tar
/equipslot 16 Despair