Monday, April 30, 2007

Screenshots - "Silithus"

I found a part in Un'Goro Crater that lead to the new Zone of "Silithus". I have to say this place seems a bit spooky! I wasn't quite sure what to think of venturing into this new zone. There isn't much sound here as you can really hear the silence here. I ran into a few creepy & deadly spiders, scorpions and deadly big snakes. I didn't venture any futher. Its really is like a place suspended in time on the edge of nowhere.

A Nice Trinket for a Paladin.

Nice article i read about over at WoWinsider on a neat trinket "Mark of the Chosen" i think be great for a Protection Paladin in 40's and 50'2 and i think be a nice one for me to get also. It has a chance of casting a proc for +25 to all stats if struck in combat and last for a minute. With protection spec paladin renocking talent this would be great fit to my combat style as a paladin.

Not much trinkets i have found or been available as yet at my level only a few. This one would be great to obtain, so when out to Desolace and found the centaur and accepted the quest to find it. Will obtain it a bit later.

Questing Un'Goro's Crater in Screenshots

Had lots of encounters with these hard hitting gorillas. Had some cave quest to do where these gorillas live and so was plenty of action for "Galo's" new Aegis of Stormwind Shield (much needed upgrade) and the Hanzo Sword. The Hanzo Sword has been enchanted with Crusader and so i call him "Crusading Hanzo" and its a piece of work. Hanzo has been a good investment in a fine blade.

Fought many gorillas going into this cave many times as they call for help from other gorillas when your beating on them and it gets even more fun if your a Protection Paladin. Again i had more night elves running around collection the skin hides from these gorillas as soon as i slay them. One thing is, Un'Goro is full of animals you can get high value animal skins from. So hunters love to be here it seem to collect skins.

Did a quest here to find a mechanical robot and it was straight ahead. Was fun in this cave as i cleaned it all out of gorillas. The night elves were running around too often collecting skins and cleaning up also. Unfortunately just trash loot here from the gorillas. Even the boss gorilla didn't drop any good. That boss gorilla guy also hit quite hard and can hit you with a solid knockback on a hit.

Had to repair gorilla with a Mithril Casing and you need one of these to repair downed gorilla in the cave. So had to fly back to Tanaris and check AH there, didn't find any. So had to fly to Orgrimmar to check AH and they had some. Wopping 9g for a Mithril Casing on AH. Couldn't find a engineer to make me some since i had mithril bars in my bank. No time to wait around to find a engineer so paid up bought the Mithril Casing for the quest and headed back to Un'Goro to complete the quest. I have a friend thats a engineer so later had him make 3 Mithril Casing from my Mithril Bar stack in my bank inventory and i posted them for sale on AH to recoup my money and earn a profit. Did earn about 1.6g for escorting the gorilla to its master along the way fighting mobs. This escort was much better than the crazy chicken escort in Tanaris. However so far i've managed to complete all my escort quests on first try as never had a problem with the mobs along the way.

I've paid attention to Hanzo Sword and Hanzo can proc as many as 4 times in 30 sec to return a heal 0f 75+ to 175+ i have seen it do so multiple times while having plus 100 Holy strength which also increases my attack power. You always hear it when it procs as well as the crusader cross sword symbol above in a blessed glow when it does. Its kicks in great also when renocking is in proc and sometime renocking proc back to back and it gets interesting then.

In Un'Goro there are a few Elite T-Rex that roam around and you often not see them until they are right on top on you and these guys are HUGE. Often all you see is the two legs and you look like a little ant to them. Been told to be aware of these guys. They also move very fast roaming through the jungle here. They are 3 different Elite T-Rex here and all lvl 54-56 Elites all also different colors. I saw this guy far away and since i already had a encounter with two others before i stayed clear of this Tiger stripe T-Rex as fighting 2 of them before was a tumble in the jungle as it was. First one i fought was a Albino T-Rex and i literally chased that T-Rex through the jungle to catch him and pick a fight with him. This Tiger strip T-Rex creeped up on me from behind on another quest and killed me since he knocks you around with a fear spell making you run through the jungle and pulling Adds and so i got killed in a unfair fight with Adds when i consecrated the ground under the T-Rex. Bummer!

I chased this T-Rex all through the jungle, was my first one and he's very fast. Wanted to see just how tough he was as a Elite, possibility good of maybe dying but needed the challenge first hand to know myself. Summoning the Paladin Warhorse mount takes too long and so i just hoofed it. Eventually caught up and we had a heck of a tumble together. These T-Rex do some very solid knockback and can knock you clean almost clean out of sight or put a fear/mind control spell on you an never good. Took everything i had and i bested him, not easy on a elite guy like this and all you can see fighting him is his legs.
Bested the T-Rex and on very low health out of mana, lay of hands on cooldown and mana pots on cooldown and can't regen mana it seemed, i had Adds in a few other mobs drawn into the fight and i got KILLED. Sucks!! I had not dies in days and after killing countless mobs, raptors, elites, gorillas, i got killed by a flying dino bird and killer petalflower. A unfair way to die after a heck of a fight.

Lots of Elite and very big Dino's in the western area of Un'Goro. They also hit hard and stomp you silly into the ground. I downed them no problem in some pretty solid physical fights. If these guys were for food it could almost last you forever.
Another great kill for Crusading Hanzo. Too bad i didn't get any loot from downing all these Elite Dino's with some been Stomping or Plated Dino's also. Sucks!

Day 2 Un'Goro Crater, Dinged 53

Another day in Un'Goro's Crater feels like been in Jurasic park with killer raptors, giant elite dino's, tar pit monsters or thing, killer flowers, birds that wana eat you, deadly insects and all kind of wired stuff.

However its not too bad questing in Un'Goro's zone. Its a circular zone and most quests are not too far away, usually you can run around in the zone dodging stuff or like me kill whatever you run into and forge ahead. You better off getting the XP anyway. The one thing noted about been here is that there are no Humans here and so the loot drop really suck! I've only manage to get about 4 green drops in 2 days here and wiping many a monsters from the zone. All drops i vendored. Drop counts sucks badly here, however the XP is good so mix blessing and n caster mobs here really so good on physical combat. However those nasty bloodpetals can really cast a spell on you and suck your mana from you. Lots of quests here all in the zone and just making progress here.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dinged 52 Protection Style.

Ding Ding, lvl 52 Protection Paladin style while gathering a few quest items. Went through 9 XP bars in a short period of time performing raptor extincion. Helps to have some good rest bonus. I can say I didn't die today and haven't in days.

I was in process of doing a few quests in Un'Goro Crater and had to get the items from some the raptors and a few items to pickup along the way, when I started along this path. You might be protection spec if you look around and wondered, your half way to level 52 or your next level, you have 9 XP bars (Tens of thousands of points) to go with max rest bonus, how fast can you make it happen and how stylish can you make it look. Its funny when a few night elves came through on their big furry cats, stopped to look and wondered what going on. Thats always fun when that happens. They just saw dead raptors everywhere. One guy spoke something, seemed like some kind of jibrish words and started running around collecting dead raptor skins. Now thats a smart guy been skilled in skinning as you can collect lots of skin hide here.
Me and my Hanzo Sword! You really get the idea I really love this sword so far. Yeap I do, and I dropped 80g to get it enchanted today with "Crusader". I don't spend much gold on enchants, it really have to be something good and with a superior weapon or armour. I say its a good investment all the way to Outland with this sword hopefully. This looks like the killing fields! When i fight, I kill the mobs in batches and see how long we can keep it going. I completed 2 quests here doing this in a speed session on the raptors so wasn't just grinding away. I was speeding up the questing process in Un'Goro Crater. Everything is easy to find and close togeather. Grinding here its easy to get all the raptors in a group they are literally everywhere around. Unfortunately they don't drop any Green/Blue loot it seems to me, just lots of trash loot.
Hanzo Sword flat out rocks!! It dices raptors to mince meat and it also procs very often in every few seconds which buffs you with Holy Strength for +100 and crit return heals of +100 at times or sometimes more often as you can hear it when it does. You also see the two cross crusader sword mark above head when it does proc which seemed to me was like every several sec or so exactly often not sure exactly. Renocking seem to be up almost all the time too which makes for fast raptor extinction. I'm not sure if renocking is affected by Crusader but it almost seemed so to me. If you ever get a Hanzo Sword, the Crusader enchant can make it do wonders if your spec as a Protection Paladin.
You know your spec Protection Paladin when you often can't count how many you killed. You have to try and count the tails or something else. Its also make it fun just trying to figure out which one to loot as it can be hard to see the bodies when they may be on top each other and hard to tell apart. One thing is these raptors are so aggressive and attack so fast that you can almost keep Holy Shield up and firing all the time doing AOE damage to everything attacking so fast. The numbers just seem to keep floating away fast then. Total FUN!

loving Protection Spec Grinding

What do you do when you see a camp? Hmm, let see how many mobs I can kill all at one time maybe? How about lets seeing if I can make a pattern on my mob kills! Any idea will do for a Protection Paladin, for the love of the kill. Been Protection Spec is all about fun when you adventure around and seeing places, its not just auto attacks, seal, judge, seal and melee.

Sometimes its just to have fun as a picture can tell many tales. On my way to Un'Goro Crater i was passing the Orge camp in dessert in Tanaris as I took one look I decided on having some quick fun rounding up the camp and thinning the herd quickly.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Starfighter - The Drama Drags on!

A lucky stike...... maybe just one!
Guy never stands still long enough with that mount.

Casual Friday - Life with Starfighter.

Life in Horde capital Orgrimmar can sometimes be pretty dramatic. Its even more dramatic when 1 Alliance faction member decides to invade Orgrimmar face on, kill NPC's in Orgrimmar and take on Horde members in their turff City. Ever hear "Orgrimmar is under attack". First thing comes to mind...... Hmm must be "Marshal Starfighter" always is, Alliance faction lvl 70 Human Paladin Twinked up beyond measure for a Paladin. Its always Drama with this guy! A Alliance member in Horde City.

Hordies love their cities. Having Starfighter invade for his weekly fun gets to be like watching reality TV live in Orgrimmar. He's always running around killing NPC's, hiding atop the buildings of Orgrimmar or taking on players.

After a while, gets a bit tired of having Starfighter around. It gets old after a while as he's still running around fighting, more so hiding from lvl 70 Hordies. Guy just never wants to Quit. Makes you wonder just what he does all day. After a while i get tired of it.
Time to go Questing i guess.

Warhammer Online Delayed.

If your a fan or been anticipating looking forward to this like myself then War is not coming soon enough. I got a email newsletter like may others like you that the launch date has been pushed back to 2008 to continue to polish up this highly anticipated game online. Well even a good executed War needs good strategic planning so best work out the details first, other than we all been about it later after War comes. If your a WoW Paladin and been looking forward to this release, well i guess you gona have to throw some more heals in the mean time and face the drama of been Healbots! There is always Protection Spec!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Alchemist Alchemy "Discovery" Nerfed?

Linked to article posted over at WoWinsider on Alchemy "Discovery".

You might be a Alchemist like me who's been looking to get a discovery of my own. Or you may have been totally clueless as a Alchemist in WoW that you can get what's called a "Discovery" skill learned in Alchemy. But if you are an Alchemist and you didn't know, you just got nerfed by Blizzard and didn't even know about it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Early Morning AH Shopping.

A bit early in the morning doing all the previous posts. Logged in checked on mailbox, a few things sold, some potions & elixirs (pots). I really don't have much elixirs i'm making for sale right now. Actually i really can't be bothered that much to make as much pots as i usually do on AH. I've put off making much pots for a while till when i get to Outland maybe. Herb pricing on Rexxar is crazy!! My bank is fine and i don't need to make that much gold right now. Right now i'm in more of questing mode.

Making pots take up a lot of my time and can really sink some time into making pots when i'm doing it and seeing what needs to be supplied to the AH market and keeping my note pad filled with notes and speculating on high end stuff. For now the market has to do without me pumping out tons of pots. Usually at any one time i can have as much as 150 pots up on AH, every single day sometimes 200. Thats a huge amount of pots. If you wondering i know what pots to make and i'm not telling for competitive reasons, people are reading this. As a result the market for pots has seem to be gone a bit crazy also with prices all over the map. I have a structured pricing scheme and i have my pots in teir pricing groups. for competetive reasons i will not explain how i do this. I don't use any addon's or anything like that to tell me prices, i use good old Economics 101, and always double my profit at minimum.

I run Alchemy like a all out business enterprise and it has served me well. The one pots i never make to sell is healing and mana pots, the profit margin is thinner than a photon of light. Not worth my herbs to make for sale, only for personal consumption use. In real life i also have a small business so this comes into play in dynamics of thinking.

Picked up a much needed new Blue Shield upgrade, a bit of a improvement and with more block rating which is good and stats, i need to get it immediately shield spiked. I would prefer thorium but its a bit expensive for that one. At higher levels the best i hear you can get is a "Fel Shield Spike" i think. Picked up a Elixir of Major Frost Power, this pot has potential, its why i paid good gold for it and i can see easily recouping profit on this one. It pumps up mages frost spell power many folds. I have a bid on a Elixir of Major Dream Vision. This stuff is great for Pally's due to its 12 sec suspended time in Devine Shield but have to know how to use it in a 12 sec bubble to regen mana and health in a dream state. Sells so so because most people not know how to use it. Finding rare recipes for pots right now a down right rare finds unless doing lots of dungeon instances to get them on rare drops.

As alchemist progress up in the 300+ lvls you stand a chance of learning whats called a "Discovery". Happens randomly when making pots of high level caliber and BAM! you learn a super rare alchemy Flask recipe, something like that. I have yet to learn a "Discovery" its random and unpredictable. I can conservatively say I've made over 2500 pots already, no discovery yet. And that's not for just leveling up alchemy, thats cranking up the alchemy machine and supplying all of Rexxar with pots and elixirs. That's how you spend hours in a time sink standing at AH, buying hundreds if vails, making pots and tracking the market for supply and demand with a bank vault cranked full of all kind of herbs in 20 slot stacks. I have Herbalism so often pic them myself, cleaper and better profit. Like i said i run Alchemy like a pharmaceutical company to keep Rexxar server pumped up and happy or all the twinks happy and the raiders. I'm not the only Alch around on my server, plenty out there. I just take Alch business seriously.

My major investments as a whole is basically finding rare recipes & a good shield always. This is where the saying comes from.. it takes money to make money. Well, it helps to have a bit in the first place sitting on it for a good investment or speculation. So far my Mercurial Stone hasn't sold to a Jewelcrafter at high level as yet. I keep it up eventually someone has to bite and buy. Chest and legging armor pieces those i don't skimp on when it looks good. Finding good armor for me right now is a total problem, i can't get good Intelligence plate armor, so i'm more spec like a total warrior in plate. Mana burn is something i do with efficiency and not waste in fights so i keep it buffed up with Alch pots for high intelligence stats when i need it.

A super fast 1H with good stats and a solid 2H hitter and a medium offensive weapon are all frequently on my list. I picked a new level 51 Blue medium speed polearm at 2.8 speed. Good with Crusader and SOR. Other than that I'm conservative on any investment. Have to thank Peter over at Peter's Blog, for the Hanzo Sword tip. This weapon is a killing machine for a protection pally with the recking bomb from renocking, i can't speak for other classes using it. I'm working on getting it enchanted with crusader. I rarely use weapons enchants, they are a money sinker for weapons unless at high level where you tend to keep epic weapons longer maybe till next upgrade.

My Experience with the "Alliance"

This one is interesting in itself so far, but maybe would be more interesting if i played on a PVP server of which i do not. I play on Rexxar which is a medium populated PVE server.

I started playing World of Warecraft (WOW) about 3 days pre TBC - "The Burning Crusade" expansion. Rolled a human paladin as i like the virtues of been a paladin and a paladin just fits me. One my first few day playing WOW, its really learn as you go and figuring things out fast as go along. I remember been constantly challenged for duels, higher level guys like lvl 11, 12 or so. No idea why, i'm a noob! Some small guilds or nooby Alliance guilds were running around the starter area challenging all the noob players in Duels. For what reason looking back i will never know. I had no idea what duels were or what it meant, i accepted and died 3 times or so, barely knew how to fight. Starting out in WOW as a alliance left a bad impression on me as these guys always seem to want to duel you when they not even close to your level.

TBC sounded interesting, got it on release day and decided to roll a Horde Blood Elf as they were new added character and good time starting WOW to start on a completely new class and with the opposing faction. Been a Blood Elf intoxicated for arcane magic appealed to me. Since then i've never been bothered been on the Horde side since or with what seem childish tactics. Real "Horde" members are cool, there helpfull they don't bother you. Wasn't long after i completely deleted my Alliance character and have had the same Blood Elf Paladin since. Never looked back either on ever rolling on Allinace. Later on figured out why also.

I remember heading on a very long run of a quest and more so dangerous run at level 35 from STV to Swamp of Sorrows (SOS) to Stonard for Alchemy training. STV was dangerous at 35, raptory love to slaughter you there. let alone trying to get to SOS for training running through many zones to get to SOS. On way to Alliance country north of STV area running along the road i came to a "T" intersection and was attacked by 3 PVP NPC guards at a little post by the road as one guard walked the road there. They happened to be 3 alliance members close by there and saw me get attacked by the guards NPC and so fighting back in surprise to NPC as been attacked i got flagged for PVP. I had no idea what PVP was then, i barely noticed my tag turned green at the time.

Killed the guards and then i was immediately killed by the 3 alliance members on the road there that saw me not previously flagged for PVP get flagged for PVP. HUH?? I wasn't even sure why they attacked me. I was flagged and i didn't even know it. I asked a friend in chat about it, they laughed and says was PVP, hadn't a clue. These guys camped me in area. I had to resurrect out of site sitting in some bushes. That was my initiation into PVP. I stuck to the hills on way to SOS after that as my tag reset back to normal mode.

I remember not too long ago questing in Stomgrade Hold in Arathi Highlands i stumbled onto a Alliance PVP NPC there by the chapel where the prince and his 2 guards is inside. Barely saw him and when did was too late i got attacked, though it was just another guard there. I got flagged for fighting back at the alliance NPC, killed him. So now flagged for PVP again as 2nd time now. I killed all the roving guards in the graveyard there and was entering the chapel to fight the prince guy and his two guards there. Aggro the two guards into the door entrance and was doing just fine, killed one then was working on the other. Was wired when i started to realize i'm loosing health fast on fighting the guard... I died. What? ..... HUH?? Wired?

I never saw him coming and never knew he was even there. I got backstabbed to death by a PVP (????) Alliance member and i only noticed it when i rotated by view to the back of me ..there he was a Alliance (???). At this point knowing something about WOW, this guy was many levels above me and i'm no match for him. This guy was in what seemed inpressive gear, glowing weapons, totally hacked me from behind totally unaware. As a Horde i can say that wasn't a very good moment in my Horde/Alliance relations in game. I lost respect for many ingame alliance members then at that point. Some people take PVP to the extreme.

I remember when i was doing RFC meeting the Orc warrior leader "Thrall" of Orgrimmar. Said as you go questing fight well and represent the horde and that even the Horde have & show Honor to their enemies. For some reason i remembered that and was impressed by that. Just a game, but was impressed all the same. I've remembered that motto to this day. As a Horde i carry my self honor bound as a BE Paladin. I can't say I've lived well with my Alliance moments or encounters. I've never provoked a Alliance member uncalled for, but many few times I've been on the receiving end of it.

Yet I've been in areas watching alliance members fight mobs and awaiting a impending death sentence from a mob or multiple mobs. I've remembered my own experiences in those moments with Alliance members, yet i've intervened and saved many Alliance members hide to save them a grave yard run. I needed no thanks as we can't communicate between faction anyway. In such times i realize i uphold my end of having Honor as a Paladin Knight.

Friendship in WOW vs SecondLife.

My 2nd "Grab your popcorn, cookies and soda post".

From my perspective been in World of Warcraft (WOW) its much different to my previous life in SecondLife (SL). Thus making friends and having friends in WOW is much different also. I'm really a veteran SecondLifer as i've been living in SecondLife for almost 4 years now, its also hard to believe its been that long. Back then when i started playing in SecondLife they were only about 25K people even playing SecondLife (SL) barely anyone had heard of it and that seemed like a lot back then. How things has since changed!

To me making friends in Secondlife though it be sometime hard was a lot easier, as it often entails long moments of talking in text chat personally, helping someone or watching someone doing something, hanging out, maybe building or constructing something, often a place to live or call home or designing furniture for a home. Its a creative atmosphere there. In SL all content is created by its players in their creativity, with tools provided by Linden Labs. Friendship often center around doing things for mutual good or purpose or just exploring places together and seeing new things together. You can build friendship helping someone design something, build a house or place, decorating it, creating megga structures, parks where other people can gather and have a good time or play, animation scripting things so other things can be animated and such things. Friendship are more genuine mutually as it has its purposes and often friendship last a very long time unless it has a lot of Drama in it. Lotts of Drama in SL as lots of adult plays and live in Secondlife and some make a living there owning and running businesses.

In WOW its a lot different. Often people making friends helping each other out initially on a quest, questing or by been good players of their class helping someone out questing. Friendship can often be made as mutual benefit due to trade skill. Knowing someone with a skill that can help your interest can serve you well or make your life easier in the long run. So friendship by necessity sometimes. However friendship can be very fickle in WOW, as people often don't play the character you see or initially meet and often change characters and start another character in different class, faction or on a different server realms. In SL each player can only have one avatar for that account. In WOW the person you once met initially you may not see online in a long time or if they are altaholic (Many alternative characters).

Often the next time you see then online your levels ahead of them and less seem to be in common adventuring then and questing. Your not ever in same area or can't quest together due to difference in levels and zone safely with mob monsters. Very few people stick together and those that do usually are in guilds or have played together for long period of times consistently. Some of these players usually have other things in common other than WOW, usually living in some close vicinity of each, country other or being friends outside of WOW as kids, some been husband and wife or BF/GF. People find all kind of things to do to be entertained in WOW as the game does have a very beautiful landscape and design by the developers.

Again both worlds are very different in design and cater to different kinds of friendship. To me as a player having played both, i tend to find friends in Secondlife much more genuine or meaning full, but even SL has its problems. WOW is just a adventure mostly, you can't take much from the game when you leave, you didn't create it either. Secondlife is all creative content created by its residents, so you can leave you mark there in friendship with players, things you've done or created that other people carry on in your legacy or improve upon.

There is a Temple Tomb that remain in my honor with a eternal flame in SL to my (Aetius Epsilon) honor and absense. Players often send you messages even when your not in SL just letting you know they miss you not been around. Often you log into SL just to say hello, spend a hour or so text chatting, soon it will be VOIP in SL chat if not already. Usually you go visit a friend exclusively constructed home in some hidden spot from prying eyes or in plain view to woo and impress others and see what they have done or designed or new animation they have created to do things and you just have fun doing those things. Often people run businesses together as friends and develop closer friendships in SL compared to been WOW. A friend of mine there is one of SL top clothing designer as a very good builder, we're also friends and i often log into SL to see what's new stuff she's doing or making. I do it because i care as a friend. However landscapes in WOW are much prettier.

I've only made a few select friends in WOW though i have lots of friends on my friends list in WOW. Most those are just good players or players with trade profession skills i need to remember how to easily find in friends. Most of the friends i have in SecondLife are friends i've had for years or many months, none i know in RL really. But many those friends have seen me through many good and bad moments in SecondLife and been there when things were well & when things were not well. They seen me through good and bad and we even cried together when they had their ups and down in real life also or had their share of SecondLife Drama with can be epic in itself.

Friends in WOW and friends in SecondLife are cultivated very differently, built on different values, purpose and with different outlook.

Guilds & Guild Relations in World of Warcraft.

My first "Grab your popcorn, cookies and soda post".

Over the weekend i did a fare share of things guild related things in my attempt to be a servant to my guild and spend some time helping out my friends (GM) guild. It was interesting in perspective the things i noticed about other players, guilds and other things guild related, somethings i was already most keenly aware of .

I've been guildless by choice much of my wow life, except to having my own guild of mostly my self mostly for the sought after cool looking Tabard. I was about lvl 15 back then when i started a guild of my own paid for on my own kill earnings & skill trade. I liked having a Tabard crest that represented me as a Blood Knight and so it was the reason i formed a guild, yet in the hope i could find good players (Adults) as members. That's a difficult task. However as the GM of my guild back then "Knights of Eternity" i didn't care much to recruit so i never really did, but i helped the others guildies out that initially signed the charter and those that stayed as best as i could, some were alt characters. When are they never not alts? However 1 guy stayed in the group from the charter days and eventually moved his higher alt (another player character on account) into it for a safe place for his other toon. So was me another guy and his higher level atl.

Basically i was a guild of one, never bothered me much. I did all the quests on my own. I never asked for help, as i did my quest whether it was easy or difficult. Often if it was difficult i did another and came back to it later when it was easier to do as i was at higher level then. I was very self reliant as a player on my own skill as i kept learning World of Warcraft (wow) fundamentals and all things wow. In my late 20's i happen to run into a guy questing in Hillsbrad Foothills i happen to revive him as he had gotten mobbed and revive him. A Paladins Touch i say.

Eventually we both solo'd it seemed and kept running into each other at different places and did some mutual quests togeather. It was like forming a friendship somewhat. He played well as a player and to my liking as someone that would be a good quest partner. I still had my own guild as my own identity. I often consider myself like a mavrick. Needing no approval and on one's own.

In the early 40's my friend formed a guild it seemed. I guess i took notice that he did and so it was him and his GF. He somewhat asked me if i like to join but i declined as i told him i had my own guild (I was still a guild of 1). He was surprised that i had a guild, he never knew it seemed and i never said much about it. Afterall i never recruited either. But i was liking my friend as a player and as a good hunter. Eventually later in thought i decided to give up my beloved guild name and join my friend and his GF guild then. It was like leaving a partner behind now. My friend guild was now about 30 people it seemed, cool.

Friend and his GF played all the time we kept chasing each other in levels, yet i often continue to solo my quests much just my play style. To me its easier to quest solo, where ever i decided to go and quest, that's where i went. Often my friend the GM would ask if i need help and would help if i needed help. However i was ok with my quests, i was fine on my own effort. Yet some quests were not so easy, but tried them i still did and when was too difficult i came back later and did no problem. Some meant death a few times to accomplish but i never asked much for help. In my failures or death many things "Galo" learned and figured out himself. Experience is learning and learning is experience!

For the last few weeks i haven't seem my GM or his GF loged on much. Maybe they gotten married or something. Hmm, its usually hard to quit WoW just like that so maybe they started on some new alts, who knows. Anyway their are plenty of ranks in my guild and i never care much for ranks a a individual player, deeds matter more to me as a player and how you are known by your reputation matters more to me then. Apparently it also seemed that not much people have logged on either in our guild, i notice some here and there. I guess i'm the most consistant daily player in the guild now it seems as i keep progressing daily. Actually its not bothering me much that no ones around, most the time its just like when i'm soloing. Some time here and there i see the guild chat pop up and someone asking for help, usually a pre-teen level or mid teem level member. I help if i can, often usually been pestered for help or to run someone thru somewhere. Why?? Why not go do it yourself or with a group at your level?

I've began to wonder just how much members in my guild are alts. Thinking of it i won't be surprised if at least 80% of members are alts. Only people i really knew were the GM and his GF and the nuking friendly mage just a few higher levels up. However its seems i'm one of the most senoir member of the guild now. GM is off to somewhere else and the guild numbers have dropped from 35 to 20 members apparently or oddly enough at that.

I hadn't noticed i had the ability to recruit members, no one told me i could before. But it seemed i was also high ranking in the guild and had ability to recruit members. So in a attempt to save my friends guild i started recruiting, which is a big task in itself. Often you take them as they come because of low numbers in guild and to add to the guild numbers. Good players are hard enough to find. New prospects often want to know.... How many lvl 70's you have? Does it matter much? Doe's it matter when less than lvl 20 anyway?

So over the weekend recruited a few noob lowbies. Higher level members or mid level members are harder to recruit because everyone is in a guild by then or stuck with friends of some sort. Those people are much harder to recruit into a guild even if your good. Recruiting is just allot of work. However i manage to recruit some lowbies (low level players) into the guild.

I guess perspective starts here. I've always had a perspective on lowbies in guild, previously having my own guild and often watching other people in guild who always at the drop of a hat seem to be in another guild or ....well i'm in my friends guild. What's interesting and funny is, after you recruit someone into a guild at the lowest level just how soon they start whispering to you or in guild chat if you can come help them with a quest because their quest is too hard or they don't know where to find so and so or they now powerfull enough to kill some guy in some tower, cave or place. Whatever!! Often people whisper in guild.......can you run me thru so and so Instance? Would you please run me thru so and so place? Can you give me 1g or some silver? Hey... you higher level can you lend me some gold? Help, Help, can you help me? Very annoying.

You know...... i have no problem helping or aiding someone, but i'm damm well sure not gonna hold your hand, baby sit you and do your quest for you just to appease you. As a personal policy i don't run anyone thru dungeons or any places if i can help it. World of Warcraft don't need more weak players!! I don't need to be contributing to help foster a atmosphere of weak players either that can't fend for them self or do their quests on their own to learn how to be good players. Its why PUG stinks!! Most the time anyway. It seem when new players are in guild and it seems they're usually alts, everyone wants to be run thru dungeon instances, levels ahead of their level or paid run thru's and keep pestering higher levels about it. You know, when i was that level i never asked anyone to do quests for me or aid me. I did it myself and in that learned how to be a good player or play stratergically. I would do a quest at least four times before i ask for help, thats just me.

I realize why some players are guildless, why some quit their guild, why some don't answer in guild chat, or whatever it is. Noobs can drive you nuts asking or demanding you help them because they are now in your guild. My best guess, lots of these people are kids and often kids less than 15 years of age or so, just my guess. Its tough been in a guild with a bunch of kids. Its also tough been tough to kids, a fine line also. But I rather be in a guild with mature adults, just makes for better functioning and reasoning usually. So i had to deal with a bunch of this over the weekend and wasting allot of time recruiting members who demand you help them or they /gquit guild because you won't help them on their quests or run them thru a dungeon instance. Actually i refuse to do so! Quit if you want to and its best if you quit and find another guild to leach on, someone else's problem. I've basically had it with that kind of attitude.

Personally i've never asked the GM of the guild who's a Hunter, who's almost same level as me for any help. If we happen to be doing same quests at same time then great, we can group up and do it. But i attempt my quests on my own and own effort. If i keep failing to complete the quests only then i ask for help and i hardly have ever had to. Often its just i can't find a specific spot or something. Guilds can be funny, noobs can drive you crazy. The problems with guilds is there is soo many damm alts in World of Warcraft. Everywhere almost all guilds are filled with lots of alts and alts lowbies asking for help to be run thru places as if its their rite to be run thru places on your own time. Don't count on me running anyone thru places!

A Knight's Tales.

The tales i chronicle here is a documentation of my daily happenings of my life as i wonder through the lands of Azeroth in World of Warcraft on my quests to Knighthood and to earn my coveted place among the few who dare to brave the elements and make it to been Hero among men.

In my tales are reflected my learnings, my many trials, my failures and my over comings. Some are a reflection of my perspectives on my adventures and the people i meet and their affects on "Galo" as a Blood Knight Paladin.

Yet some things are as i see it through the eyes of Honorable Holy Warrior. A Paladins tales is always full of wonder. From the frontlines of World of Azeroth these are the tales of my adventure and how my life has changed from the lands of Secondlife.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Weekend in Review, Tanaris in Screenshots - Call Terminex!

Assaulting a Insect Hive for a Quest. I loooove my Hanzo Sword. Me and my Hanzo doing Extermination at a Insect Hive on a Quest to recover Geological survey Stuff. I killed 1 Elite and got a nice green plate drop, vendored it though. Went through about 8 Xp bars here and leveled up to 51 all in one assault here.

Weekend in Review, in Screenshots - Funny Moment!

Do you know what i'm looking at here?

Lesson here is, if you know what i'm looking at make it a practise to not do this. This went on for over 10 minutes.

Weekend in Review, Western Plaguelands - Another Epic!

Ahh, i got me another Epic Weapon. Why, because i kill everything. That might be a Tip! I got my Argent Dawn Comission and off i went to purge souls again.

Weekend in Review, in Screenshots!

Completed a Hinterland Quest finding a guy at a temple and while i was at it saw some water and decided to fish. I always have my nice fishing rod. I got some Nightfin Fish. They can be caught at night time. They good for making a dish that helps you regen mana at 8 per 5sec for 10 min. They work for me since as i move to higher level i need every bit of mana i can conserve or make while fighting. Had fun watching some Night Elves in the background fight some mobs. Why does it always take 2 Alliance members one a (???) to do the work of killing a mob that one Horde does on his own?

Went to another pond to see what else i can catch. Caught some more fish here Nightfins and some others lvl up fishing some more. Headed off to the Upper Hinterland and fished in the Forbidden Sea, by Horde Camp. Nice place to fish. Caught a bit more fish and some valued ones. Caught 4 wopping size groupers one a 47, 52 and a 40lbs grouper. If you catch these you can't sell them or vendor them. But you can give to a hunter and some pets love um and make your per damm right very happy. What else they do not sure but they have like 5 charges on them.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Paladins Nerfed!

I had though about making a comment on the big Nerf that Paladins are due to recieve in the soon to arrive patch in update 2.1, last week but been so dissapointed i had just refrain from it all togeather. Paladins are still down right upset, if you read the forum you think the Paladins were threatening retribution against Blizzard and just quit been healbots.

That day may indeed come. I hear the drums of WARHAMMER online beating loudly. I've been upset and still upset about the Nerf bat. So much so this is the most i'm gona say about it. We got Nerfed as a class. We keep getting Nerfed. What we need is to get our class fixed properly talent wise. It sucks, but i'm damm sure Paladins will have revenge on Blizzard and on WoW. Humm, did i say WARHAMMER is comming soon, Holy Warrior Priest that fight on the frontlines. Don't you believe revenge will be in order. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Screenshots - Shattrath City in Outland

Screenshot of inside chamber of Shattrath City in Outland. People tend to gather here or around the area and many portals here in this area leads back to all major cities in Azeroth.

Milestone - Ding, Ding, lvl 50.

Reached a milestone in my Paladin life last night by reaching lvl 50, for which its a milesstone for me at least. Why! Its because my professional skill as a Alchemist is as important to me as my class skills (money maker) as a Paladin though not equal by any means. Been a Alchemist and catering to my play style so i'm able to leverage my skills as a Alchemist in how i play what i call "Defensive Offense". Its my play style and it just works for me. I play my fights from a defensive position been a protection pally and then i just take it to the mob offensively as best i can. Just my playstyle, makes sense to me and may not work for anyone else. However Alchemy works for me when i need to use it to craft a potion or elixir.

Hit lvl 50 grinding away on the Timbermaw mobs at a camp in Felwood close to the entrance of the zone where i picked up the quest to thin out the camp there. So basically i spend some time as the camp is spread out and grouped up the mobs and did classic AOE smackdown on the mobs about 5-6 of them at a time, removing the caster first of course. Had about 8 bars to go and so just did it to lvl over 50 since i also had max rest bonus which made it much faster to get the XP. Did not get any great loot just silvers Was there long enough that i got a rare spawn black Elite Timbermaw in the camp a Elite 50 and kicked his but and got a nice green mail piece, it was no use to me though.

Basically the original plan last night was get two new Flight Paths to two new areas on the map i can quest in at my lvl that been Felwood and Azshara zones. This gives me some variety in questing and close to my level also. Other reason is good armour is hard to get and mobs my lvl drop gear close to my lvl usually. Other thing was to sample the area of Western Plaguelands to see difficulty in fighting the scouge there and see if any quests there i can do as yet. Been lvl 50 now opens up some options, however went to the camp outside the area to Plaguelands and nothing really was available quest wise. So i just slowly entered the area and fought some plagued beers, spiders and killed some of the scourge henchmen and undead there at a camp in the field. Then decided to leave the area as i can return later now i know what's there.

So this was when i headed out to Azshara area and found the horde camp there. Its somewhat off the path and kinda hidden took a while to find. This seem to be a nice area also to kill stuff in and quest easily i think. I also found some well sought after herbs as in Groomsblood and Mountain Sansum...... WOOT!. These things been going on AH for about 1g a piece, thats why some potions are soo expensive when selling. So good to be able to lvl up herbalism and gather my own herbs, more profit for me. Herbalism is ok its well over 300 as all my skills are also. Got the Flight Path and headed off to the Felwood.

Found the Felwood after a while in which i ended up in Night Elfs area of Darkshore. I guess i could not go over the mountains there to the Felwoods, so that didn't work as i tried. It took several trips on the wing rider to get to a location in Ashenvale where i then could figure out how to get to the Felwoods. I had misses a side path along the way that's why. Anyway in the Felwood its was there i picked up the 1 quest for the Timbermaws and found the Horde camp and got the Flight Path. Mission accomplished though i only completed one quest today for turn in, getting the Flight Paths was more important for me to do as it means i can return here easily and much quickly.

At lvl 50 i headed to Outland to Shattrath City the neutral faction city. You usually can't go to Outland till lvl 58, its pretty dangerous in Outland. Even in Shattrath City you can get attacked. As i was heading to the trainer there 3 elite demons appeared on the lower city and its was epic watching everyone there take them down. Reminded me that anything can happen here. Several lvls back i had gotten help from a warlock i had paid to get me to Outland and i got my hearthstone set in Shattrath so i can easily return to go to the Alchemy trainer here. At the trainer now been lvl 50 i got the developement skills for Master Alchemist. There were 8 recipies available to get, all great potion and elixir recipies. Since i always have plenty of herb stock on me and in the bank i brewed up the yellow and orange recipies i already had before to lvl up skills all the way to 325 and in a matter of about 45 minutes i was able to get all the recipies from the trainer. Bamm, thats how you do it!! That quickly i got all the trainer recipies, i always come prepared when i go to a trainer, saves having to make another trip, especially to Outland. The new recipies are my new pride and joy as they will be the raw source of my new batch of gold to make for the warchest. After that, i was at the AH to find new found recipies i can't get at trainer. Picked up a good one a Defense Elixir, these always sell good for a 1hour buff to total armour. That's one thing i invest my money new recipies, so i can have a recipie only a few have, better economics when selling potions when few people have a recipe you have.

With the increase Alchemy skills i eventually got my skills now up to lvl 351. At 375 i would max out on training skills. I was able to go to the bank and blow the dust off of Primal Might and another Elixir recipie that i could not use before requiring 300+ skills. Primal Might required 350 skill lvl. WOOT! Now i can make the big stuff and play with the big players in making Primal stuff as that stuff pays megga gold to transmute. I picked up a unusual transmute that jewelcrafters at high lvl needs Mercurial Stone, its like a Alchemist Stone for transmuting things. So been the one to dabble in higher economy selling. I checked the AH for its availability and a Mercurial Stone was selling for 100g. Checked pricing on Primal ingredients, was very high.. Damm! But profit looked so good on double the cost. One thing i learn is it takes some money or gold to make more gold or better gold, so best have some gold on hand always. So paid 45g and bought some Primal Earth, Life, Mana and transmuted to a Mercurial Stone which jewalcrafters need to do their thing. I posted it on the AH for 95g as did not cost too much to post it on AH, It will sell sooner or later. Testing the waters here.

The thing with Alchemy transmuting is, off all the transmutes you can do, you can only do one every 24 hrs so that limits you how much you can transmute and on what things. So price is high on transmuted items sold. If Mercurial Stone sells i double my money. I can't say i doubled my money on anything in Secondlife, but then again in Secondlife i built stuff and sold some stuff but there i never really cared to make a profit. I often gave things away to friends in a shape for them to texture to their liking. It was just the joy of been able to be a good builder... which i was.

I finally got to equipt the HANZO SWORD, its been sitting in the bank a while since i bought it some time ago. I haven't had a chance to use it but it will be amazing to use. Been thinking about getting it enchanted with Crusader and that will be arsome if i can get it done. Just the Enchant for Crusader is pretty damm expensive to get. I can afford it, but i'm conservative i guess and don't like waisting money either.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Screenshots - Overlooking Un'Goro Crater

Taking screenshots of my adventure is becoming a favorite activity of mine while adventuring in WoW. I took this picture on the mountain ranges in Western Tanaris. I was looking down into Un'goro Crater sitting on my mount wondering what lay ahead hidden in that thick jungle down below. A interesting picture it was to capture as the sun seemed well positioned overhead during that moment.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Into Un'Goro Crater

Dinged lvl 49. WOOT!! Needed some place else new to explore while in Tanaris, so headed southwest and decided to see what awaits me in Un'Goro Crater as i have yet to explore here. Lots and lots of Raptors here, seem like jurasic park. Not too bad to kill as i tested my metal on a few and was not a problem to down a few mostly 48-52. Picked up one quest form a book on loot drop and tried to find the neutral camp here dodging Raptors mostly all the way there. Helped and alliance warlock and her minion kill some raptors in a fight on the way. Raptors galore here!

Found the camp and got the Flight Path there in the camp. I'm calling it a day here now so i got the Flight Path here, headed back to Tanaris to turn in a few quests. Heading to the Hinterlands by way of Booty Bay to turn in a completed quest there. Somehow i'm thinking i'm going to like been in Un'Goro as its all melee combat here, no casters around.

Tales from Tanaris

Headed back to Tanaris for more questing, my other quest are mostly Dungeon Quests so i'm pretty much doing anything else but dungeons. Waiting to group for a Dungron can be time consuming. Headed south into the dessert and searched for a while for a chicken quests as took some time to find this tiny chicken as i explored all over the southern dessert area. Found the chicken riding over a parth in the hills. Quests was not too hard escorting the chicken to the port, however chicken seem to have a mind of its own and kept running into other mobs. I think it was doing it on purpose drawing mobs for me to fight. However completed the quest no problem.

Found a Turtle also that was lost and had to escort it also to the post and was pretty much same thing, however turtle just followered me so it was easier as i lead and completed it in half the time allowed so much time to spare. Got a lot of XP for both escort quests.

Did a bit of grinding on a few orge at a camp in the dessert and a cave, as it was a bit fun to run around on the mount and gather up the orges in a group minus the casters of course and did a bit of smackdown on the orges. Much easier to grind this way if you have to. Did some other quests to find some hidden stuff in the dessert, some ornaments. Lots of running around really.

Tanaris is really huge and i can't imagine questing all over the desert without a mount to speed things up a bit, much easier that way. Haven't found any interesting gear today loot wise, my motto is, killing everything increase your chances on loot, trash also. I did put the Epic Nightblade up for sale on the AH today and it sold in about 2 hours for a whopping 160g. Woot!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Gone Fishing!

Went fishing off the Forbidden Coast for lvling up fishing as its a important skill to a Alchemist also for ingredients & potion making. However, for me as a player i like to always maximize my skills as much as possible and not to let them lag. Most people in WoW seem to hate to fish and that's a competitive advantage if you can figure that out in the WoW Economy, if you get what i mean. However i'm a patient guy and cool tempered so it appeals to fish anyway.

Quick fishing tip if you like to fish, is to always carry a good fishing rod in bag always unless at way higher lvl maybe. But i always have the rod, you never know when you see a pond somewhere that you may want to see what's in it. Any pond of water anywhere can yield something or who knows what. Always use a lore of some kind to increase the catch or skill lvl fishing to increase catch rate or success. In over a hour fishing time i racked up some big fishing numbers, lvl up fishing to 315 and i discovered something new also as a result. Maybe its due to the fact that i now have Master Fishing skill for 375, but it now seem that at that lvl when you fish you catch 2 fish at same time vs just one before. You can really rack up some numbers fishing in short period of time at this lvl.

On average it takes 10 successfull catch to raise you skill 1 lvl in fishing thats pretty much a fact i have discovered over time, so you can count the numbers. That mean raising my skill last night by 13 point i pulled up around 260+ fish, treasure chests, and other things interesting. Not everything you catch will be just fish alone. You can also pull up Herbs, Treasure Chests, Rare Armour or something special. I did catch a rare 40lbs grouper also, always funny to catch these, makes a hunters per very happy. So many reasons to go fishing in WoW. All in all a good peacefull time fishing, too bad i can't catch "Coral" the Elite Shark. Must blog on my shark bite encounter with him off the Misty Reef in Swamp of Sorrows a few days ago.

Screenshots - The Summoning!

Just a moment of having fun in a wired moment. This was kinda fun to do as the WoW client server during fishing became disconnected but i could still run around but no mobs anywhere and i was stuck in fishing pose. In such cases you can attempt wired things to do, so i tried to rezz the Warhorse and i was in this position for a long time. FUN MOMENTS as WOW IS NOT JUST ABOUT THE RACE TO LVL 70 and ALL EPIC GEAR.

WoW is about having fun, experiences, sightseeing and exploring and finding nooks and cranny places overlooked by most people in their hurried attempt to outdo everyone else. When i was in SecondLife one of the funnest thing to do was to constantly explore the Grid (World Map) and i went everywhere. That was how i found places created many people never saw or appreciated that other people there had built often hidden places.


I like been out in Feralas area, its a nice area to Solo from low 40's lvl up and have a nice fishing spot there also. There is a nice spot there to fish in the river in middle of map where the bridge is, its also where you get a quest fish for Artesian fishing quest from Nate Pag. Tried to catch some Stonescale Eel fish in the river there and no luck for 20 min but did catch a bunch of fish and lvl up fishing to 302 a bit since i picked up Master Angler Training for fishing to raise skill to 375.

Went hunting for some food supplies (currently out of buff foods) and killed a bunch of wolfs and other mobs, stormed some raider & shaman camps (fun) and had fun doing AOE smackdown on a Brute camp refining some pally combo skills. Found some Purple lotus herbs in this area as it has lots of ruins. This area is pretty fun. Completed one quest from Tanaris here, but i barely quested in this area to say the least and need to revisit here should be pretty easy to complete most quests here quickly. I would say in the 40's Tanaris and Feralas some the best place to solo quest in, Tanaris been a desert area and Feralas more lush green forested area with ruins.

Need to do some more fishing to lvl up the skill vs trying to just reach 48, its fun anyway never know what you will fish up. So heading to do deep water fishing in the Forbidden Sea and catch some very good rare fish and to lvl up cooking skills for food. I once caught a 52 lbs grouper here so gona try my luck there again. To me its one of the best places to fish in the Forbidden Sea.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I got a EPIC!

Completed a few quests in Tanaris including some pirates quest, was pretty easy. Picked up all kind of stuff on loot running all through the camp and buildings as no one was really around in the early morning. On the last round in the camp i got a EPIC drop, a "Nightblade" sword. A very nice sword thats a bit a improvement on the 2H i have. This is now my 2nd EPIC drop ever, those things do indeed drop out questing in the world though its rare. I'm in no hurry to sell it but it will sure make it to AH, i hear i can get up to 300g for it even better as Twinks love this blade in PVP.

Turned in quests and headed out to the Badlands for a quest and to help a 42 Warrior. He had spotted a rare Elite spawn Giant also by the buzzards along the path where the Orge's take their route to their camp. I found him in the area. Funny thing is, all the time i spent in badlands i never seen this giant before. He was a 45 Elite, and was not that difficult to kill though he does hit real hard. I got a green clothy drop from him. The wired thing this was the seem like all drops were like green clothy drops also, a bit wired in the loot droping in the badlands. Blizzard company who owns WoW must like to play jokes on us.

I got a theory just from my play and exp that if your first in a zone or only one there in a while and you kill everything possible in that zone you get a high random chance to earn something valuable on drops from mobs, be it Greens, Blues, Epic. Just my theory. So as a result when questing i kill everything in the area or zone i can to maximize my chances.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Monday Morning Smackdown in Tanaris.... Cheated!

Got about 5 Tanaris quests active so decided to head down to the southern coastal area and revisit the pirates camp there and gather up the 20 hats i needed for a quest. Pretty much its swashbuckling with the pirates for their hats, pure melee fight and my forte. I still have much of Tanaris unexplored except for the nothern coast area east of Tanaris which is great for fishing or catching Firefin Fish or Blackmouth both which fetch a good price and good for a Alchemist also. Tanaris is pretty much a desert place with ruins. So i decided to just head south with the Warhorse Mount and see what was there, i need to uncover the terittory anyway. I ran into some lvl 49-50 Elite Coast Striders, big giant blue orges look like ... looks tough these guys.

So i figure why not take on a lvl 50 Elite with a big giant mace... so i did. One thing about my pallys is i'm never afraid to pic a fight with a mob higher lvl than my 47 pally, i like to test my limits and i'm not a runner either in a fight, i got pure heart and guts, i rather if fight gona go bad picking off more than i can chew to fight and die like a man i am and die on my feet swinging. I remember in Duskwallow Marsh in the 30's trying to find Nate Pag the Master Fisherman in the bay i got ambushed by a +7 lvl Thresher mob right next to Nate. I was stunned been ambushed, but i did not run i was sure to die if i did, i was in the bay on a rock island anyway. Never turn your back to a mob in a fight and run, walk backwards. I fought the Thresher dino mob in what was a epic 8 min fight to eternity quick 1H and Spiked Shield and i won on barely a colour bar of green HP. It took, heal & mana pots, loh, multiple bubbles, everything but Devine Internention to erk out a win. You never know! That was my most glorious WoW moment, take guts not just dps or been able to nuke something from 40 yards in 4 sec. I took on the Elite Striders Protection style. The guy was tough to crack as he was giving me a woop ass too. But i held my own for about 2 minutes, bubbling to bandage once. Im middle of fight, got a add with another Strider walking the beach so 2 lvl 50 Elites vs a 47 pally. I was getting the smackdown hard and on cooldown!

I owned out the strider and got the kill at 1/5 hp as the other Elite Strider smacked me to death, 1100hp for my effort with rest bonus... woot. I died like a man to too much damage from the Elite add, still on cooldown and stun not working on Elite. I could of tried to run but i'm not a runner and thats been a coward. If i can win on 1 hp i rather try despite the odds. So i had to do the run from the grave yard, i despise death as a pally! zzlong run, took a while to get back and resurect, the Elite body had gone by time i got back.. bummer. I was Cheated! So i feeling vengefull and cheated out of my loot, decided to pick another fight on another lvl 50 Elite, round two Smackdown. I got the kill and watching out for a stray Strider. Spanked him for the win and pinned him, WWF style. Tried to loot and nothing could not loot the body. Cheated round 2. Damm.

Been mad i decided to take on another Elite Strider, i needed my loot. So put the smackdown on this other guy and tried looting again and nothing. AHHHH! Seemed odd this happening thing. So put the smackdown on a Surf Glider turtle these things put a heavy dent in you armour, luckly i wear plate armour. I got same thing looting the turtle...odd Hmm. I decided to relog. On relog, seemed like it fixed it whatever it was as turtle appeared lootable. I felt cheated on the Elite Striders on a bug, this has happened to me before. Found another Elite so decided on another round of Surf Side Smackdown. Geared up the mace and shield and spanked the Elite and got my loot...... a clam for my effort :( was very dissapointed for all the effort and time.

Only 2 bars to lvl 48, other than heading up coast to the pirates quest, i decided to do Grindhouse on the Glider snapping turtles, grinded up about 15 or so for the over the ring win to lvl 48. Ding Dong, i reached lvl 48 Hurray!. Headed up the coast to the pirates camp for Swashbuckle Smackdown. Bags were full of loot from turtle trash stuff and meat etc, got a plate helm for a lvl 40 green though, nice but of no use to me. I've never gotten any plate armour i could use for my lvl. I've only ever gotten 2 blue world drops, a few blue recipies for various trades, greens i've gotten many and 1 Epic drop a arsome leather glove grinding the Elementals by the Orges in the Badlands early one morning. I could not use it though because i wore mail at the time but was damm giddy on finding a Epic glove then, made much gold on it in AH. I need to quest in higher lvl areas to get good drops i can use. Finding good gear is a challenge for a pally. Headed back to Gadgetzan to vendor stuff and clear up bag space. Will need to head to trainer later to see what's available. Time for bed, been working all night on the job and i'm too sleepy now.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Soloing Tanaris

Took the trip to Tanaris to do some quests i had Q'd up as haven't been back to tanaris in a while. I like been here its great place for a person who likes to Solo. Did two quests real quick as have to head to RL work in a short while. Its working weekend.

Did the quest for the Wastewander had to kill 3 sets of mobs on the plain a mix of rouges and shadow mages and such & got Caliph's head as i found him in the area also. Did it easy first testing them out protection style and using shadow protection aura. Was doing fine, just taking a while, so easy switch in mid fight to high damage 1H using both the big Axe and Sword alternating each in a fight easily. That's my trade mark as a pally (Paladin) i can use both 1H weapons and 2H weapons interchangibly in a fight depends on situation and mobs around me. However i think for me i'm a versatile warrior in that i'm the only person i know that carry all weapons as a pally can use at all times that been 8 weapons (1H & 2H both Axe, Mace, Sword and Polearm) and a spiked shield. Some people think i'm nuts but then again i don't die that often either. The 1H weapons are my always starter weapon and always make sure its a very fast weapon to proc with Renocking been Protection spec for return damage and extra swings meaning more damage in shorter amount of time. I always make sure i have the very best shield and spike it to reduce damage to self. Killed everything easily oon the plain. Always kill the spell caster first in a fight with a clothy it saves you the health drain from mystic magic, the physical damage i can take easily in a fight. So completed 2 quests and futher inch ever closser to lvl 48.

Time played WoW this Character (/played):
24 Days, 4 Hours, 23 minutes, 36 seconds

Time current lvl
0 Days, 10 hours, 17 Minutes, 14 seconds

Auctions stats today:
Sold a few stuff some potions & looted gear.
Made about 25g. My Water breathing did not sell. Someone new is underbidding me. Haven't time to go to AH.
I been making this stuff since january and had no competition ever making Water Breathing
Elixirs, they sell really well for Alchemy.

Bank WarChest
673gold 35silver 73copper

First Tales.

So i've finally decided to start a blog about my adventure as a Secondlifer on leave from Second Life adventuring in World of Warcraft as a Protection Paladin. I've been inspired by many other great blogger posts and to Peter's Blog for inspiring me to start my own blogging as i'm a reader of his blog. Thanks for the inspiration Peter. I hope to chronicle my tales so far adventuring in World or Warcraft or WoW for short as a Paladin from my side of the street and to hopefully stay in touch with my friends i dearly miss back in Second Life much love to you all, Miss you too Pae!

I started my Paladin to be a great Defender playing a defensive class/spec and defending my comrads and peers. I pay tribute to our Protection Paladin defensive talent in naming this blog Ardent Defender. "Rexxar" is my resident realm and i'm currently a lvl 47 Protection spec Paladin a few blocks away from dinging lvl 48. Been spec Protection Paladin from day one. I like been a melee hybrid Holy Knight that can play many support roles in a group but i do like been a Knight at heart. I like the idea of been a Holy Knight, but i'm a Knight than can heal if need be. Paladins in general don't get much love in WoW, even been one as a Blood Elf among the Horde we get no respect either as we seem to be outcasts allot as many seem to be often pegion hole in been healbots in more difficult group adventuring. Most have to prove their self worth as players. I'm fine with that, i earn my own Kill and i'm fine with that. I never care to out damage anyone, my motto is i just care to outlive you and that i can live with as i can walk away from a fight on my own feet.

I like been a Protection Paladin something enduring about it to me, as i like to help when i can but i'm no door mat either as i like to earn my own keeps and i'm very much a solo player and often quests solo. As for skill i'm skilled in Alchemy & Herbalism and i'm both at 300 lvl. On the horizon i'm looking forward to Outland its getting close only 11 more lvls to go. My tale starts here as the Ardent Defener!