Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mist of Pandaria, Day One

Called in Sick! Somehow I really turned out to be sick as well and spent the day on the couch feeling not so well and playing Mist of Pandaria on my MacBook Pro.

Didn't have any server problems starting play about 2 hrs after game launched. Orgrimmar was a ghost town by that point. Trained up my Pet Battle skills as somehow I was able to learn the kills at the trainer since was in Orgrimmar at that point close by. Then fumbled around playing around with a few of my pets… all 23 of them. I guess I've never been much of a pet collector! But did some of the pet quests and won some pet battles enough to get all my pets to lvl 6. Gotta say… Pet Battles are FUN and allot more fun that I would have thought. And its fun battling your pets with other players in a good spirit of fun pet battling.

After a little while I ditched doing that and found my way to Pandaria. It was chaotic there as I made my way still trying to regain some muscle memory of not having played my Paladin all that much in the last 2 years. As well haven't played all that much in the last month since I've been subscribed again.

Its a beautiful place in Pandaria from what I've seen so far, have no idea if its the only starting zone in the Jade Forest. So far in no hurry to make it to lvl 90. None of my guildies were on for the day and the few that are playing, none were around either. So just made it easier for me to take my time and play. So far made it about 60% the way to lvl 86 and in all lvl 372 gear at this point.

So far it has been fun with minimal bugged quests.