Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In Case You Missed It: WoWhead Script Link Updated.

Saw WoWInsider has a posting today that the WoWhead script which some of us use to page link items to their database was updated with a minor change. I use the script here on the blog and I know a few other bloggers do as well to link display the item so that the readers can see the item don't have to actually go to WoWhead. You can link to WoWInsider to see the change. Kinda hard to post the script.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Speed Runs & The Resto Shaman

Well Heroics are always the story of my life usually. Its the thing I seem to do most more than anything else. I'm not in a raiding guild so I can't talk about raiding Kara, SSC and beyond much unless I'm there. But on my server we do have one interesting character, a Resto Shaman! A ubar Resto Shaman that is who happens to be in the #1 Guild on my server wearing T5+. See guild name on WoW Jutsu below.

Anyway I'm not sure I quite understand what drives this one Resto Shaman. But he happens to be a friend that I met in Heroics on a PuG a few weeks back. However I'm not sure how much this players sleeps or breaks from WoW. He's fairly well known in Trade on the server I would say as well if not a character himself. Saying that this person is a character to me is an understatement in my view. He is a Character! And he can heal his ass off as far as I can tell and he might need something to calm him down more than half the time. I mean Really! He's like a energizer bunny, he can barely sit still in one place.

On most days (Nights) when he's not raiding the Black Temple you can clearly see him forming or asking for bodies to run Speed Heroics one after the other. And I mean a lot of them. Then when he's done with that he's off to Kara and ZA. ZA most often it seems. Ive even gotten a few invites to run ZA though I've graciously declined while he taunts me with whatever purple that drops there. It can get real funny at times. But I'm not sure what drives this one Resto Shaman or make him quite tick. I just know he can heal his ass off.

So yesterday my friend the Resto Shaman /w and ask if I'm up for Heroics. Yeah sure, why not. Had Tank, got a Warlock friend of mine who also needs to get plenty of Badges of Justice. I invited another friend I knew and we found another PuG DPS and off we went. In less than 3 hrs I had 13 Badges of Justice from Heroics running SH, BoT, SP. Quite a few Prismatic Shards as everything was sharded and void Crystal or two. After that somehow the Resto got worn out and logged off for food and such. Later that day he was back to his old ways again Speed Running Heroics and more. That got me calculating Badges a bit. Imagine how fast Badges of Justice racks up when you can average them at 13 or more a day in less than 3hrs over a week or two.

So I had to Inquire while on one of our runs just why the Resto runs soo many Heroics? What gives? Well when the Gem Vendor gets unlocked the Badges he collects buys more Epic Gems for his T5+ gear other than whatever he already gets there and well as selling the Gems. He has Leatherworking and has lots of Epic patterns it seems and uses the Nether's since he collects allot of them for crafting at his progression level. He crafts the Leather gear with the other mats into Epic gear with his patterns of various kinda and promote them in Trade selling his Items. On most days you can see him promoting something in Trade of Epic quality. From what he says he makes around 1000-1300g or so on his pieces. Seems he sold one or two pieces while we were waiting on him to run Heroics SH. So that's part of what I'm told that partially drives this ubar Resto Shaman. I don't know the rest of the story though.

But we did run Heroics SH last of the 3 Heroics we got to and after he sold his stuff and whatever the real story is with this one Resto Shaman is that SH rocked. We had fun, I collected ever badge and even got the rescue done. We ran the guantlet with no deaths and only stopped 3-4 times to kill the patrols all way up to the boss. You know I really need to do the Title thing for Adal for Heroics and just have him as healer if can with a few friends. But you know this Resto Shaman needs a Tank to make his runs happen with Heroics. I need Badges of Justice for my few remaining Badge pieces and a Warlock friend that needs tons of Badges. If you ask me that's a relationship that's works. All needed is 2 more DPS thats crazy enough to do runs like that. But that's the story of this one Resto Shaman and Speed Heroics.

All I have to say is that this guy can heal his ass off beyond that I don't know. I can recall on all 3 Heroics umm we had no CC whatsoever. Nope, none. I just consecrated everything. Afterall I had a ubar Resto Shaman Healer. For SH run we had another Elemental Shaman and that was crazy it itself with DPS and weapons proc. And you know that guy never ran out of mana either. Are Resto Shamans really that ubar?

WoW Update 04/29/08

So its Maintenance Day and its a series of posts to catch up on things last few days. See previous posts! Anyway I'm not almost revered with SSO, just short of 3K reps or so. Haven't done Mgt as yet. Just not many groups I've seen running regular at this point and even fewer seem to be running Heroics or asking in LFG either. Then again I haven't actively tried to find a group either for MgT. No worries!

Been kinda thinking a while my prospects of things and been guildless and such at this point. So after considering my options which would be good at finding a upper level guild on the server I decided to just shun that idea and create my own guild. Well I did set that as a new years goal afterall. I've always though of the option but just never really wanted to do it. But then again I do have a Alt with his own personal guild for a personal guildbank so I actually did have a guild of one. Buy the way that's a good thing to have, a personal Alt guildbank.

Anyway took the dive and created my own guild "Legendary Heroes" looking at it long term into I actually like the name. Yet I know been a GM is not easy either so a challenge it is all the same. However went to Silvermoon got a guild charter. Announced and paid 9 individual players 1g and a free 10 slot bag to sign the charter. Of course they were all lowbies. Who really wants to sign a guild charter these days no one but the ones that need the money. So got me a guild created. And so for much of the weekend kinda had a bit of my time tied up with the new guild a bit. So building for WotLK as well as up into 5 mans & Heroics and 10 mans if we get there and beyond great. At least it will always work on my schedule at least, enjoying the game.

So its slow going. Most high level players on my server are in a guild already of one way or the other. So we have a few low levels but that's OK while its slow going. I eventually got my lvl 20 Shaman in the guild so that's good also. Spend rest of time doing Dailies and such and some recruiting. Recruiting sucks though to say the least, yeah it does and not one the things I enjoy the most but I can endure it for now. I can recruit people in Heroics but that's when I find those individuals and takes time when I'm on a Heroics full time schedule. Running a guild is tough work to say the least. But OK for now. So really kinda been a bit busy I guess doing things or trying to do things.

The Hunter in Kara

You always wonder why Hunters everywhere gets a bad name. Not all Hunters are bad, but some really are. On Saturday I was playing just doing the SSO Dailies to catch up on reps and someone /w me about joining a random PuG for Kara needing a another Tank for their OT. So not much else going on reluctantly went.

So I get summoned to Karazhan. Was a complete random PuG group for Kara and no one in it that I knew either. The random PuG group barely had organization I could really see and was just confusing at best. On zoning into Kara no one waited to Buff. Hell, as soon as I walked through the door to Kara the group Druid Tank was already pulling and I wasn't even buffed or had I even buffed anyone to say the least. So I though this will be interesting and see where it goes from here.

The group wiped even before we got to Attunmen & Midnight. And half way there the Hunter says, he has no Pet Food! I can imagine what you be thinking too, yeah same here. 2 people died on Attunmen and the same Hunter won some Steelhawk Bow a huge upgrade for him. After that the group headed up to Moroes via the stairs. In Moroes room the Druid Tank went afk for a while for what was like 5-10 mins. However in that time the Hunter decides "I got me a Epic Bow, I out of here" and left the raid. Then it cascaded from there and the group dropped out faster than a anchor weight. Yeah I decided to leave after the 3rd person left and the Druid Tank was still afk.

I rather PuG Kara with a organized Guild group If anything than with a completely random PuG in Kara if it had to come to that. That's the very first time and last time I ever PuG Kara. PuGing Heroics absolutely, I have that much courage. PuGing Kara, never again. If its a bad PuG hell I'm now saved to Kara if its bad and I killed a Boss for that week. But the Hunter was just classic, so he never used a pet either.

Screenshots: Galo & Razorthorn

The Alchemist Lab is now unlocked on my server as of Saturday for the SSO Dailies. So we got the new quest to find some kind of roots can't remember name. But kinda cool to have a Pet.

I have a 38 Hunter somewhere lost in Tanaris who still have his Red Pet Ravager he got from Azuremyst at lvl 11. Kinda sentimental about that Pet also. However got me thinking these pets have one the coolest name to me."Razorthorn" To me that's a pretty damn good name for a Ravager. Checked the Armory and quite a few people have that name too. Wonder how many Ravager pets have it? Wouldn't it be nice if Paladins has a protector pet? Ahh too over powered I guess. Wondered though why all Ravagers don't have the "Ravage" ability as you can clearly see these pets do.

Screenshots: Shadowsworn Draknoid - NPC's

If you don't know. Screenshots is a regular feature of this Blog as I love to post screenshots of interesting ones and the event in which they are captured as such.

You know a Paladin can have a lot of fun as well as a Protection Paladin. We may not have ubar DPS like Mr Mage or Warlock but we can sure do stupid stuff and survive and have fun. While doing the collection quest for the Ata'mal Armament for Shattered Sun Offensive (SSO) at the Black Temple decided instead of avoiding running into the Shadowsworn Draknoids while on the quests as they kept getting in the way. When Questing I always use my Petrified Lichen Guard Shield as its Always in my Bag, love it! Also cost less to repair than a Epic Shield too. So decided to just put a beating on these NPC's whenever they showed up on patrol and while AoEing Shadowmoon Slayers. Even got one when I had a group of about 8-10 Shadowmoon Slayers in AoE. Just judge Wisdom, Consecrate and when it was over I still had over 50% health. Awesome, got to love survivability like a Porcupinefish.

So while looting all the mess. It dropped a Epic piece, Blade of Wizardry. Hmm I thought, wonder what else they drop? So for the next 15-30 mins went and killed everyone I saw in sight, was a Blast! Some won't drop much but the Loot tables for these NPC's have a lot of Random Enchanted lvl 67-69 Green gear. And very good green gear that is as well as lots of Blue gear, cards, tomes and more. I picked up about 4-5 pieces of all Randomly Enchanted Boneshredder gear of random name. Boneshredder Claws of the Tiger, Boneshredder Gloves the Bandit etc. Yeah I got a few as well as some scrolls.

What was funny no joke, was watching another Paladin with a shield runaway from one of these NPC's. The Paladin actually ran away as the NPC was still alive. So what did I do? I sat there drinking for mana and chew on some food right there in his path and waited for him to come to me. Yeah can be fun to be a Protection Paladin. But make it fun is what I say.

These things are on Farm Status for me just for the fun of it and whenever I get Bored. They have lots of Loot. My Motto: Kill everything if in doubt, but that's my motto and works for me, never know what's going to drop i'll say. Maybe a Epic!

So the Epic Blade sleeps in my Bank for an Alt maybe. Yeah I can sell it, but I don't need the cash. Really I don't. Will keep it for an Alt for now.

Though Shall Fish and Though Shall Like It!

I'm a avid Fisherman as you well know from my fishing adventures and way before Blizzard start making it more likable to those who hate to fish and disrupting my long hold monopoly on Fish prices. Oh well.

So went on one fishing trip on the quest from Old Many Barlo outside of Shattrath for the daily fishing quest. Cast 2 lines got my quest item and back to turn it in and Barlo was so nice to give me a nice Ancient Coin for enjoying what I like to do. To my amazement I looked at the value of the coin and its worth a whopping 25 Gold! at the vendor. Plus I got the gold from the quest.

That's a Insane amount of gold for a coin! I don't know of a rusty coin in the game worth that much. Yeah Love Fishing and your trying to fine a reason to love fishing still. Pull out your Fishing Rod and get you a Ancient Coin or two.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

WoW Jutsu Ranking My Server

That's the Horde Guild Rankings on my small but growing server. Only one #1 Guild has really completed the BT and is now in the Sunwell. Before Patch 2.4 only "A Team" had even been in the BT on my server Horde side. Guilds #2-4 were all doing SSC and TK and wasn't even in MH.

Guild #4 used to be number 3 which was the one I applied several weeks back and turned down the offer. They were halfway through SSC and TK back then. Since patch 2.4 things has changed much to a race somewhat for them all to get to the BT. Guild #6 used to be Guild #9 reformed under a different name and leadership which at one time I used to be in my first 70's guild. I left because they had a over abundance of Tanks to go my own way. Guild #10 is my old guild I recently left. I can assure you we never killed Gruul. The GM wifes Mage has some Gruul gear from raiding with another guild on the server.

Not many Guilds or people on my server has really seen BT at least before Patch 2.4 as it was only one guild that had at the time completed it. I'm currently guildless and not really looking at this point. However realistically thinking and with WotLK soon to be on the horizon what's the chances I'll ever see MH, BT let alone Sunwell with the amount of time one would have to invest? Not likely at this point with the frozen winds from the north already howling. Galo's got some decent gear, but hell he's not even lucky enough to have ever won any T4 pieces raiding let alone wearing any T4 pieces to get to T6. I have to be honest when I say, I'll never see BT or Sunwell for quite a few obvious reasons. At least for WotLK I'll be starting at lvl 70.

Chilling Out and Laying Low

How does one very dedicated player and Tank pick himself up after been burned out playing to some degree in the endgame. Well I still don't know yet, and when and if I do you will be sure to know. So I've being chilling out and just laying low playing here and there.

Since I've been back playing I've barely managed to do a grand total of no more than 5 daily quests for the SSO and attain Friendly status with the faction. Haven't considered Tanking anything Heroic nor have I even tried. Its also a good thing no one has asked me to. I haven't seen MrT yet either regular or Heroics to say the least. Just doing questing I can tell I'm a bit rusty in my game play and my reflexes seem noticeably slow among other things. The effects of not playing for a while can be felt. However I'm just chilling out in the game all the same. Since I'm not doing much, or Tanking anything I have no stress and no worries right doing anything.

A few my ex guildmated from my old guild /w me a few times when I logged on asked where I been and why I had left the guild "Alamat". So we chat for a while about that and then later logged off after, chilling out with no worries and no pressure to go anywhere or be anywhere. I was told I was missed much by the guild, the raid team as well as by the warrior MT who we both got along real well as a duo team tanking. Didn't think I would be missed much though. One positive effect is that my old guild has grown allot since recruiting a lot of new members in that time since I left. I wish them well and so I still have friends there which remains a good thing.

Since I had over a 107 Badges sitting in the bank, went ahead at the new badge vendor and picked up the new leg piece Inscribed Legplates of the Aldor so it was nice to retire the Blue Timewarden's Leggings I wore for what seem like forever. In other news got a pre-order in for Age of Conan which comes out next month so may be trying that a bit as something else different for a mix of things. Got a pre-order in for Warhammer Online for later in the year as well for a bit of variety. Both dosen't have to be better than WoW for me, just something different vs WoW all the time.

Playing With Alts
As much as I usually hate spending time playing alts, have being playing around with a few more alts and a few new ones laying low chilling out. Other than my bankers lvl forever lvl 13 Warlock and lvl 20 Shadow Priest did have a 38 Hunter and lvl 20 Rogue which had all before trying our one of every other class. So now all alts are at least over level 10 and just plan to at least get them all to level 20 and see which class I like apart from my Paladin Main.

So far playing with a level 10 Mage, 13 Warrior, 15 Druid, and a newly minted lvl 20 Enhancement Shaman. The Shaman happened to be the very last alt I created and the first of the bunch I got to lvl 20 and seem to have some appeal. One thing playing the Shaman was just astounded how long the level 20 Shaman quest took, seem like forever running all over the place. It does gets a bit dull repeating quests over and over leveling each one but it gets faster every time also. All alts are Horde of course. Pretty much low impact play for the moment.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Protect Your Game Investment....Your Account!

I read my usual blogs just like you do. So its been a bit upsetting to read a few of my favorite bloggers and Tankadins as well have all been "HACKED" in the last few weeks. Yes that's having their WoW account "HACKED". All are pretty smart individuals with using their own accounts. I know Honor's Code and Ulushnar who play at the T5 level have both been HACKED lately also and upsetting to hear of both those individuals.

Your account is quite valuable and its your investment in dedicated time of playing character. When it hits so close to home that people you know are getting HACKED left and right every week, you have to start wondering just who might be next. Will it be someone else you know or your own account might be next. Its a shocking reality to see your account hijacked by some intruder for gold.

Can only ask that you all take protecting your game account seriously. Like SERIOUSLY! Personally I change my password multiple time a week that may be a bit paranoid considering anything else I do normally. But It would grief me if that happened to my account. I play on that PC that has three letters but I take no chances. I haven't wiped my drive clean in over a year in lite of everyone getting HACKED lately, I'll probably be wiping my hard drive clean of everything.

Please protect your Game Investment and protect your Account whatever that entails. I'm not a PC security guru so don't look here for answers just a word of CAUTION. Blizzard might just be working overtime fixing peoples HACKED account vs everyone working full time on the next expansion.

Im Back

Hmm Yeah kinda. However really not doing much except doing some the new Sunwell Daily Quests when I'm logged on that's about it. Also playing around with a few alts so just something else to do that's low impact stress play to see which one I may like to play. Got some other RL stuff busy doing so won't be up to too much for a while.

Checking my in game mailbox seems a few people that reads here had dropped by my server and messaged me asked if I be interested in a server transfer and filling Tank spot in their raiding guild. Appreciate the invitation from those that asked, however not deciding on doing much for a while or anything in game that scheduled while I think of what I may or may not want to do.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What IF: We were all in the same WoW Guild?

Musing Topic.

What would happen if most or all of us was in the same guild (All of us in the community) on one same server playing our various respected class or the class you like to play but in the same guild? Would that work or would there be Chaos?

Leave this to the readers and lurkers here.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Time Off

Just enjoying the time off from playing WoW all together. I'm just busy doing a lot of RL important stuff I haven't being able to focus on doing.

Its a good thing to have all the down time away doing other things and getting other things done compared to when playing the game. Good to be on Hiatus away from the game. I've been able to sleep more and relax as well since i'm not busy playing and realize just how tired I used to be from playing. Its good to be doing other things I need to get done for a change and be able to relax as well as get more sleep these days. Feels good to be on Hiatus.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gone on a Long Hiatus.

I've given it some thought and decided to take a break from WoW. How long that will be one will never know. Some days its really been fun, some days its been a headache with others, some days it more like work doing things. At some point one gets burned out with things as well as raiding and well as wasting time. Its just not all that fun these days for me at least. So i'm taking a long break for a change and maybe do other things fun and otherwise for a change of tide. As the sun rises so does it eventually set. I have no idea when i'll be back, for WotLK certainly at least but how much sooner before that is uncertain at best.

To all the readers who have stopped here or have been inspired in some small way by this Blog i'm humbled by that and in whatever role this Blog may have played in your enjoyment of WoW or as a resource. I too have been better because you all were here. And to the WoW Bloggers community for which I have being apart of for quite some time, served and help foster you have each and all being great friends. I wish you all well on your success and journey to the Sunwell. But for now, I'm Gone Hiatus for a long while.

So goes The Life & Times of This One Dedicated Protection Paladin.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Up to this point I've put sheer effort in to playing my Tankadin that could (Galo). I've leveled against the tide of conventional thought and wisdom. I proudly did it my way.

I've grounded many my cold steel blades blunt running 5 mans from Greens > Solid Blues > Solid Blues Uncrittable/Uncrushable and got ever single drop all being guildless.

Literally ran more Heroics for Badges of Justice that I can count or remember and replaced Blues with Epics. Not every piece but as best as once can with sheer effort and time.

I've grounded out almost every single Faction Rep that I desired to get done with sheer determination and effort..... alone.

Made more money making gold and farming all kind of stuff to make a killing with pocket money till it wasn't a problem for this Tankadin to pay for anything he needed to enhance his gear or repair money. Did it till it just wasn't fun to make anymore.

I've got every Epic Mount I ever wanted.

I've played and had fun playing WoW and my Paladin on my own terms.

I don't PvP, nor have I ever worn what's often called by many Welfare Epics!

Almost every piece of gear I've literally taken for the clutches of a dead Instance Boss or the Badges they had.

Galo don't have the best gear, but he earned it all.

I've Tried and geared Galo as best I could with my own effort and sheer determination and focus. As well as enchanting and geming my gear with the best of everything available.

I've made every single raid at my level I was scheduled for and made it on time every time from beginning to end. I've been accountable.

I've Pugged more than one can ask for and more than any person should.

I've Blogged about my efforts for almost exactly and entire year with consistency.

I've given the best effort that one can give of my time to my One dedicated character (Galo). I've given a 150% effort.

The hardest thing in all that time is to find others who gives as much effort and do it dedicatedly as I've given my own character.

I've found its not fun to look for Guilds nor is it fun to join and leave either. Time and effort is lost.

My Character may never progress beyond Karazhan and see SSC, TK (The Eye) Mount Hyjal, The Black Temple or let alone the new Sunwell. Its just about a guaranteed that I will never see Illidan.

Nothing in my accomplishments lacks sheer effort or the sheer will to try and over come the ability to advance oneself despite the odds of One Individual.

It takes a Team of like minded Individuals with the same goal to make genuine reasonable progress. That can be most elusive.

Some days its been fun, some days its been more fun that others. Some days you have ups and down with your character. I've had those.

I've been most proud of every single accomplishment that my character has undertaken and well as the sheer effort he has done every task.

I've accomplished more than I've ever wanted when I first started this game coming from playing SecondLife. Seen and done more than I thought I would do in the game. As well as played one main character dedicatedly for as long as I have played.

At this point I really don't care much to look for A or Any Other Guild Anymore. I know plenty of guilds on my Server that would be glad to have me. Many have asked but at this point I'm just not interested.

For this one Individual Player, Its Just Not Fun Anymore!

A New Month & The Guild.......

I've given things a bit of time to see how it all sort out. I'm not going to do a blog entry about it either. So its here as a footnote of things. I decided as an Guild Officer to leave my guild "Alamat" tonight. Yes I did let my GM friend know, so its a bit of mixed emotions about it but It no longer something I have to dwell on either. I don't seem to have much in common with much my guildies anymore. I'm quite used to being guildless so its not a strange feeling to say the least.

I have no plans in rejoining any guild or am I considering any at this time. If I progress forward or not thats to be seen. Maybe I will and maybe I won't. I have no schedule nor do I have any time demands to deal with. I can just take the entire month off If I feel like it. Its quite possible I may do just that.

Afterall its April 1st!

In Other April News:
Blizzard has announced another Hero Class for WoTLK. Who knows a Hero Class or a April Fools Joke maybe. Blizz may have the last laugh until WoTLK is released whichever way you look at things.