Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The World Without Us.......What IF...

Was doing the commute thing today home from the job and happened to be listening to the Radio getting caught up on all the Financial news of the day on Marketplace Money when something I heard spurred me into some random thoughts.

Interview was about Author and his new book "The World Without Us" and premise was What IF People Just Disappeared From The Planet Tomorrow, Puff ...Gone? What Would Happen or What would be the Result to Everything as we Know It? Very Interesting, as I'm the kind of person that likes to ponder things and give mental exercise to complex ideas. So I started thinking of WoW. Hmmm

What IF .....Tomorrow All Paladins Dissappeared In WoW?

How? Dosen't matter. Mysterious Mass Death, Blizzard Virus, Evil Plague etc. Lets just say it Happened! I'll leave that for all you readers to Muse and answer that as to how the WoW world would change without us for good or bad.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Best of: Paladin Tanking Movies

Added a New Section to the Blog Site: Paladin Tanking Movies.
Much easier to Link List some of the Best Tanking Movies I have seen or found instead of putting them all up on the blog site. Found 2 Paladins that makes really nice Tanking Movies I found on Youtube.com so I listed them on the site as well as below for easy linking to. Movies ROCK! Enjoy.

Yeah I'm chilling in the down time off at the sidelines. Watching Movies are still fun though.

Heroic HOGGER, Really! IF Only It Was So.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Taking a Break...

Yeah. I'm taking a break somewhat. I enjoy the game, but will be sitting on the bench at side court taking some R & R. Down time is good.

/Suspends Blogging
/Take a Break from WoW.

Update: Oh, a Break is not forever. About a Month or so.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Feeling the Blues

Was my day off from work today. Tried to play some WoW. Logged in for a while, just stared into the Mailbox, AH, and the Bank for what seem to be forever doing stuff. Emptying my mail box of sold stuff, listed some more stuff on AH. Dealt with some guild stuff, a little player drama and somehow that just seemed to stretch the time out from there. I tried but just didn't feel like questing either.

I don't know what it is lately that seem to be afflicting me on a mental level playing the game of its really the game itself at all. But playing WoW has been a daily event for me. As of today I've played WoW everyday for 6 months straight, with the exception of that one week in April I had to go to Florida for a conference for several days. Everyday I've completed a few quests, some days it was a level or two. Much of WoW I've played as a ghost or in the Dark Matter of WoW. Just playing the game but never really seen or heard. Someone playing in plain sight of others but yet your don't seem to be there. Your just cruising through the game almost unseen with exception to the time you intervene and save someone only to disappear back into the shadows moments later. Playing a game that's a multiplayer game and for all you know often you seem to be the only player in the game as you know it. A purple popup message or a quick trip to a major city often confirms that you not alone in this game and that your not a ghost. Such had been the tales of that long 6 months of playing WoW.

leveling to 70 has been a long haul, almost there. Has been fun the whole way. But I don't know if its just me, the last few days or I'm just feeling tired. Not tired of the game, just tired of the everyday effort just playing the game. Physically or Mentally tired. Maybe I need a vacation from work, a vacation from life as i know it maybe, maybe its the guild that's wearing on me putting in the effort there. Hell knows it can be a headache to deal with. I do have other things to do or can do. But I've been playing WoW mentally at work! I'm thinking of it all the time. I'm usually not sleeping well and in my sleep I'm dreaming actually playing WoW. Let alone playing the game itself. Maybe I'm having a WoW overload.

I've missed watching a bit of History Channel or Discovery Channel or reading a book. My X-Box and PlayStation has been on deep freeze. These days I just read blogs mostly. Sometimes its a fun as learning and playing the game to read stuff in blogs. 5 more levels and I can say I did it, i've reached the elusive level cap and didn't take me 2 years playing around with Alts. Yet it seems like forever to get there. But somehow I know I'm feeling the Blues and not sure why!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Level 65 at the Trainer

After 60 you can often forget after you ding you can learn something new at trainer on every level up. Picked up to new rank spells.
  • Blessing of Wisdom. Rank 7
  • Greater Blessing of Wisdom. Rank 3
  • Seal of Command. All of them up to Rank 5.
Placed a Talent point in Seal of Command vs another for more parry right now in deflection. 70 is still 5 levels away. Besides The New Spell in having Seal of Command. The other two cost 6.75g each. Spells cost you allot of money at the upper level.

Having Seal of Command was more for my play style of Solo play for now and like using my 2H at times to do damage and end some fights quickly. May drop 1 more point up to 70 in protection thats left. Rest in Retribution.

Last time Galo was at trainer, he picked up Seal of Blood. So far have yet to figure how to use that seal properly. Have only used it a few time, caused me too much damage so went back to using my usuals for now.

Update: Using Seal of Command a bit it seem can do nice damage in spurts, but its unpredictable and not always holy damage either. SOR seem to get things done much better overall and constantly predictable holy damage than SOC. Often i down the mob in 1/3 less time with SOR than with SOC. May have to change that at 70 on a respec having used it a bit now.

FIght Club! - Leveling up ALL my Weapons Skills

One of the things i like about Paladins is the ability to Melee. I like weapons versatility as a Paladin in both 1 & 2Hand Weapons use. Leveling up in Azeroth Galo used both interchangeably even as Protection Spec. Yeah, i used the shield and board most the time. But some mobs was just fun to pound on with a 2H quickly. Since in Outland all i have used mostly is my 1H and Shield as you never know what you will run into to fight here. So some my weapons skill have been neglected a bit. I hate to neglect my skills or profession skill all the same. Decided to level up all my skills i have neglected to maintain for weapons versatility.

I was in TB (Thunder Bluff) to turn in my 60 Morrow Grain herbs i have grow at various time for TB reps. So that net me 450 more reps with TB. Mostly i just do it for fun with new herbs even if its lower level ones. I take the reps too. So after that been close to Un' Goro i headed there to level up my neglected weapons skill on the fast hitting Raptors there and since there are also lots of them there to do it fast in AOE grinding for fun.


Was a heck of a lot of fun, no XP but just fun. First off was retribution on the Devilsaurs. They had made my life hell when I was there and with that damm fear spell have you running around.

Retribution is a Bitch sometimes when it comes back to ya! 2H Sword leveling up skills.

Nothing special about fighting here really. But did have to level up my other weapons skill from around 250 average level on all my 2H Weapons and a 1H also. Chuck a Intelligence pot for +25 for high intelligence and buffed BoK for 10% to all stats, mostly for the extra intelligence also to fasten pace of learning any weapons skill. Need high Intelligence. AOE the raptors in groups and leveled up my skills on all those weapons i needed to. Last thing remained was to level up "Unarmed Weapon" Skill from around 200 or so. I find some mobs do disarm you and last thing i need is to have low skill on disarming or in a instance.

So what's special is that I was fighting well .....unarmed the entire rest of time on all the raptors. a Few people passed by and wondered what the heck i was doing or taking a while to kill some of them when i first started. Was funny, so just kept on sparring, jabbing & punching. I was thinking of Movie "Fight Club" then. I was liking this. No weapons, just me and my Fist of Reckoning against the raptors and in AOE too.

When i was close to finishing up here i decided to go and have some fun on the Gorillas..... unarmed in the cave. Was FUN! You know a Paladin can do everything in AOE he can do with a actual weapon in hand. He may not be exactly 1.5 speed as some weapons, but he is fast enough to AOE some mobs and have Reckoning procs allot. You do all the same spell damage you normally do with exception of what the weapons my have on it normally. You still block and dodge everything else as normal. My hand damage was pretty low, something like 50-90 or so but my spell damage was not. So i just did SOL & Crusader the whole time. Light for the healing and crusader to speed up the attacks to level the skill faster on constant hits. Reckoning proc's allot and my "Mark of the Chosen" trinket i still wear proc'd constantly for +25 to all stats. Woot!. Works nicely. However was no XP gain here for me due to level. Was just for fun to level the skill. But i got lots of raptor flesh which i put on AH, since no one in guild needed any.

Headed back to HellFire Peninsular. Needed to level up skill some more on my Polearm also. Grind up safely doing AOE on the Buzzards around HellFire area. Popped a Elixir of Draenic Wisdom for +30 Intelligence and went sparing again on the Buzzards. Fight Club Baby! Killed some Hell Boars in between since they were around ...Unarmed. Did all there Buzzards spots just for variety so not to be bored sparing unarmed on Buzzards. Yeah i had some lookers too wondering just what the heck is a Paladin doing without a shield or weapon. Hahaha that's always funny to other people stopping to watch when they drop in kill their Buzzards and you still sparing away on same one or group. Paladin having Fun!!

This got me thinking. I've heard of a Hunter who leveled entirely Melee from 0-70 good grief, but fun he must have to do it that way though unusual. So i thought how would a Paladin fare to level up to 70 completely "Unarmed". That would be just crazy to see someone do that. But i no doubt paladin may be King of the ring in Unarmed Fights, now that's something.

So in the end of working on my neglected Weapons Skills and liking versatility in using different weapons or for different stats or effects. I say I'm pretty well trained up to switch to any weapons i need to use effectively. I can BOE and use if i picked up something really nice in a instance at that if i ever do.

Guild Stuff - Time Value & Other People's Time

Weekend was a bit busy for me. Its was my working weekend on the Job and thats 12hrs days at the Vaccine Plant with my 2+ hrs commute time. So focus WoW time does get limited sometimes and leveling also. But I do stuff daily to move ahead quest wise always. Sometime its Guild stuff.

So did some Guild stuff as we're now up to 44 people in guild, most seem to be OK with a few in their 40's. Guild is coming along in growth. Even had a group that was running RFK. Also helped some on their lowbie quests also. Limiting everyone to no more than 1 Alt's because I'm limiting the guild size. I have no desire to running a large guild, I have too many things to do. Guild is mostly casual, laid back and leveling guild, just like me and I make it known to them when they join. Helping lowbies is OK, but often it can be a time waster for me, its that simple been in Outland. Easier for them to get help from someone their level or close to it. People do ask me for help on quests that they are capable of doing themselves that they often claim is too hard to do themselves because it takes them too long to do. Often I'm on a Outland quest and have to decide, do i find this thing I have been looking for for 30 mins or do I Hearth to Shattrath to port to Azeroth to help them. Get over it!

Though I am helping people when they sometime may ask. I find it not as productive use of my time. Its already limited due to work schedule, questing requirements, working on the blog. New people always want help as if to test you to see how much your guild will help them I wonder before they decide to stay or not. Do new people ever wonder if you have anything else to do? People always want to wait around and cut up on jokes and have to wait on people at AFK for food and such things. I often hate that with my time. I have a lot of patience really, but such things test my patience in groups or helping people. Guild can be fun if not for the silly humor. But i know in my mind when its time to quit having one, i will give it up if not for my peace of mind.

Its a big part of the reason I really enjoy playing Solo. The only person consuming up my limited play time is .... ME. I love to have solo playing friends and when we team up its also fun and productive. If I have to wait for a group quest to do too long I move on to something else and if I can solo it later if I not find a group then I will. But I don't like waiting around. Maybe its because I'm a bit older and playing WoW than the usual playing crowd. The again, maybe its just me maybe thats like that.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ding lvl 65 in Terokkar Forest

Didn't get to do the fishing part logged in a bit late. So did some quick run around to complete some Terokkar Forest quest at "Stonebreaker Hold" only have a few quests left here. Did most of my questing for the night all on my 2H Axe to level up weapon skills which helps allot in not missing on a swings. Works great now can kill a Warp Stalker in about 10sec with JOC & SOR, helps to have good spell damage which is around 215, pop the trinket and its up to 300. Well still got a few more weapons to level up. So Dinged 65 on a Warp Stalker.

While in "Stonebreaker Hold" I rechecked one of the food vendor and happen to find the recipe for Spicy Crawdad & Golden Fish Sticks. The other vendor in the inn I also found had the Blackened Basilisk & Warp Burger recipe. All these recipe are for 325+ cooking skills. Spicy Crawdad gives the final 350 cooking skill recipe. All recipes give very nice food buffs. Somehow I had missed these before last few times I was here checking vendor. Anyway 4 new recipes and I'm good for cooking. Grinding on the Warp Stalkers for quest and meat pushed my cooking skills up to 359. Should be easy to get it to 375 soon fishing for the "Furious Crawdad" lobster now, which require some actual fishing.

Update: Did some research and found that fishing "Furious Crawdad" requires fishing at the high altitude lakes in Terokkar Forest and requires having a Flying Mount to get to the those lakes. So will have to wait till get Flying Mount at 70 as its only way to get to fish those lakes.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Screenshots - Exploring the West... "Nagrand"

Questing & exploring south western Zangarmarsh I saw a path in the distance and decided to explore where it would lead me to. Exploring is fun. So I found Nagrand. Seem like a really nice and most beautiful country side zone with floating islands, nice lakes and an amazing sky. Nice rolling hills and animals everywhere as well as elementals. Somehow reminded me of Hillsbrad Foothills in Azeroth, but it looks so much better here. It so quiet here also, barely any sound, could hear the crickets chirping. I'm not entirely certain what's in this zone, but from the looks of it my senses tells me this is a nice zone to quest in at my level. Mobs are lvl 64+ here.

So went exploring the country side, just avoiding all the mobs but looking around the zone. I eventually found "Garadar" a Horde camp to mid north east of the zone. Explored the camp and found a Flight Path, which always helps. Explored all the vendors for their goody listing and found a Cooking Supplier that had some goody recipe that I had been searching for. He had 4 recipe I needed so bought all 4. My Cooking skills have been around 330 or so forever, which is my only skill not at 375. Now if I could only stumble upon that "Spicy Crawdad" recipe that would be great wherever its at.

There are plenty of quests in "Garadar" to do already, decided to not take any quest at this time though, will come back later. My Quest log is already loaded. So went roaming around the country side some more and started killing animals I saw that would drop meat ingredients meat for my new recipe. Was Fun! Nothing like just finding places and exploring for fun. Makes me wonder just why people get bored in Outland. I have fun just exploring.

This reminds me seeing all these lakes in Nagrand that Galo needs to go fishing to see what he can pull up in them lakes here. I wonder where that Mr Pinchy guy is? Be a nice surprise to just fish him up somewhere. So since its Friday...... tonight it will be Laid Back Friday Night Fishing wherever I can find water in Outland. See, been in Outland aren't all about Endgame and raiding that time will come though. I want to know just what Blizzard got hidden in all that water in Outland. Quests can wait, lvl 70 can wait too. Its ok, I will get there soon enough.

Side Note: Had the idea of putting my Armory Sig Image in the title bar. Though it would look nice. I tried and somehow it did not look that great as i had hoped with the feel of the blog and color theme. So removed it. OH Well I still have it though.

Exploring Zangarmarsh & More

I'm still enjoying Outland. Galo seem to be inching closer to lvl 70 everyday and while Galo will soon hit the level cap, he's not in a hurry to get there either. Galo just like to explore while questing and leveling and thats what he likes to do most. So have been doing some of the quests in Zangarmarsh at various places away from doing some the ones in the Terokkar Forest just for variety in questing.

Zangarmarsh I found interesting and likable. Some people find it not to their liking. However Galo hasn't done that many quest here, but so far I like the zone still. Maybe because Galo is also a Herbalist that's why and the zone appeals to me more. I saw some caves also that needs exploring. Often when Galo is questing he zig zagging the zone all the way often on foot, just easier to me always picking herbs. Any herb that's on the radar I head to pick the herb for my inventory stash. So I have picked up lots of Dreaming Glory, Blindweed, Felweed, Ragveil, Dreamfoil all in Zangarmarsh to and from quests from the various camps.

Sent all the herb valuables to my Alt for keeping. Did also picked up lots of "Unidentified Plant Parts" from killing the Fungal Giants the various kinds and skinning them with Herbalism for even more herbs of random kind (Reminds me of Morrowgrain Quest), Motes and such around the zone. So will make back my money from AH on these. Adamantite ore you can find in nodes but i'm no miner, i just notice it around.

I found the Addon Mobhealth helps if only to remember which mob drops what if you ever mouse over it in inventory or mouse over the mob if you fought mob before it tells you what it dropped before. Picked up a quest from one a sporeling creature next to "Spawning Glen" to gather items in the area (Faction Reps here) and from the Fungal Giants and gathered enough to get Friendly though not quite Honored as yet. But I find skinning the Fungal Giants quite valuable for herbs and motes. Which lead me to the conclusion that gold is everywhere in Outland. Its on the ground, its on the mobs in loot and even trash loot is quite valuable in gold to vendor. If you look you even notice what the valuables are.

While in zone Galo was off using his other weapons and sometime 2H weapon to level up his other weapon skills. Since in Outland have been mostly using the usual 1H and Shield. I loose more of health on 2H, yet its mainly due to lower than normal weapon skill so lots of misses also. I never even realized how great my new Polearm looked since I had yet to equipt it and haven't used one in so long but just had it for versality use. I even found that at Sporaggar for faction reputation if you get Honored or Exhaulted you get a nice Blue Polearm just checking the vendor guy there. So will be working to even out my weapon skills.

I found if your questing in Zangarmarsh that every 5 min or so it helps to kill a "Young Spore Bat" which also gives you on kill in range a nice buff of +30 to all stat attributes for 5 min.......great. Kinda like getting a Paladin buff. I happened to notice this when I kept getting a strange buff whenever I did. After noticing the buff, which was nice, every 5 min when one was close I buffed up on a kill of one of these Bats. These things are all over the zone it seems. This would make a nice Paladin buff if it ever could, won't hold my breath waiting though.

In fights I'm using SOC & SOR mostly with Rank 2 consecration and Rank 1 Holy Shield (Easier on Mana in winnable fights). If I have to I can use full rank spells. Especially since the 2 trinkets I have gives me more spell damage with both or on judged seals and often I only judge the mobs once. It took me forever to figure out I had to pop the trinket to get it to work....duh! But when I did, was like almost 300 spell damage.....yikes! I could see the difference there big time on increase spell damage on all the spells. Spell damage is much understood now. Other times its often SOW & SOR with BoSantuary and switch to wisdom if I'm at half mana on bar and that always work well and seem to be my usual.

Galo don't seem to loose health as fast while keeping up JOW up unless its fighting those "Nether Ray" things which sucks your mana from you, something to watch out for with these mobs. BE "Arcane Torrent" helps allot to silence the mob along with a stun if its up. This got me thinking these things must make nice hunter pets to fight casters, draining their mana.

Picked up another card for the Darkmoon Card collection. Picked up Eight of Furies for 50g, haven't seen that card before compared to the others so snapped it up. I often see 2, 3, 4 so I'll wait with those a bit before I buy. My Alt Banker hit 1000g in gold saving even while I buy things here and there. Latest buying have been the Darkmoon Cards. I can't say otherwise I spend money on much. Hell if i liquidate my entire Herb Bank I can get over 500g alone I think. If I do buy things its really things Galo needs, Rare Herbs, Low priced Herbs, Rare Alch Recipe, Special Weapon or Armor for Galo or a Libram if I can ever find any on AH.

Money making is easy I learned it by my own boot straps along the way, I've had 64 levels to learn how to make money effectively and daily. I find Green drops still sell good, never had to vendor much I have seen, spirit geared stuff I sell at lower price but still avg 10-16g on most items. Its amazing as a Alch Paladin I haven't made any high level pots in a long time due to the time it takes spending time in AH for hours seeing whats needed in demand. However the bank of herbs I have is unbelievable! I make most of my Alch money believe it, NOT selling Transmutes or Primal Might but low or mid level pots, imagine that. Sometimes its a quest item pot. Can make 20-30g daily selling pots to lower level people or twinks I think they are and its often pots that sell for 50-1.5g, NOT pots I can usually sell for 2-5g for high end pots.

There is always a market if you look for one I think. Overall I only make 2 usual Alchemy pots on a daily basis for side income, that sells well and mid level pots where its for armor and the other is for underwater both sells extremely well. This also require me on log in to scan AH and often buy out the entire stock of certain items I need at bottom pricing for stocking. Remember the harder stuff is to find the better for AH pricing on your goods.

Picked up the other few quests from Sporeggar to work on for getting Exalted. After I went roaming and exploring and found the path to Nagrand.

Screenshots - Zangarmarsh

Hazy blue sky and swamp area which can seem a bit haunted with creatures of all kinds and giant mushrooms everywhere in this beautiful marshland and lake area. Lots of Herbs here.

View From the Spawning Glen a south western section of Zangarmarsh zone. Has a nice lake, might be good for fishing. Will have to fish it soon for some fun to see just what is there.

The Spawning Glen region of Zangarmarsh. Spores infest this area everywhere with small sporeling creatures and giant fungus like creatures. Lots of Herbs here too & can skin the Fungal Giant creatures for Herbs after a kill for random Herbs of the nice kind. The Fungal Giant creatures here when skinned, you have a good chance of receiving "Mote of Life" which I find to be nice to get (10 Motes can be turned into 1 Primal Life). I have stacks of them.....um goody goody. Zangarmarsh zone is Herbalism Friendly if I may say.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Darkmoon Card

Started to acquire cards for the "Darkmoon Card" Set to eventually obtain the Vengeance trinket. Was in AH and saw the "Ace of Furies" which seem to be a rare one to get in the whole set. Have seen it before up to 400g. I remember passing on some of these cards before some time ago. So picked up this one for 160g to start off collecting for my set. Not a bad price I guess, but if I ever see it cheaper......I may decide to buy and trade it for some profit. Having lots of disposable gold on hand helps I guess.

Right now I'm running around Zangarmarsh a bit to see what the quests are like, so far just a few quests and i don't find it that bad as yet. Most the mobs lower level than Galo anyway. So with my standby weapons, have been switching weapons a bit to level up weapons skill while questing mobs to level up my weapons skills. I hate to see my weapons skill lag.

Alchemy Tip of the Day: Gift of Arthas
Not sure how many people really understand this one pot or ever have used leveling. Recipe can be rare. This is a very nice pot for a melee class or a fast hitter if your level 38-60 and grinding on mobs or doing a instance run. Minimum level to use it is 38. Gives you +10 Shadow resistance for 30min, 30% chance a disease for 3 min while debuffing the mob for +8 damage increase. The disease to mob can refresh as long as any mob is hitting you. A dream pot for a Paladin or Rogue, real nice for a Paladin in AOE or any of melee class or a Main tank.

I used this leveling and works totally great. Only problem is Arthas Tears as one of the ingredients can be hard to find. However works nice on a tank in a instance using one of these pots, since it debuff the mobs or boss and everyone doing damage to the mob been tanked does +8 increase damage, not as sure on casters but works on the melee class. Don't seem like a lot but 8 damage combined adds up allot with lots of melee or fast weapons in use. That's as good as +7 enchant to weapon and much better. Effects only last 30 min, Guardian Elixir. One of the best pot I ever used leveling.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Independence Day - Forget Not the Price of Freedom

Happy Independence Day to all of you wherever you are. If your somewhere else in the world, well enjoy the day and enjoy your Freedoms anyway. For some of you it will be BBQ, Family gathering, Fireworks, another Quest, maybe a Raid or just another Holiday etc. We all celebrate this most meaning full American holiday in different ways. To each their own enjoyment and Freedom.

Yet Forget not the price of Freedom. Forget not the many blood that was shed in pursuit of a free nation, in defense of it, and in the preservation and protection of it. Forget not, for those who have never fought may never understand the price that many brave men souls paid for your Independence. Forget not the freedoms you enjoy because brave and courageous ragtag army of men laid down they lives in ultimate sacrifice and fought for our Independence. To enjoy the Freedoms we so choose.

Caption: Battle of Bunker Hill, June 16th 1775. One year before Independence Day: July 4th 1776.

"The Sword of the Fleet"
The Souls of Brave men imbued here
My Most Honored Defender.
Proudly Served

Happy Independence Day

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Phat Loot Weekend Quest - Yeap a iPhone

Off Topic:

This past weekend, I tasked myself with a raid quest to my local Apple store for a epic phat iPhone pickup. I prep for the raid quest. Got to the store, was in and out in under 5 min, with raid loot in hand. Yeah had to pay the NPC at the store a bit to get it but I love it and it rocks! Its a Phone, iPod & Blackberry all in one.

I can surf the web from it and pages looks exactly like my web pages. Can even get all my emails and all my blog comments to it away from home. I can read my blog and read the comments straight from work right on my phat iPhone. I can almost write a blog entry from it also, yeah that's pretty slick to me for a phone. I was even reading my usual blogs I read on it with complete clarity. Hey we don't all have to get one, but it a epic loot gain to me. So my latest iPhone is now BOP and its a great phone, hell its pretty Phat Loot!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Pally Wizard

The more stuff I read for learning about playing on the high end of playing my Paladin and trying to understand my own class even more, I realize there is TOO MUCH DAM MATH INVOLVED for a character that should be fun to just log on and play. I love my Paladin, but the more stuff I read I'm honestly getting annoyed at the amount of math that's involved in deciding on spec, placing talent points, deciding ones gear set stats or sets, how much damage you can do or even better yet the always ever debate or match up. Pally math on match up Paladin vs Warrior. I never signed up to do Math! I signed up to have Fun, not get a headache doing math calculations.

When I played Secondlife I can't recall having to use this level of math to play a fun game. Yeah I had to align Prims for modeling and carve up and size land in lots on a Sim and such but that was basic stuff. I started playing WoW for fun! Not to get to the upper level and find out I'm going to have to spend a great deal of my time figuring out the .....MATH on my paladin gear stats, talents spec, damage and such just for efficiency. Playing a paladin class is complicated in my opinion, I've figured that out. But why the hell is so much dam Math involved just to have fun playing a paladin? I mean Damm, I though I quit Advance Math & Physics long time ago. I don't want to have to figure out all this math just to play a game character. I don't have to use this complexity of math on my X-Box or PlayStation.

Spreading Guild Wings

Headed to Silvermoon since I'm now 64 to the trainer and picked up only one new spell. "Seal of Blood". Was a bit surprised only one new spell for training. Cost me about 6g for this one. Placed my latest talent point into Deflection for more parry. Not sure how I will use Seal of Blood as yet but it sounds fun as a Horde Paladin spell.

Due to weekend work hours didn't get to quest much, so spent a bit of time buying on AH, materials needed for crafting and some other things. Picked up a few standby weapons for my arsenal to use to work on my skills at 2H to keep my weapons skills high. I haven't used my 2H for quite a while, but I like to keep my skills high for when I need to switch weapons in a fight something I used to do allot before Outland for versatility. At one time Galo proudly carried 7 weapons the whole time leveling, I used them interchangeably and rotated them in fights, kept my weapons skill high as well as proficiency in use.

Spent a bit of time working on guild management. Galo has always had his own guild since lvl 12 or so. I've switch guild once to a friend guild temporarily some time back but I created a Alt and created my current guild then for my Alt to have his own Tabard. So I'm presently in my Alt Guild (Wrath of Armageddon) as the GM. However for all the levels I been through I never had a need to recruit much but at times I did as its a relatively quiet guild. So over the weekend I spent time doing some recruiting and got enough people to double the size of guild from 18 to 35 people at various levels. Most people still low levels though but OK. Its no sweat to me. I rather have a small core team of good dedicated players with skill than a large guild. Right now its just a number increase, just hoping for quality players later. Most people always want to know "Hey how many people in your guild", "What level are they?" before they join. But I'm 40 levels higher than you does it matter that much? People always want to know if you can run them to level up on their quests or whatever. Guild recruiting is now easy! Especially when you have a mindset of a self reliant player and hope you can find people like that that's not needy.

Yeah I also got Vent, I bought it for my Guild also though I don't spend much time on it really, but at least the Guild has it. One day soon we will be a guild, right now its just a group of people most I don't really know as well as yet. However everyone wants to know, when can I come help them on their immediate emergency of a quest. You know, Galo has friends at 70 and a few, but I never call my friends and ask them for help unless I really have tried and failed enough times and i have never had to do it either. Last time I asked for help was on the paladin epic mount quest, if i could of solo the quest I would have. Everyone wants to know what can your Guild do for them, other than how can they add to your guild to benefit it to grow or get better. So I'm always skeptical when people join and seeing how long they stick around. You log out to head to work on the weekend and people quit in less than a day. I'm probably glad they quit anyway so i can replace them with better people. Just my thought. I can make a good a GM but you know they don't know that.

A Hero - A Tanking Paladin!

Courtesy of a Maintankadin Forum linked Post:


Inspiring Video for Tankadins. So posting here as well. We all as Tankadins love to Tank because we desire to and its FUN! Always nice to look up to someone else in our class as a Hero for inspiration of where one day and what we all maybe hope to become. Always nice to know just what is possible.