Friday, February 12, 2010

Star Trek Online: A New Blog, New World & New Mission

Tactical Officer. Current rank Lieutenant Commander Galo.

My second command and new teir 2 ship a Vesper Class Cruiser. U.S.S Ardent. I got one named U.S.S Defender too.

Space the Final Frontier, exploring space in search of Adventure, New Missions and Exploration.

Yes I'm currently playing Star Trek Online (STO). And I started a new Blog as well to chart course in a New World in Interstellar Space.

Update 02/12/10 - Update Blog Link to new name and url link to: Deflector Shields.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Star Trek Online: Exploring New Worlds

It's been a very long time since I played another game besides WoW since I started playing WoW years ago. I'm open minded enough that I'm not afraid to try my hand at adventuring at something new. From journeys and chronicles of adventures in mythical lands In need of a change I look up to the heavens always wondering about exploring brave new worlds in deep space. With the recent launch of Star Trek Online I decided to try the game as well.

So with open mind pick up Star Trek Online (STO) over the past weekend and so far have found the game enjoyable so far despite a few problems here and there. I'm actually enjoying the game quite a bit overall. And I'm glad it's not WoW nor do I expect it to be either like some people do. I've made it to Lieutenant 10 or LT10. I'm over half a level away from making my promotion it to Lt Cmdr Galo and current Captain of the USS Ardent my starting game light cruiser. I can't wait to make Lt Cmdr at which point I get a shiny brand new command ship a Escort ship as a Tactical Officer.

I'll be starting a new Blog on Wordpress "Shields Up" to chronicle making way around Star Trek universe as Captain of the USS Ardent. I didn't link the blog since I'm mobile blogging and haven't had time to set up the new blog as yet either. Been more fun exploring sector space on patrol and nailing Birds of Prey and other enemy vessels breaking through Shields with my Photon Beams and Torpedoes which is more fun than starting a new blog. But hopefully will get it up soon. Hopefully I can figure out how exactly to take screenshots by then as well.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

WoW Vacation

Not feeling the urge to log on to do anything or that I have to log on and play WoW either at this point. So not motivated to log on and do anything.

And I don't think I'll be missing much to do either.

Taking a long WoW vacation while its early and there is plenty of time to do other things for a while. And while I'm at it maybe play other things that's new and fun for a change.

In other news bought me a new Mac Pro laptop earlier today, to somewhat upgrade my Mac G5 desktop I've been using a few years now which still works fine. I guess wont be putting WoW on it for a while either.

Anyway taking a long WoW Vacation.