Friday, April 1, 2011

Reactivated my Account & back playing WoW

Well I did quit WoW and actually did delete the blog for several weeks now. But its been really tough to let go of the game and community thats been apart of my life for over 5 years. Thats half a decade of WoW and my life. Its been haunting me since as well. I love my character too much to quite the game forever and just not be able to play when i feel like and blog about my adventures. I'm as part of WoW game history as many of you as well the community and just miss you all too much to stay away.

I still like to be able to log in sometime and play and as well go fishing with my buddy Nat Pagle.

So I reactivated my account today and logged back in to check up on the guild gang. Feels like been gone forever. Since i'm back playing again (WoW players never really die do they?) I decided to reactivate my blog as well. Does anyone ever really quit this addictive game, it haunts you everyday when your away and not even playing the game it haunts you.

I guess I'm back playing again. Did the two people that read my blog for the last 5 years even miss me? Well missed you all so much being away.