Thursday, September 9, 2010

Resurrection: I'm Very Much Alive...

Yet I was always here as I weren't that far away. Actually according to the last post this blog was moved to wordpress according to the last blog post as well. Anyway I've been on a long break from WoW for over 6 months, and really I have really been enjoying the break. So haven't written much about wow either in that time. Have slept well in the last 6 months and no dreaming of playing WoW in my sleep as well.

Thus other than what I knew about the coming expansion of Cataclysm 6 months ago I've stayed completely clear of reading anything about the expansion. Nor have I checked to see if there really is a beta invite in my wow mail account. I've read just about zero and know about next to nothing about the expansion. Thus my perspective is completely fresh without all the overload, obsession and frustration you all been reading and writing about the next expansion. Its good to take a long break sometimes to recharge one capacitor.

So I'm very much alive and really I've only been playing EVE as a good distraction and enjoying it. Other games to play and enjoy besides completely locked into the universe of just playing WoW. Its really good to try other things.

I'm still amazed that I still have over 500 subscribers here though I haven't posted here in months and though my official blog has moved to wordpress. As well I get more daily/monthly hits on this blog than on my same blog at wordpress. Yeah its probably due to all the wow links here probably. Anyway the wordpress blog here is my official mmo blog.

Though I have read a few wow blogs here and there haven't kept up all that much in months reading just enjoying the wow break vs the constant overload of WoW and expansion information everyone else is reading. Thus I have no idea what classes will be like in the new expansion or Paladins as well. I'm Completely clueless. What would you expect from someone being on a complete WoW hiatus.

I guess if you've been missing from WoW for a while your somewhat dead or some form of it. Yet one is truly never dead playing WoW, just somewhat missing. However I'm slowly just starting to read again and be reawakened in Azeroth. Its been a while, and the break has been very good.

Checked the WoW Armory to see if I was still there as well, I guess I am. With as many millions of players that play WoW and amount of names in use, good names may be in short supply according to Rohan in a recent post over at Blessing of Kings for the next expansion. So I was still amazed checking the armory realizing that my actual name is unique in the WoW Armory. That's for almost 5 years now which is quite a long time. And since I checked the Armory today today, I'll know anyone else in the future is a bonafide imposter :)

I'll probably be back to some low casual WoW soon. If I can only remember what my Blizzard battlenet user account information actually is.

Thanks for still stopping by!