Thursday, February 24, 2011

RIFT Launch Day

I was a both surprised and amused to see and hear some players had long queues trying to log into some the RIFT servers this afternoon. I had heard some people mention in game chat that they had a hour or longer wait while in game. But I had no idea how long some queues were for some people till when I logged off and read some blogs. Which was right when Trion brought the servers down for a bit of balancing and tweaking.

That's when I saw some people had a few hrs wait in queue. What do you expect on launch day when everyone all trying to log into servers all at same time.

I actually was right there already logged in at 1:00 PM just waiting for the servers to become active. Servers went active, and the moment I clicked to log into specified server there was so many people all trying to log in that I was #466 in queue less than 10 secs after servers went live. Took about 25 mins or so to get thru the queue and log in.

Once logged in got thru creating character and logged into starter zone didn't have any problem after that. Game ran smoothly and relatively lag free after that, at least it did for me. Starter zone was busy but not too bad though getting to Freemarsh zone it was jam packed busy with players. Got my first character to lvl 8 and then logged out and recreated another character mostly to get the character name but ended up leveling the that character up to lvl 7 and back to Freemarsh again.

In between that time Trion had made some in game announcement that they had opened up several new servers which I guess was to try to reduce the queue time for those trying to log on. A bit later then made announcement that they were bringing down for a short period to balance and tweak the servers a bit. That's when I decided to log out early and get me a bite. I log out and took a look at all the server listed and every server all the way down the list was listed as all "Full"and that's probably including all the new servers they added already.

And your wondering why your queue time was so long.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

24hr Countdown to RIFT Launch

Obviously RIFT the new MMO game launches tomorrow at 1:00 PM EST for those in head start. So not too long till the long wait is finally over.

Already uninstalled the Beta client and already downloaded the live game client for tomorrows launch.

Really at this point really not allot to say except the few details. Will be joining up with the friendly great group of folks from who all will be rolling Defiant faction on the Faeblight server a RP-PVE server. Just because starting off in a new MMO playing with a great group of folks to journey with is always much more fun and interesting than going it solo on a random server. So good way to start off in a new game with a friendly great group of folks including one my favorite MMO Gamer Chick and a few other MMO bloggers. Hopefully see some of you all there for the fun.

Well I better go try to get some stuff done today. Be sure hard to get it done tomorrow.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Rift and future MMO plans

Have been playing RIFT beta since Beta 5 event over a month ago after which I made the decision I was going to play the game and pre-ordered the game from Trion. Since I had already ordered the game and knew was going to play at launch didn't really play at all much during the Beta 6 event over a week back, I just played more EVE Online. This past weekend played a little bit for the final RIFT beta event to test out a few souls and classes haven't played before the game launches live on Thursday the 24th.

So had a bit of fun over the weekend trying out a different class build as a Tank, a slightly different one to the main soul as a Paladin/VoidKnight/Reaver build I leveled up during Beta 5. Tried out a Paladin/VoidKnight/Warlord which seemed to work well though took some getting used to after having played the first build.

Also leveled up two different Mages to at least lvl 10 trying out the dps class builds to see what I actually liked for dps. First tried out a Elemental/Stormcaller/Archon and though worked ok didn't quite work all that well for me with the Archon as well as with keeping the pet alive, but played it at least to lvl 10 to see how it played out. In trying to test out another support class for mage dps then made a Warlock/Necromancer/Chloromancer and that seemed to work out well for my style of play especially with the Chloromancer soul for support role. Thus i figured that would work well with the Elemental/Stormcaller as well and with the pet. Overall figured out what I wanted for both and had a fun time for the short amount of time really played overall during the last Beta event.

Currently my main MMO right now is playing EVE Online which have been playing for almost the last year and that's not really going to change much best I can tell for rest of year. RIFT will be the only other MMO on my plate at the moment and looking forward to playing it at launch on Thursday since have already pre-ordered the game and will be playing at head start all the way thru. I'll be playing Defiant of course just because I always play the underdog side. Kinda like always having Horde in WoW and never played Alliance. As well will be playing on a PvE server yet to be determined.

So the only thing left to decide for playing RIFT is which shard (server) to play on. As well as which server the majority of everyone I know that blogs and that will be playing will be playing on. Could be allot of fun to be all on one main server. Really best though to get that decided and figured before the game launch on the 24th. I know I'm highly unlikely to change server I start playing on to start over on another server everyone else is playing on after launch.

Trion hasn't as yet released the names of what the live shards will be. I've heard at least 1-2 days before launch they will release that info. So while it will be fun playing at RIFT launch it can be even more fun playing on the same server with majority of blogging community and friends.

Until then its back to playing EVE Online mostly.

Seems will be forming up a community/guild for RIFT launch linked here.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Game Over...

That's pretty much it! Cataclysm is pretty much over for me and that's as much a seal fate as when I had decided to leave the game back in WotLK for my own reasons back then. I guess when I decide to make the choice its pretty much a seal fate. I have no regrets about my choices and decisions game wise.

I got my Paladin to 85, even relearning how to play again after quite along time from the game. Spent a great deal of time reading and learn how all the new class mechanics work and reading class compendiums at the EJ forums for hours. It was all fun and really invested the time to really learning things like i usually always did. It was all fun.

I didn't really look forward to all the grinding or reputation grind but I did some of it daily just going through the motions of things and logging on to play. And had moments of enjoyable fun in the process. But deep down I just wasn't looking forward to it. So I did less and less of it everyday. I did find some enjoyment in doing the cooking daily almost daily, not sure why.

I decided to level up some my other characters from 80 to 85, so i did. Not only that I transferred 4 characters from the server i was on back to my old server to play with my old guild and some guild friends there who still played so I was among familiar faces when i logged on to play. Its was just good to see familiar faces I had fun playing with since long ago.

I got 4 my characters to lvl 85 and was all fun to level them up, learn how to play them among all the changes to the classes. Spent time leveling up most my characters professions and had fun doing it. Yet once I got them all to lvl 85 I just didn't look forward to all the gear grind and faction rep grind and all that. Still I did some of it on some my characters. But just did not care to do it all that much to do it daily over and over. Maybe after 5 years of WoW for me its just getting old no matter how its re-skinned. I never visited or quested through any of the new starter zones or through changed Azeroth, I had no appeal to ever doing so and never did. Cataclysm for me was just 80-85 pretty much, 5 levels.

On most days daily I find I just log in sell some stuff on the AH and add to my huge gold supply and did some fishing. That's gets quite boring after a while just mostly logging in and selling stuff and some dailies. And the choices of what to decide to do don't seem all that great and didn't feel like investing any time in the raiding game.

So over weeks and days I find myself playing and logging in less and less daily. Since I also play multiple MMO's these days, I find at time I rather log out of WoW and often rather invest my time playing EVE and work on my projects there which seem more worthwhile for me to do. I guess you have more choices in how you decide to spend your time effort wise when you have choices of games to play.

Instead of keep subscribing and not really logging into WoW all that much, I checked my account and funny enough my subscription runs out tomorrow. So It didn't take me long to decide to just go ahead and pull the plug on my WoW subscription and Cataclysm.

I have no bitter feelings about WoW. I've always kept it positive. I'm just not feeling it anymore like I used to in days, years and old expansions past when i played like I had a crack addiction with in game friends and ran instances like a madman. The community in game feels very different, even the atmosphere in my guild feels different like everyone's a stranger at times. Barely anyone says hello to anyone. The feeling seems to be gone and instead of keep playing when I know I'm not feeling it enough to log in and play I rather end it here and now. So i just cancelled my subscription today which ends tomorrow.

The feeling just seems gone for me. Cataclysm for me lasted just 2 months.

For me its Game Over!

Edit: Already gave away all my stuff so you cant have it. And all the gold, gave all of it away too all six figures!