Friday, May 29, 2009

A Good Deal!

Yeah I call that purchase a good deal after all my frustration of attempting to make Darkmoon Cards some few posts back with Inscription on my DK. I call it a waste of money to try and craft all those cards. I could probably make the gold faster I guess. The other good news is I did sell all three of the Nobles Cards I made at decent profit which netted me just about 2k gold. On average the deck always up on AH at about 6500-7000g. 

I decided I had more patience than some the sellers because I can just sit on the gold for someone desperate to sell their card and make some needed money. So I sat on all the cash and waited. I finally found someone in Trade desperate to cash out selling the card first at 6000g and asking for buyers. But no takers and none with extra cash. So I /w him and offered him a deal.

And with that deal sealed I acquired me the entire Darkmoon Card Nobles Deck to get the Greatness Card Trinket for my Retribution gear set. Much less headache and frustration than having to try to make all those cards and what seems like wasting money at the hand of the RNG with making random cards in the process with Inscription. 

In the Milestone of things since started playing WotLK back in March from absolute broke at $0 gold I've finally climbed over 10K gold from spoils and plunder much of it from the AH. And thats with having all my usual repair bills. With patch 3.1 after buying dual spec a bit after I was down to 2k gold for funds. Since then my DK alt parked in Orgrimmar has made me back over 6k gold parked in Orgrimmar making trips back and forth to the AH and mailbox daily milling inks and selling Glyphs. Rest from doing the AT quests and dailies.

Buying the Nobles Card deck set me back a few thousand gold. But even in a tough WoW Economy I manage to make a bit of money just purely selling only several glyphs on the AH everyday and constantly researching to make new glyphs to find some corner of the market to sell to. Right now the only real fun part of the game really just playing the AH. Make sure to buy a few glyphs when you at the AH for all your alts and more, I can use the extra money :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

First Night In 10 Man Ulduar

Was on and wasn't doing too much at the time. Lots of people has left the guild and gone wherever so nothing scheduled to do. Saw someone in Trade asking for dps or OT for Ulduar. So said why not and answered and got a Invite to a smaller guild on the server 10 man raid. They really needed a OT since their usual tank wasn't on so ended up doing that the whole run as the OT.

I was just glad to be able to see the place really. They seems like a good guild group so was using their Vent and got good instruction learning all the fights. First time though you just kinda taking it all in. Quite a bit to have to remember for the Tank and OT so I cant say I remember half of what I was told. But having being there re-reading some strats at the research department will make more sense at this point. 

Only one tanking loot dropped a Belt off Razorscale. The DK MT rolled a 99. Kinda hard to beat that. Rolled a 80 so he got it which was good. It was their guild run so all good. A few badges and seeing the place was just good enough for me. So we ended up killing 4 bosses.

We headed to the Antechamber and decided to do Kologarn the really huge boss with the arm standing by the bridge. We kinda got stuck on him due to the adds and the eye beam killing people. Each wipe something else went wrong where someone was lost at the beginning of the fight and it was pretty much a goner at that point. After several wipes on that boss the raid was called there. 

Overall I was just glad to pick up 4 new Emblems of Valor and get to see the place which was really fun to say the least and have a little experience in Ulduar. The guild enjoyed me OTing for them. So I guess I'm on standby if im not doing much and what remains of my guild aren't doing much either for Ulduar. Will see I guess.

I couldn't really remember to take any clean raid shots. I had re-mapped my UI keys and I completely forgot that I also changed the keys that I use to remove my UI to take pictures. Will have to fix that later since I have no idea what its suppose to be at this point having changed the keys.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Original & Still Unique

I read a nice post over at World of Matticus the other day about character names. So I remembered to check the Armory to see if my own character name was still unique. After over 3 years in the WoW Armory I guess I'm still a unique character name wise as of 05/19/09. 

Way back when, I actually thought hard about the name for hours naming my Paladin. I completely made the name up thinking about all kinds of combinations of names or names I knew that was unique. Made it up to match what I think my character was going to be like. 

At the time I was thinking of Braveheart from the movie back then. So I took the last half of the name thinking of names. I remember seeing a great Knight movie a popular movie it was though just can't remember the name of it. But one the brave knight I remembered was actually named "Galo". I remember liking that name as well. So when I was thinking of names that was my thought process. So I then combined both names and actually liked it and thus my own character name was born. 

Quite a few people all the time always ask me how I got my name or if I got it randomly by the WoW name generator or if I made it up. I really did make it up to reflect my character as a knightly Paladin. 

So after all this time I'm still unique in the WoW Armory name wise. I can claim total original ownership of my character name. And since its recorded here on the blog for history, anyone else after today that show up in the WoW Amory if they do is a total impostor.

How original is your character name in the WoW Amory and how many clones are they?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Twilight Zone Pt 2: Guild Office Memo.

Something was definetely in the air.

Office Memo recieved 05/18/09 0133 from guild GM Warrior. The end has come. Due to RL issue and other things related to raiding requirements and lack of guild endgame raider dedication he will be quitting WoW and not renewing his account. You may or will have to eventually find a new home.

You are now even deeper in the Twilight Zone!

I was a original member of our first guild signing the guild charter before our guild second incarnation into it's current form when due to RL issues our first GM and his wife quit. He was also a friend, was a sad time back then. I've been here from the beginning. I've seen many changes. I've stated through thick and thin when many came and went so the guild would have some good core members at heart.

I had plenty of time to move on but choose not to. I actually like and respected our GM. We've had good memories togeather all the way back in Kara. So it's sad to hear he's actually quitting.

Yet I understand it as well why he's leaving. I sometime feel it as well.

Change has come to our guild.

Really does feel like the Twilight Zone.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Twilight Zone

Guild Life.

You WoW gaming & guild life have now entered the Twilight Zone. I have no idea what's going on these days. Lots of Guild Drama happening lately. People are quitting and leaving, not that that has ever really bothered me much. Some of our highest dpsers have left a few was g/kicked for drama reasons lately. 

But when one of our guild longest veteran/raider a Holy Paladin has left the server I know there are other things behind the scenes happening as well that I'm just not in the loop on. I have no idea what's happening either. But something feels like its happening and the guild has being feeling different as well. Especially since last Naxx 25 which was..... some weeks ago when they had a officers meeting after. Few people log on these days and only mostly for raiding since. Not many guild raid since that time either due to few people logging on as well.

You have now entered the WoW Twilight Zone....

Always liked the old tv series though.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

WoW Update 05/12/09

Maintenance day on Tuesday on my day off is always a good day to update my blog, after all you can't log in anyway since WoW is down. However the past weekend was really uneventful for the most part, almost boring really.

Lets see. No guild Naxx 25 man run occured. So Think that's 2 weeks in a row for that. No real scheduled guild raids took place best I can remember. So most the weekend since I played a bit during the day I just logged off in the evening early and went and did other things of interest and catch up on movies or whatever else. For the weekend it was pretty much like that as well. A bit or general boredom for the most part from nothing real interesting to do.

So for the weekend with things as they were I played the Argent Tournament daily and completing all the quests in quick fashion. Obtained the Champion of Orgrimmar Achievement and now working on the one for Undercity. So I'm eventually looking forward to eventually soon completing the Exalted Argent Champion of the Horde Achievement and thus obtaining the Title Reward: Crusader at the end of what can sometime seem boring after a while. But the amount of gold you make adds up nicely and the reward of the Title is cool in itself. So just a matter of time Crusader Galoheart. A Title fitting for a Paladin and kinda like that as well. 

There wasn't too much else to do all weekend so just ran some Heroics for badges to work on improving my Ret gear set for dual spec since very little chance of improving it when raiding usually since I'm usually there as a Tank mostly and rolling on Tank gear for upgrades usually. So on some Heroics I just rolled as DPS and was kinda fun to have no worries carrying a group. Just getting used to dpsing at times usually 1st or 2nd on the dps meter for someone that's not a real dpser. But it was fun and increased my badge count for all the runs. 

So picked up quite a bit of Emblems of Heroism and sitting on 90 badges and haven't bought anything as yet though will probably pick up the Ret Chest piece maybe and get the 2 piece bonus. For the most part Heroics for the weekend was just a grind. Only fun part was dpsing maybe. But picked up Hemorrhaging Circle ring for my Ret dps set Tanking Gundrak and thank goodness in a all cloth group made it all mine so that was good for minor Ret gear improvement.

Frustration of Making Random Darkmoon Cards
I got my play around DK Alithas leveled up to lvl 65 mainly so I could learn the new lvl of Inscription training and start working to make some Darkmoon Card. Darkmoon Card: Greatness in particular to try and see if can make the cards. It didn't take long before the Frustration and randomness of making Darkmoon Card from the Nobles deck started to sink in. 

I gave up Herbalism on Galo a long while back at start of WotLK so not exactly a Herbalist anymore but my lvl 70 Hunter is. Not exactly at the point of farming Northrend dry of Herbs either at his lvl so he can roll in the dough. So I had my alt banker sitting in Silvermoon break out the wallet and buy up quite a bit of Northrend herbs on AH and lots of Icethorn and Adder Tongue. Dam Expensive!!  Makes me wish I was still a Herbalist to rolling in the money with Herbalism and Northrend Herbs. But anyway I know I spend quite a bit on herbs!! 

So I milled up lots of "Ink of the Sea" for making lots of useful Glyphs. All cool. Got quite a bit of pigments proc from milling to make the Snowfall Ink which is used to make Darkmoon Cards. I tried quite a bit to make numerous cards and ended up with just 3 Darkmoon Cards from the Nobles Deck. It was getting slowly frustrating with the amount of non Nobles Deck I was making with expensive herbs and milling just for pigment procs for inks to make the needed inks to make the cards. Also ended up with what seem like a entire set of Chaos Deck Cards and almost a set Prism Deck Cards. 

It didn't take long but I got to the point where it seem to be futility to try and make a entire set of Nobles Deck card for the Greatness Set and you can go really broke doing it in a big way. I was wasting too much money. So I decided before I quit making cards to go the extra mile and try to make maybe three more cards. I hate to quit!! So i did and they all turned out to be Chaos and Prism Deck card that on AH can barely net you 40g for the money, effort all the frustration of making the cards. At that point I Quit!! 

I rather take the herbs and do Northrend Research and make new Glyph and sell for profit. Aren't wasting any more money trying to make Darkmoon Nobles Deck card. And I don't care how epic the damn Trinket is to Craft. If have enough I probably buy it in the Its a exercise in Random luck & Frustration to try to craft. I rather not loose money and make more money! That randomness of cards is as bad as Blizzard RNG for Instance loot roll and already know how bad that can be. I rather not waste any more effort.

On the bright side. I've been looking at things. Making the right minor glyphs can be a little profitable.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Divine Sacrifice. How Has It Worked For You?

I may write here but I don't always have all the answers but sometime it's just good to ask thy fellow experienced and educated reader and raider a question or two and see what the feedback says.

With our recent new Talents of Divine Sacrifice & Divine Guardian added to the protection tree as talents and interesting talents they are. It's interesting to hear about your experience in "How" have you used it and "How useful" have you found those talents to be on your raids, Instance or adventerous treck through Ulduar so far.

Ask The Reader: How Useful Has Divine Sacrifice Been To You?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Argent Tournament Champion

So far have really being enjoying playing the Argent Tournament and the quests are also fun to do. I guess I'm a bit into the Argent Tournament If I can say that and so far Its going well. Today I reached the Champion level and got Exalted Champion of Silvermoon after doing all my quests daily for the last few days as well as the various achievement. 

So now working on Champion of Orgrimmar. I think I can say I've got that Jousting down a bit as well. Those purses also pays out a bit of gold that adds up as well.

Having a little Squire carry your city flags is kind of cool. 

I got the Lance a Lot achievement for jousting and defeating all the Valiant from each city both Horde and Alliance both at the Tournament rather quickly. Also defeated all the Champions from Both Alliance & Horde, there don't seem to be any achievement for defeating all the Champions though. Some tips are already linked in a recent post. But ones I do most the time is: 

1. Always have 3 Shields up at all time.
2. Before you start the fight with the challenge window open refresh your shields then start.
3. As soon as the other challenger moves away Charge (3) and Thrust at him using (1) on your action bar. Then as your turning around throw a Shield Breaker (2) at him ASAP and close the gap ASAP and continue Thrusting. 
3.b. Alternate Strat can use: When the challenger moves away as soon as in range to throw a Shield Breaker throw it asap, and then just close the range on target as normal. Keep repeating that if your not as good at doing tip 3. Doing this the fight takes a little longer, but you keep the advantage on your health over the challengers and you will often win. As long as you keep you Shield up, throw a Shield Breaker when challenger moves away and close the distance quickly after and keep thrusting. If your doing more damage on thrust than the opponent is you have the advantage. Disadvantage if your not. I've won with tip more times than I can count especially if i'm off my game!
4. Refresh Defense Shield refreshed for 3 shields up at all times especially if it ever turns yellow on taking a hit from the challenger usually a Shield Breaker.
5. Keep Thrusting when close to challenger. As soon as he moves away Charge at him and Thrust as well. Throw a Shield Breaker as soon as you turn around and he's in view. 

The Boneguard Commander can be tough if your soloing him especially with 250K HP. You have to use some tactics to beat him. Best way is to clear up area of some the other Lieutenants and Scouts if possible. Usually one Boneguard Commander is there in area. Have 3 Defense Shields up before you charge at him. Charge at him from whichever direction to least pull any more adds than you have to. Fight the Commander and damage him as much as possible. You can also run down close to the camp area fighting him. Just don't draw any more scouts than you need to.

Alternate Boneguard Commander Soloing Tip: Its can be much easier if your trying to get him to pick him off from the group first vs straight charge at him. Move close to where he is. As soon as in Shield Breaker range with all shields up thrown a Shield Breaker and run away to draw him away from the crowd of all the other mobs than can spoil your fun. While running away charge back at him and thrust in a cleared area or close to camp. Solo him there and can use tip 3.b as well. 

As your loosing health fighting him try not to loose all your health. When your health is really low head for the camp and he will follow you. Get there before you loose all your health. Immediately dismount and remount a new Warhorse and put up shields as soon as you can. Charge the Commander again or throw a Shield Breaker at him to get his attention so he don't run back to his spawn area. If you fight him in or around the camp area you have less scouts there to mess with you in the fight. Rinse and Repeat till you kill him. Easy Solo Boneguard Commander ftw!

Updated 05/12/09: Tip 3 & added 3.b. Also Alternate Boneguard Commander soloing tip.