Thursday, February 26, 2009

Moving Along

Had the day off so had some time to play a little and managed to move along and made it to lvl 76. So seems like I'm making some progress and getting the rust off of my plate and playing skills as well which was a bit rusty and less sharp.

So far have spent a bit of time just leveling my profession skills vs leveling and cant say I'm all that focused on just leveling or questing all the time when playing either. Just doing whatever I feel like doing when playing. But I've gotten everyone of my profession skills to the max level of 450 all except Alchemy which is currently at 424. Herb prices on AH almost gives me hearth burn sometimes and makes me miss Herbalism all the time. But its still cool to have mining and its fun to have. But I still miss Herbalism because of my enjoyment of Alchemy which is slow going at the moment.

Questing remains fun and fortunately enjoying it up till now. My guild seems to be doing just fine with their weekly raids of Naxx and OS and many of the old friends and core members are still around which is a good thing. I'm very self sufficient in whatever I tend to need so I'm not a bother to my guild by any means. Most don't even realize I'm even there when I'm on but some the old friends do. I just tend to go about my business and do whatever I need to do. Its good to have no worries either. 

I've made back over 2000g in usable funds so far with my banker making him 1000g of that just low key selling on AH. So will be able to get Cold Weather Flying no problem at all at 77. 

I made my first Death Knight a BE of course and named him "Alithas" a name came up with some time ago after writing down and coming up with quite a few names back in WotLK Beta. The DK quests were fun and interesting playstyle as well. Did the quests to complete the DK starting area so at lvl 58 and he probably will be for a while there. All in all just moving along and relaxing all the way, don't really seem like much to write about.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kicking Back At the Fishing Hole

Forget questing, had some fun just doing nothing but logging in and going ice fishing. Leveled Fishing all the way from 404 to 450 Max Fishing and earned the 1000 Fish Achievement at just about the same time fishing in mostly Dragonfin Angelfish and Glacial Salmon pools. AH most the Dragonfin Angelfish for 50g a stack and amazingly it was all sold this morning. I guess I must really enjoy Fishing.

Was able to lvl Cooking to 450 as well.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fishing & Skilling at 73

Had some time to play a little bit over the weekend and managed to lvl up to 73 while just having no pressure fun. Spent most of it just doing what I often enjoy Fishing for fun as well to level up the skill a bit. As well leveling up some of the other professions a bit so I can make them useful as well for making some needed funds as well leveling.

So managed to run around mining for a while mining Cobalt and then Saronite nodes in Scholazar Basin while being chased by higher lvl mobs. Got mining leveled  from 375 all the way up to 450, while encountering ninja miners on flying mount who won't cease to hijack your node while your fighting a mob while standing on the node itself. I guess some things don't change. As a result I've just learn to stun the mob and just mine the node if in doubt and kill it after especially on Saronite nodes or better.

With all the Frostweave cloth so far collected was able to get First Aid up to 429 as well as learn the skill for Heavy Frostweave Bandages from the book that I remembered  dropped in Zul'Drak zone. I tend to use a lot of bandages all the time even though I can heal myself anyway. So wont be too long before I get the skill max leveled.

I've missed having Herbalism as a profession just because for me I like it with the way I like to work Alchemy. Herbs are expensive on AH compared to my low funds stash at the moment and had to laugh a bit as it remind me well of how I once used to profit from herbs on AH some time ago. And so far I've barely done much with Alchemy without herbs as it is since I had made the change to Mining before WotLK was released and only just now leveling to some degree months later. So Alchemy right now got leveled up to 400 just enough to be able to do Northrend Alchemy Research to learn new recipes. 

But for the most part just enjoyed doing some Fishing wherever I saw pools of fish and just fishing in Dragonblight mostly for Dragonfin Angelfish and in particular to level up my cooking skills which is around 415 or so with Dragonfin Filet with the nice tank food buff (+40 Strength, +40 Stamina). Can't go wrong having a bit of that Dragonfin Filet food buff in bag or to sell the filet /fish itself on AH for some needed profit. So far fishing is around 404 and for me remain relaxing and if anything as well its profitable in many ways if you stand still for a while. Game wise I prefer to fish for my own food if possible and at least I can levelup the skill, plus its profitable to sell the fish as well if anything. And since i'm low on funds at the moment it helps to sell something at least to make some more profits and Fishing works for me.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Slow Progress... lvl 71

I hit lvl 71 about a week ago when I restarted playing again and felt good to just progress a little. I haven't had any or much time since to play leveling up. 

Actually haven't really thought about play much either, i've had other things to worry about and consume my interest. I guess if I said I was a bit busy dating then that can be somewhat understandable.

Before I quit playing I gave away all my accumulated character wealth of around 20k gold and all the mats I had to a guildie friend as well. I had given away completely everything, with the exception of my characters equipped armor only. So its being fun so far starting all over from completely broke and nothing and having to make and earn money all over again. I can find the fun in that playing. I don't have any thoughts on anything at the moment, everything is just new to me again.

Some my guildies as glad to see me back playing for what its worth. I'm just getting used to actually playing my character again, even that can take some practice after some absence not playing. So far I don't really have any goals in mind at the moment, playing is just for fun. And if I feel like logging in to go fishing I guess I can just do that and have no worries.