Friday, October 23, 2009

Really, Surprised It Wasn't a WoW Player!

Saw this reading some odd stuff earlier. But apparently a Indian man broke the Guinness World Record for officially playing a Video Game (GTA) for over 40 hours. And he plans to do it again sometime soon to try and break it by going for 48 hours officially.

I was thinking nuts dude. But so are allot of WoW players and especially like the ones that play continuously during WotLK launch leveling continuously from 70-80 and other WoW related stuff.

So I was a bit surprised that a WoW player didn't already have this official Guinness World Record. Yeah not healthy by any means. But I was expecting maybe a WoW player. I mean there is that much interesting stuff to do in WoW for 40 continuous hours +++ if you can stay awake that is.

Was wondering have this guy never heard of World of Warcraft. And then, how come some other WoW player don't have this official record. But then again I'm not sure Blizzard would want that kind of possibly negative publicity either of some young teen playing their game for 40+ hours straight with negative consequence for a already very addicting game. Gamers get enough negative scrutiny as it is for playing online games.

I for more than certainty have played WoW before at least 24 hrs plus on some past weekend before and that didn't seem to take all that much effort and for of all things I was fishing just for fun for the last 6 hours of it and that's even considered quite boring stuff by most WoW players. That was way back when I caught the Turtle Mount.

Just surprised it wasn't a WoW player of all people or some so called anti-social player in Azeroth.


Darraxus said...

WoW players are too busy playing to call Guiness. I can guarantee you that someone playing an MMO has bettered 40 hours.

Honors Code said...

To Do:

1. Schedule my 'world record' for the day Cataclysm launches
2. Call Guiness to witness/verify/whatevertheydo
3. Install Cataclysm
4. Roll Goblin Priest (slow leveler!)
5. Don't stop playing until I've got the record. (Even 2 days /played would be 48 hours and it takes much more than 2 days /played to reach even 70)

Ardent Defender said...

@ Darraxus. I can imagine that probably being the case as a good possibility. Or they didn't think to possibly call Guinness World Record to have it officially verified.

@Honorscode. Now I really laughed a bit when i read that one. Not that its funny, but that the great upstanding Mr Honors himself would actually think of possibly maybe doing it. Yeah funny!

But the seed of the idea is there. Cataclysm will indeed be soon rising on the horizon. And just maybe some WoW player will pick it up as a challenge and really call up Guinness World Records to have it officially verified. Then hit the ground running with the next expansion and blaze their way with a new character to lvl 70+ and just exceed 48 hours at it for their new Epic Title not from Blizzard but from the World Records Keepers.

Just maybe we'll hear about that.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if the record in question is for playing any video game or just for playing Grand Theft Auto IV. Either way, I wonder how much his eyes hurt after that.

For some reason, this really amused me:
"We have always believed in the potential of Indian gamers. Chirantan's success is a proud moment for the Indian gaming industry
. This will encourage more youngsters to take gaming seriously," said Rohit Sharma, COO of Zapak Digital Entertainment, who had also appointed observers during the event.

I bet he just made a lot of enemies from mothers all over the world with the "take gaming seriously" comment.

(oh and hi! long time reader, first time commenter)

Joenutz24 said...

That's a tall order to play nonstop for 2 days straight...I just hope you have a giant bottle of Aleve with you...

Anonymous said...

I remember reading Kungen's Blog about his leveling from 70-80 at the beginning of WoTLK. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the Ensidia professional gamers could break this record with out batting an eye.