Sunday, January 9, 2011

Secrets of the Tomb: Hidden in plain sight

Well been a while playing with WoW Cataclysm. I've re-figured out how to play my characters a bit again and gotten 3 of my characters to 85 now. First my Paladin then Shadow Priest and last to level up was my Enhancement Shaman, all now lvl 85. Though I do enjoy playing my Shadow Priest and Shaman it was easier to relearn how to play my Shadow Priest than my Shaman. But I do enjoy playing both often at different times however. So far 85 haven't done any Heroics. Mostly been working leveling up my professions. And working at leveling up my Tailoring for my Shadow Priest I found a interesting secret which also helped a bit in helping my Shaman level up Enchanting (now 525).

This was a situation i stumbled upon resulting from when I leveled up my Paladin first. I wrote in a previous entry that when leveling up my paladin in Uldum somehow completed the entire zone yet I missed quite a few quests for Ramkahen faction and was just barely friendly. Yet couldn't find any more quests. Apparently I had missed picking up a initial quest and never could find where i had missed picking it up even though searched the zone a few times.

Well I got my Paladin to 85 and then started leveling up my Shadow Priest with lots of rest bonus, which allowed skipping some zone quest entirely for the last zone with higher XP gain. Then I leveled up my Shaman who leveled up from 80-85 on 100% XP bonus since I had swapped back and forth between him and my Shadow while leveling to use the rest bonus. Also skipped much of Uldum as well again in the process for Twilight Highlands which made faster to getting to 85 on the bonus XP and better leveling gear.

At 85 since I was leveling up Enchanting on my Shaman I kept doing all the quests so can get stuff to DE for leveling up enchanting. I finished out much of Twilight Highlands and then went back to Uldum to so the quests I had passed over again. Eventually found the quest i had missed on my Paladin leveling up as noticed hadn't done some the quest before and remember the NPC got it from the quest. Well while doing a quest I had done before on my Paladin in the Chamber of the Moon in Uldum which is in the North West area of the zone I noticed something on my Shaman.

The Elites and the Ancestral guardians (neutral) in the Chamber of the Moon seem to drop a bit of cloth and re-spawn rather quickly. As well their were quite a few of them as you can kill both for cloth. Anyway I completed the quest on my Shaman and the other quest inside the chamber with Harrison Jones which phases the chamber entirely.

What results is that after the quest series is complete inside the area which is phased, all the mobs that was there before in no longer there. They are gone entirely due to phasing! Well that was a great area to probably farm for Embersilk Cloth. This same effect I had noticed before similarly when leveling my Paladin in Twilight Highlands as well. While in Twilight Highlands on my Paladin leveling up I was doing a quest for the dragon aspects chain series which sent me to a path right there just inside the gate from Westfall area I believe it was but leads up to Grim Bitol.

Right there was a staging area for a bunch of Twilight Cultis mobs and several carts. There was a quest that lead there to obtain a key if I remember. What i remember doing the quest was that the mobs were nice to melee and aoe and that they re-spawned very fast. Faster than I could loot. Plus while I had killed a few mobs there I remember they dropped a few greens and a bit of cloth. That made me think in back of my mind, farming spot and opportunity. Well completing the quest that was right there which eventually re-phase the area entirely. Which means all the mobs are gone when re-phased on quest completion. That reminded me of the same thing with Chamber of the Moon in Uldum similar effect due to phasing after quest completion. So no chance of farming there on either my Paladin or Shaman which had just completed the area.

Well this is where my Shadow Priest came in while trying to level up Tailoring or trying to get Embersilk Cloth. On my Shadow Priest I had skipped a bit of Uldum quests so hadn't done any that lead to the Chamber of the Moon which came from Harrison Jones. Thus to my Shadow Priest the entire area inside appears normal with all the mobs spawned there.

Enter now using a Potion of Treasure Finding which are made by Alchemist and you can buy on AH. What results now is awesome farming of Embersilk Cloth with a great chance of getting quite a bit of greens, Treasure drops from the mobs and grey item that can add up to quite a bit of gold.

So farmed here for 1hr with a Potion of Treasure Finding: About 9.5 Stacks of Embersilk Cloth, 4 greens and a JC recipe drop. For AH my server thats about 140-160g a stack

Next day farmed again here for 2hrs straight non stop and 24 stacks of Embersilk Cloth, 16 greens and a bag full of grey items that was worth over 125g in grey junk. But the amount of cloth farmed was awesome and you barely had to move more than 40 feet in any direction as the mobs re-spawned fast. If you kill the Ancestral Guardians fighting the Elites which are at half HP you get to kill the guardians for chance to get cloth. If you kill the Elite first fighting the Guardian it often disappear.

Ended up with 96 Bolts of Embersilk Cloth the 2nd day. Enough to get my Tailoring up to 500. Yet if had sold that much cloth it could of made me a bit of gold all the same. Also with the amount of greens had enough stuff to DE to finish leveling up my Shaman Enchanting to 525.

If you already completed the quest series in this chamber for Harrison Jones then this is all you will see, a empty chamber since the area is phased.

Think i'll keep farming here for cloth with a Potion of Treasure Finding for now though while I need it to level up profession before its nerfed somehow by Blizzard. By total chance I found a farming opportunity here. Good things have a way of never lasting long in WoW. However if you need lots of Embersilk Cloth, and you haven't done the quest there in this very area you can farm here before it somehow probably gets nerfed. However if you already done all the quests in Uldum and the ones here in the area, your way out of luck!!

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