Friday, October 21, 2011

WTH Blizzard! LOL Pandas

LMAO at Pandas! I can't imagine at this point in my MMO career that I can get excited about a Teddy Bear game and Kong Fu Pandas running around in a game. No longer my kind of game in WoW as a previous long time player.

However though you gotta admire Blizzard boldness in marketing at striking back at the coming SW:TOR soon release for a 2 for one deal offering. A 12 month sub to WoW with the next expansion Beta included, free pets and free Diablo III subscription for the deal. 

That to me strikes right back at SW:TOR in Blizzard fearing loosing more current WoW players and to lure old no longer playing veteran WoW players back to WoW. 

At this point in my MMO gaming career I can't get excited much about coming back to play WoW. 

I'm just interested in playing Diablo III not a game with or of Pandas. My gaming taste has changed much since WoW days.


Dinaer said...

Why is this any different than lol werewolves?

ToyChristopher said...

I've been trying to answer that question for myself. I can't really but it just is.

For one thing though, worgen at least fit in with the in game lore, and have a back story all of their own.

Everything about the Pandarens is just... Chinese. You can't even really say that it's inspired by China, it just blatantly is China. It's like they went to the Wikipedia page for China and just copied it.

The Tauren being blatant stand in for Native Americans was already bad enough. But this is a whole expansion with the theme of "Let's visit China." Which would be fine, except this is supposed to be Azeroth a fantasy world all it's own, not a thinly disguised planet earth with anthropomorphized animals standing in for different countries.

Tarantio said...

Pandas have always been on the cards as there was reference to them way way back in Warcraft III The Frozen Throne. I am personally very excited about all the coming changes to the current classes, not just the pandas. A game needs change and new things happening to keep the interest of its players. I was getting a little bored but now I am all fired up again. Plus I will finally get my wife to play (nagged her for years) as she loves pandas :-)

LokiNexus-PlagueMaster said...

Not to be that guy, but if you knew anything about the story of Warcraft you would know that The Pandaran have been part of the story since Warcraft1
and they also made an appearance in Warcraft3 not to mention countless books. Just another friendly tidbit of knowledge!