Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ding Ding Dong… 90 finally!

Well I must be one the slowest of players to finally get to lvl 90. I guess I just wasn't in no hurry and just taking my good old time getting there. But it was finally good to get there all the same. So dinged 90 turning in a quest in the swamp area in Townlong Steppes somewhat midway thru the zone.

Leveled on mostly Rest Bonus all the way to 89 and that made it allot easier. But again leveling ran out of Rest Bonus about 60% the way thru lvl 89. Since I was having a good time just questing and going thru the story I just stayed at it and finished leveling the rest of the way as Retribution spec to make it go a bit faster. Trying to level as Protect Spec is painfully slow, though its handy to be able to switch back at times. It's the slowest I can remember of recent any WoW expansions.

As slow as I had leveled unbelievably I'm the very first person in my barely active long time guild to reach lvl 90. Only one other person in my guild a long time friend who's now the GM is active who's somewhere around lvl 88. No one else is really active in my guild at this point in time so even less pressure to really try to do anything much other than relax and do whatever.

While just going about questing closing in on lvl 90 I was doing a series of quests in Townlong Steppes at Fire Camp Osul where all the Pandaria Tauren are camped. While in the North West area of camp where a few Braziers were I just happen to see something sparkling on top of one the Braziers. Actually I thought it was a quest item. And running by I just quickly clicked on the sparkly item and it was a bind item as well, I barely looked at it just picking it up.

So wondering what the achievement and item was I stopped to really look and noticed I had picked up some rare item and it was a 1H Blue Mace. No real tanking stats on it, But I guess its good for dps tanking and well a ilvl 450 1H. So was cool to pick up something usable at least.

I guess the 1H Mace is actually a Torch Stick that's actually lit on fire and glows and lights up the area. Cool!

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