Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WotLK Beta: Somewhere in Northrend. A Session in Pictures

I was on a Quest and came upon a place somewhere in Northrend. Hmm, Nice Formation. Maybe I can have some fun. I'm good for that. Lets see how much fun I can have. Even with the massive lag on the server.
Oh nice a 80 Elite too for the mix of things. Great.
Ardent Defender don't leave home without it for stunts like these, never know when it will be saving you if you need it. Holy Wrath is also fun when it goes off for a 2 sec stun as well.
I Win! I Win! Round 2+ I'm Game.
More Please! More! Oh, I made all those undead Piles in the background too.
There is a message in all these pictures. The last one is in here. It's nice to be quite rested as well. Session started at lvl 77 and about 10 bars to 78. When I left a few short hours later I was 78 and almost into 3 Blue Bars. I had forgotten what the quest was as well. Shhh!

SoL + JoL + HotR + BoS + lots of Mobs + Evade hits = BoS procs more and more for no Mana issues. Lots of dodge is good here. No downtime.


Honors Code said...

It looks like your Consecrate is only ticking for 151. Mine ticks for more than that at 70.

I'm concerned.

Galoheart said...

Consecrate ticks for 186. Retribution Aura was what was ticking at 151.

Andrew said...

I'm still undecided how I'll level right now.. mixture of AoE grinding and questing or respecc ret and quest/mob grind..

I'm glad AoE grinding still looks viable though. Cant wait to try out the new seal system and BoS mana regen.