Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kicking Back At the Fishing Hole

Forget questing, had some fun just doing nothing but logging in and going ice fishing. Leveled Fishing all the way from 404 to 450 Max Fishing and earned the 1000 Fish Achievement at just about the same time fishing in mostly Dragonfin Angelfish and Glacial Salmon pools. AH most the Dragonfin Angelfish for 50g a stack and amazingly it was all sold this morning. I guess I must really enjoy Fishing.

Was able to lvl Cooking to 450 as well.


Darraxus said...

If you have the Northern Spices, you can make a lot more cooking the Dragonfin into Dragonfin Filet. I sell 5 Dragonfin filet for about 42 gold.

Anonymous said... realize IM the one buying those darn things?! =P

Not really, but I do buy them when they're cheap enough. Dragonfin Filet make my retadin veddy happy.

I don't mind fishing and really wish I had a full day to spend leveling it up. I find it pretty relaxing.

Galoheart said...

I'll try to remember next time how profitable the Dragonfin can be in cooked fillet form on AH :)

I'm just glad i now have the skill maxed out so its no longer a worry. But at least i can make money with it.

Paul said...

grats! -Bleurgh (Fizzcrank/US)

Anonymous said...

Gratz! Fishing does get fun when you're at higher levels.