Tuesday, November 17, 2009

WoW Blogosphere Drama In Play

Not often the WoW blogosphere get filled up with drama. But it sure can feel dramatic being in the community when it happens. I mean there is enough drama is the game itself. But sometime the drama evolving around the game itself can be just as fun to watch it play out. Its like watching soaps sometimes.

Last community drama episode I remember involved a Paladin author trying to pass as someone else that was writing for a popular paladin site. Was really confusing to say the least the whole thing.

The latest drama involve guides about gold selling guides, a WoW blogger and a few well prominent WoW bloggers. You can read Tobold or Greedy Goblins blog.

Im not getting into this, but its just fun watching it all play out from my little corner of the community. Its not often the WoW community is filled with drama and watching it all play out. Gives everyone a chance to weigh in for about a week on this if you don't have much to write about already.

I'm just going to watch this all play out. Sometime this kind of drama can seem more fun to read than playing WoW itself.

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