Monday, November 16, 2009

WoW Update 11/16/09

Busy leveling my Shadow Priest. So got Shadow boy to Outland. Got him some Outland gear, and cleaned up Hellfire Peninsular weaving shadow magic. Got him some wings as well. Toured around Zangarmarsh a bit them was off to Nagrand a zone which I always enjoy.

With that managed to get him to lvl 66. Even got him a name change to from Eternallord to Darkweaver to more kinda match his dark magic nature. Kinda matches my Shaman name a bit since he's Voodooweaver. Just 2 more levels in Outland and be off to Northrend on the home stretch. Shadow continues to be fun and has gotten more fun since getting to Outland and getting better Outland gear.

Thats about all I've been up to.

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