Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blog: A Few Changes...

Around here on the blog, not really all that much drastic changes. But moving on to playing other MMO's and I'm keeping my blog and its name, the adventures just will change a bit from one MMO to the next. Over the course of 4 years I've grown to like my blog. Its been a bit my companion while I played mostly WoW as well the feedback from readers which I have enjoyed.

These days while I have taken a very long break from WoW I've decided and have moved on to play or try other games. One MMO just don't do it for me anymore to keep game play interesting and fresh as I have interest in playing other games for my own fun and enjoyment as well need for more interesting game play.

WoW will always be there and the great community of bloggers and readers that have supported this blog and many others whenever I decide to return to WoW from time to time whenever that may be. The focus will never be quite the same when I do in play style for many reasons. Its hard to keep up when your not all that focus on a specific game all the time.

Its also too difficult and just not that fun to maintain more than one blogs about MMO games just because the games are different and cater to different readers playing different games as to not offend the readers. So I've decided to just maintain one blog if possible and just make it a general blog on the MMO's I play. If that offend some long time readers, oh well. Much better than having a abandoned blog for all the effort it took to grow over the years and maintain. Plus I like my blog name!!!

I don't really like a flashy blog with too much content thrown at a reader to find anything. I like simplicity in finding things so I'm keeping my blog simple as its always been. Plus I don't want to spend that much time playing around with making changes to a blog either. I rather spend it doing other things or playing games.

Didn't realize how many dead WoW blogs there were until I had to purge quite a few of the dead ones out of my WoW blog list that wasn't updated in the last 4+ months. Was allot! For the most part just changed my blog title, removed quite a bit of links, added some new blogs I been reading for some time on other games I play. I read quite a bit of blogs and most just reflect all the various blogs I actively read in some way.

But not really all that many changes. I kinda like using Wordpress as well but too bad I don't own the name there for AD. But still Ardent Defender, just defending Time, Space, Universe and Mystical Realms in other MMO's other than just WoW. The journey and adventures continues in different and diverse adventures.

Anyway more changes are possible as well as I play around with things.


Rowan said...

Hey, I know you've been playing other stuff. Welcome to the multi-MMO blog world. :P I, too, merged my two blogs not long after starting the second one. I had realized the same thing you did: It's too hard to maintain many specialized blogs about essentially the same broad topic.

Happy questing.

LarĂ­sa said...

Sounds like a wise idea to merge them. I only play WoW myself, but still I read some MMO blogs that only rarely write WoW-related stuff. If you're a good enough writer you're forgiven and will maintain my interest even if you're playing something else atm.