Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What Am I Up to These Days?

Well that's a good question. Here.

Been searching a bit for something a bit complex to sink my mind into and something new to learn and play or for the challenge. Well im actively and have recently started playing EVE Online. Yes I'm actually quite deep in reading up on EVE and reading quite a few EVE blogs as research.

So far loving EVE and I dare say I'll probably get deeper into Eden. I'm quite far from the World of Warcraft at the moment. My days in WoW as well will eventually soon come to and end and move on to fresh adventures and persuits in other MMO's.

In the life and time of this one player I'm certainly not afraid to venture and move on to other things or MMO games that spark my interest. But that's what I'm up to these days as far as MMO's go.

Certainly hope you all a well out there in Azeroth.

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