Wednesday, February 23, 2011

24hr Countdown to RIFT Launch

Obviously RIFT the new MMO game launches tomorrow at 1:00 PM EST for those in head start. So not too long till the long wait is finally over.

Already uninstalled the Beta client and already downloaded the live game client for tomorrows launch.

Really at this point really not allot to say except the few details. Will be joining up with the friendly great group of folks from who all will be rolling Defiant faction on the Faeblight server a RP-PVE server. Just because starting off in a new MMO playing with a great group of folks to journey with is always much more fun and interesting than going it solo on a random server. So good way to start off in a new game with a friendly great group of folks including one my favorite MMO Gamer Chick and a few other MMO bloggers. Hopefully see some of you all there for the fun.

Well I better go try to get some stuff done today. Be sure hard to get it done tomorrow.


Dick said...

I too will be Defiant on Faeblight, although with a different guild.

Ardent Defender said...

Hey cool. Hey at least on the same server at least :)

Anonymous said...

About 13 hours to go! See you in game!