Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Game Over...

That's pretty much it! Cataclysm is pretty much over for me and that's as much a seal fate as when I had decided to leave the game back in WotLK for my own reasons back then. I guess when I decide to make the choice its pretty much a seal fate. I have no regrets about my choices and decisions game wise.

I got my Paladin to 85, even relearning how to play again after quite along time from the game. Spent a great deal of time reading and learn how all the new class mechanics work and reading class compendiums at the EJ forums for hours. It was all fun and really invested the time to really learning things like i usually always did. It was all fun.

I didn't really look forward to all the grinding or reputation grind but I did some of it daily just going through the motions of things and logging on to play. And had moments of enjoyable fun in the process. But deep down I just wasn't looking forward to it. So I did less and less of it everyday. I did find some enjoyment in doing the cooking daily almost daily, not sure why.

I decided to level up some my other characters from 80 to 85, so i did. Not only that I transferred 4 characters from the server i was on back to my old server to play with my old guild and some guild friends there who still played so I was among familiar faces when i logged on to play. Its was just good to see familiar faces I had fun playing with since long ago.

I got 4 my characters to lvl 85 and was all fun to level them up, learn how to play them among all the changes to the classes. Spent time leveling up most my characters professions and had fun doing it. Yet once I got them all to lvl 85 I just didn't look forward to all the gear grind and faction rep grind and all that. Still I did some of it on some my characters. But just did not care to do it all that much to do it daily over and over. Maybe after 5 years of WoW for me its just getting old no matter how its re-skinned. I never visited or quested through any of the new starter zones or through changed Azeroth, I had no appeal to ever doing so and never did. Cataclysm for me was just 80-85 pretty much, 5 levels.

On most days daily I find I just log in sell some stuff on the AH and add to my huge gold supply and did some fishing. That's gets quite boring after a while just mostly logging in and selling stuff and some dailies. And the choices of what to decide to do don't seem all that great and didn't feel like investing any time in the raiding game.

So over weeks and days I find myself playing and logging in less and less daily. Since I also play multiple MMO's these days, I find at time I rather log out of WoW and often rather invest my time playing EVE and work on my projects there which seem more worthwhile for me to do. I guess you have more choices in how you decide to spend your time effort wise when you have choices of games to play.

Instead of keep subscribing and not really logging into WoW all that much, I checked my account and funny enough my subscription runs out tomorrow. So It didn't take me long to decide to just go ahead and pull the plug on my WoW subscription and Cataclysm.

I have no bitter feelings about WoW. I've always kept it positive. I'm just not feeling it anymore like I used to in days, years and old expansions past when i played like I had a crack addiction with in game friends and ran instances like a madman. The community in game feels very different, even the atmosphere in my guild feels different like everyone's a stranger at times. Barely anyone says hello to anyone. The feeling seems to be gone and instead of keep playing when I know I'm not feeling it enough to log in and play I rather end it here and now. So i just cancelled my subscription today which ends tomorrow.

The feeling just seems gone for me. Cataclysm for me lasted just 2 months.

For me its Game Over!

Edit: Already gave away all my stuff so you cant have it. And all the gold, gave all of it away too all six figures!


Anonymous said...

I have no bitter feelings about WoW either. Sometimes it's just time to take a break. I have no motivation to log in and play WoW right now, but that isn't to say I might get the urge to play again sometime down the road. I mostly just go with the flow these days, follow where my enjoyment will take me.

Dick said...

Same for me too. By mid-January I had just lost a lot of interest in the game. I'm not sure why, but Cataclysm just kinda ended things for me. So many problems, things not getting fixed, and the fact that it was really just a lot more of the same. When I see what other MMO's are doing, it makes me want to go play them, so I am doing just that. I think WoW might be on the decline. Maybe it's time. Graphically, it sure is.

Orthien said...

Its sad to see you go (again) but best of luck to you in the other MMO's you play. (Have you tried Rift yet its quite good).

I have to agree though that WoW is not the same place as it once was. While they have certainly have made some nice improvements to quality of life,I think those changes together with a changing player base and the merge with Activision have caused the game to have lost something.

It may just be Nostalgia but I believe that though the game has gotten better TBC was the peak of the community in WoW.

Ardent Defender said...

@MMOgamerchick: Yeah these days i'm mostly where my enjoyment is the most as well. As well where I feel my time is worthwhile spent.

@Dick: Don't have much problems with WoW. Just really for me after 5 years and over that time the game and the community inside the game has changed as well. I just feel for me its time to move on to other games, try new and interesting things, spend more time in game where its new and interesting. As well as invest time in games where my effort has more lasting effect for the time invested over time. I guess for me more EVE Online as well.

@Orthien: At least i gave the expansion a shot after being away for a while to see how much i enjoyed things. And i did have fun and enjoy things. But at the end of my thoughts I ask myself, do i really want to invest months and another year playing and investing my time in the same game. I just couldn't see that. Its been 5 year love affair with WoW.

After trying out the expansion a bit and looking down the road at things Its just now really time for me to move on to whatever peaks my interest and curiosity. WoW just don't seem to grab ahold of me like it once did firmly back in the days of TBC and with the community back then. So I don't mind just leaving the game, I've walked away before. This time its likely for good!

I've played some of Rift Beta, i'll probably play it when it launches. I also play EVE Online and more so these days more as I play WoW less and its one the game I do enjoy spending time playing for the effort.

I'm more prone to try other MMO games to see what fancies my interest. As time changes and the years have gone by my MMO taste and enjoyment have also changed as well and i guess as a result of that my decline interest in WoW.

Time changes us all and in the games we enjoy and why we like them.

Kuckuck said...

I don't know man. Think of all the sparkle ponies you are gonna miss out on!


skat said...

I think you're just burned out; it happens. Maybe it's because I've only been playing for a year and a half, but I'm having a blast in Cataclysm. I got my 80 BM hunter to 85 and have spent the rest of my WoW time leveling three toons up from starting level. The old world quests have been redone and I'm really enjoying them. Just getting through Thousand Needles on a druid right now and it's been a blast in the new zone.

I've only just NOW started to level my 80 shaman up. My boyfriend was in a big rush to get his 80's to 85, but I wanted to take it slow and enjoy it. I'm actually enjoying questing my way up instead of rushing through dungeons to level (in fact, I don't think I've done a single dungeon other than Deadmines on my Druid, which is now around Level 42-43 - and the revamped Deadmines was a complete blast, by the way LOL!)

You've been sounding burned out for quite awhile, so probably it has just run its course for you. I don't think WoW's done yet, though... Unlike your experience, I'm in a great Guild where even despite most of us being strangers to each other, everyone is friendly and helpful. Of course, it took me three or four Guilds to find the right fit.

...And the people on my server are not ALL complete idiots or jerks ...it is a PvE server, though:) I started out on a PvP server with WotLK and transferred off a couple of months after hitting 80. My shaman's on a PvP server, and for the most part, that seems to be where all the jerks are LOL!

Anyway, just saying...sorry WoW has lost interest for you. I've gone through that with other games, and it's sort of bittersweet when it happens.