Thursday, February 24, 2011

RIFT Launch Day

I was a both surprised and amused to see and hear some players had long queues trying to log into some the RIFT servers this afternoon. I had heard some people mention in game chat that they had a hour or longer wait while in game. But I had no idea how long some queues were for some people till when I logged off and read some blogs. Which was right when Trion brought the servers down for a bit of balancing and tweaking.

That's when I saw some people had a few hrs wait in queue. What do you expect on launch day when everyone all trying to log into servers all at same time.

I actually was right there already logged in at 1:00 PM just waiting for the servers to become active. Servers went active, and the moment I clicked to log into specified server there was so many people all trying to log in that I was #466 in queue less than 10 secs after servers went live. Took about 25 mins or so to get thru the queue and log in.

Once logged in got thru creating character and logged into starter zone didn't have any problem after that. Game ran smoothly and relatively lag free after that, at least it did for me. Starter zone was busy but not too bad though getting to Freemarsh zone it was jam packed busy with players. Got my first character to lvl 8 and then logged out and recreated another character mostly to get the character name but ended up leveling the that character up to lvl 7 and back to Freemarsh again.

In between that time Trion had made some in game announcement that they had opened up several new servers which I guess was to try to reduce the queue time for those trying to log on. A bit later then made announcement that they were bringing down for a short period to balance and tweak the servers a bit. That's when I decided to log out early and get me a bite. I log out and took a look at all the server listed and every server all the way down the list was listed as all "Full"and that's probably including all the new servers they added already.

And your wondering why your queue time was so long.

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Anonymous said...

I got lucky...I had been waiting about an hour when they first brought the server down for maintenance, and at that point I still had about 4 hours to go. When it went up again, however, I found I was able to log in right away. Barely 15 seconds later, I went told my husband to quickly log in and the queue was already up to 200 and something. Incredible.