Saturday, October 20, 2012

Battle Pets: Not all Rare Battle Pets stats are the same

Being working at leveling up my Battle Pets. Got one Battle Pet to lvl 25 and the other 2 are at lvl 24. One thing I noticed is that not all Rare Battle Pets have the same stats.

I've got a very good track record so far in being able to spot and catch Rare Battle Pets in a Pet Battle. It takes a while to get used to being able to spot a Rare Battle Pet in a group your fighting. Rare Battle Pets have a large combination of Attack and Speed stats, way more than others of the same exact type, as well they often have very good health stats. When caught their stats change slightly and become normalized in some way after getting caught. So I caught 1 Rare Cockroach.

Then I somehow for some odd reason decide to try and catch another. And in the very next Pet Battle I spotted it in the group and caught it. Hmm stats look a little different. Wonder if I can catch another one and see what the stats are like.

And not long after I in a few more Pet Battles I caught another Rare Cockroach. And what do you know this one also has just slightly different stats. Damn Cockroaches are evil, they will outlast us all.

From what I can tell so far in all the Battle Pets I've caught, you can get slightly different stats on Rare Battle Pets of the same unique kind as well different stats of lower quality Battle Pets as well of the same kind. One thing I have done so far is once I catch a higher quality Battle Pet of that type I immediately get rid of any Poor or Common quality of that Pet type. Leaves me room to later catch either a Uncommon or Rare Battle Pet of the same kind and keep my Pet collection a bit tidy.


Green Armadillo said...

A few comments:

Not sure if you're aware of this and deliberately choosing not to use it, but there are add-ons that color-code the quality of the pets you are fighting so you don't have to guess. I personally run:
Pet Battle Quality Glow

As far as I can tell, there are four varieties of most pets - HP, Speed, Damage, or balanced. Speed sometimes matters for certain types of attacks (sometimes you want a LOW number!), but so far I'm not going out of my way to get the specific variant I want.

I will typically hold out for a rare-quality before spending any time leveling. (This may change in 5.1, as there is a new item that will upgrade existing pets - dunno how rare these will be or whether it will make more sense to use them on non-battle pets that cannot be upgraded by any other means).

Unless the pet is really hard to find, I generally only bother to tame green or blue, and I release anything of lower quality than what I just caught. This did once cause a tragedy in which I caught a new spiky lizard and turned around and released my only spiny lizard.

Ardent Defender said...

I not that surprised to hear there is already an add-on to easily tell Battle Pet quality.

As for me given how long I have been away from playing WoW for quite some time, had completely wiped WoW from my PC. Needless to say I have elected not to add any add-on's of any kind back to my WoW install. So i'm not using any add-on's currently. Helps as much not to slow down my PC performance as well.

All of the Pets i'm using are all Blue Rare Pets and the only ones I've leveled up are all Rare Pets. Part of the fun for me is the randomness of Pet Battles and exactly finding out at capture of pet. I'll be honest to absolutely say if I had an add-on installed that told me on every fight which the Rare Battle Pet was and which exact type i wouldn't be enjoying it as much.

The reasons I play WoW at this point aren't that many. I'm not that much a Pet Collector or go out my way to really catch any Pet or Rare Battle Pet. But what I at least do is watch my Pet Battle fights and try to determine which one is likely indeed a Rare Pet and that for me is over half the fun. At start of MoP only had just 18 pets for all the time I been playing WoW over the years, few were Blue Pets from Blizzard and quest rewards.

As a matter of fact I'd likely quit doing Pet Battles in the wild if i had and add-on that told me what I had on every fight, because it wouldn't be that much fun for me at that point. I at least enjoy the Hunt for what it is and the randomness of finding out at the end of the Battle exactly what I have captured.

And add-on just makes it way way to easy.

Justin said...

Well... you still have to grind no matter what... Just when you see the blue you KNOW not to kill that one on accident. I still love capturing all pets I will not catch a pet unless it's rare because to me if someone else is using this addon they will do the exact same thing and have an advantage when doing a pet bettle due to the fact that their "rare" pet will have stupid higher stats. Also it's easy to tell without the addon... just pay attention to hp values once you know what that uncommon value is for the lvls then bam you have no surprise I figured that out on the first quest.