Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Oculus

The number one Instance that most people always seem to drop once they see the loading screen on random heroics and drop group before they even get to the instance. Just amazing.

Anyway just a reminder after killing Eregos the last boss to make sure to actually loot the chest for your extra loot bag of goodies which contain the 2 extra Emblems, gems and a chance at a Azure Drake.

Some people drop and leave group so fast after the last boss is down they completely miss out on their extra bag of loot. Allot of people seem completely unaware that there is even a extra bag in the chest they have to loot for the goodies. I was in a group earlier that didn't even know that there was a extra loot bag to loot from the chest. Make sure to loot yours!

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J.P. Mays said...

Yep, I have ran this instance now successfully four times since the patch. The last one that I ran earlier this week was the first one were I was informed that there was extra bag to loot. Bummer I missed out on the last three. That is what I get for now researching these instances.