Thursday, January 28, 2010

Not Really Motivated

Not much to talk about this week. Since I've barely logged in and played WoW much all week and from the weekend, not that much to really feel motivated to talk about or passionate to spend several hours writing and constant correction even writing about something.

I don't have any goals either at the moment to feel driven to accomplish and though I can maybe think of many too long to list, I'm just not feeling motivated and motivated to make any. I like to play and do whatever motivates me to do so and to my own internal beats.

Often its a struggle with some form of balance in having a life and playing WoW. Its good to have a job, its good to be employed. But some days I'm just so damn tired after work and that feels like all the time that is. I'm up at 4am in the morning for my long commute and have to be at work by 6am. I don't get home till by 8pm usually. Its the same when that flips and work at nights. Its quite often physically draining and mentally spent.

Last thing on my mind on those days thinking about sitting on my PC and trying to write something interesting to update my blog is not that close to mind. Logging into WoW and dealing with all else that comes with logging in and dealing with guildies and their constant drama is not something I want to have to deal with when I really want to unwind and get a little peace of mind or be left alone. So I don't feel that motivated to want to log on at such times.

But day by day I fall behind on my 2 daily Frost of Emblem that I can gain from Heroics daily or even the weekly quest. I'm ever so slowly getting falling months behind on that since I'm slowly not feeling internally motivated to log on daily to do so.

I'm just feeling tired from work life and the daily grind of going through life and being damn tired and feeling too tired to do some other things while needing to do other things or besides WoWing.

Many a times I've thought about logging in to play after a long day at work. But a few mins on the couch to slowly unwind and before you know it a complete new day or too late and never even made it to playing WoW let along Blogging. So I slowly fall months behind on things and on my Frost Emblems and day by day it feels even less motivating to even try and catch up. The reality of things is i'll continue to fall behind and thats not motivating to me.

A bit hard to be that motivated at time. Just the reality of life for one guy playing WoW. So goes my Life and Times. Life keeps happening to you while doing everything else, even while trying to enjoy playing WoW whenever that is.

We all have some form of real lives or complex lives each of us all and that has real impact on how much or how we even play the game itself.


Steven said...

Holy guacamole! 4 AM!
I thought my 45 min commute getting up at 5 AM was bad. I defer to you sir.

Perfectly understandable and, realistically, unless you are planning on raiding ICC (not sure if I will ever have the time to be honest) what is the grind for? pretty pixels to be made obsolete when Cataclysm hits?

My WoW-ing is nothing more now than log on do transmute, run 4-5 random heroics on 4-5 toons. Log off or potentially fall asleep in my chair.

Why? I know I have a completion-ist, bordering Ob-Co personality, and I like to see progress each day, even if it is miniscule.

But I know when spring / summer hits and I can do a lot more outside with my kids, my WoW time will be even more restrained. So I got to get while the getting is good !

As a famous evil character once said:
"Take care of yourself, if you haven't got your health, you haven't got anything"

+5 nerd points if you can name the character and movie ;)

Skarlarth and Company

LordHarrier said...

Count Roogan (aka 6 fingered man), The Princess Bride

Jb said...

Classic wow burnout, been there to. Need to take a looong brake and do...physical excersise maby. Steep treshold I know, worth a try though. Come back to cataclysm m8

J.P. Mays said...

I'm in the same boat. Log on in the morning do the transmute and a few daily quests. Nothing more. As it is now I don't see me re-newing my 6 month sub once it is up. I've been thinking about trying some RPG games on Xbox 360. Or going back to Fallout 3. No drama from others to deal with, just getting lost in a story line and relaxing.

Grinding for better gear is feeling too much like a job. I already have that 8 plus hours a day. I want a release and to be immersed in a story. I'm not getting that from wow lately.

Ardent Defender said...

Yeah i haven't played the game in quite a few days now, not really feeling the urge to play either.

I'll probably be taking a long break from WoW for a while to do other things as well while i'm at it to try and play other games for a change when i have time to.