Monday, January 18, 2010

WoW Update 12/18/09

I feel like I haven't been here updating things much. I didn't get to play much WoW last week either. Nor did I get much Emblem of Frost as a result as well, I just didn't have that much time to log in while I was busy working all last week at nights. But played a bit on the weekend, and weekend kinda just ended but I can barely remember what I did as well. duh!!

As for my Protection Paladin and gear well I don't really need anything from Heroics or Emblem of Triumph gear. I pretty much have all the pieces I really need and pretty much did that for the most part all in the first week that I really started playing my Paladin again. I got most of all the emblem gear I need all in one week just running allot of LFD. So pretty much looking forward to raiding for upgrades and just for the fun of raiding and seeing the new content.

I could of gotten into some ToC10 man raids or ICC with all the LF Tank. But I just didn't one the problem is I'm having some UI problems that affects my movements and I just didn't want to be bothered with it as a problem in a raid environment. I'm been having the problems a while and tried various ways to fix it and seem problem keep coming back to no avail. So until I get it fixed I rather not quite raid with the problem. Its hard to describe the problem. But the problem always result whenever I get feared from a boss or a mob but mostly a boss when you loose character control. In my case with my UI after the fear has ended and you stop running around from fear.

In my UI case my character directional orientation and movement is now all screwed up. Character does not move correctly or its moving in wrong direction and takes a while to re-orient to correct movement direction. You can see how bad that is or can be when your tanking or the seconds it takes to get it moving correctly and the frustration of doing so in combat. Sometimes its just doing little movement changes and all of a sudden my character movements is off or completely off. I can never quite tell sometime why its happening. I think its the UI or a corrupt addon file that's causing it but I don't know which one. Ive tried removing or deleting addons and the problems seem to go away and then next time I get feared like in Heroics I notice the problem again and then the problem really start to happen again easily from there. Frustrating it is. So this week I'm not only going to delete WoW and all the addons but I'm finally going to erase reinstall my HD on my PC and reinstall WoW and just the addons I really use. Only way I can get a peace of mind about fixing the problem. Sucks to have to do all the re-installation but only way I can think of fixing the problem.

But for the weekend I ran a few Heroics just for improving my Retribution gear and mainly just for the Frost Emblem. I got decent Retribution gear somewhat but need a few pieces but mostly Emblem upgrade just need. Playing Retribution if ok and fun in some ways, seems fairly easy. I don't find it all that challenging or all that fun to play and I can do good dps at that. But I have the utility in dual spec and fairly decent gear in good shape as well. For the most part I kinda like playing my Shadow Priest as dps though and did some LFD and finish getting him a few more Emblems to finish out getting the last piece of gear he needed for Shadow. So my Shadow Priest now has all the gear he needs and can get from Emblems of Triumph with all other upgrades from raiding ICC for the most part.

I haven't played my Shaman for a while and though I really enjoy playing my Enhancement Shaman I just haven't had the time to gear him up from T8 to T9 at since getting my Shadow Priest to 80 and getting him geared up as well as playing my Paladin. Will at some point.

With not much reasons to play around in LFD much I just spend the time rest of weekend leveling up my Shadow Priest Tailoring which I had put off at some point while leveling up. Got him up to 446/450 Tailoring. Also started leveling up his JC profession and kinda long way to go on that. Did some guild stuff and didn't do too much else for the weekend in WoW.

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