Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Brewfest 2009

So Brewfest been going strong a few days now and so far its one the event that I more enjoy in WoW. Allot more fun than the last holiday event because I can't even remember what that was either.

Most fun so far with Brewfest is just going to kill the daily lvl 80 Elite Boss. So far I have killed the boss on my Paladin, Shaman and my Death Knight. My Paladin got the Bitter Balebrew Charm on the first day and ended up just running a few people that needed a tank for the event. He already has the Mirror or Truth for Retribution spec so didn't need the Chronium Coaster Trinket.

I ran my Enhancement Shaman through and only ended up with the Mithril Pocketwatch which I can use in my Elemental Spec since I already have a fairly decent set of gear for that as well for Elemental. However didn't get the Chronium Coaster trinket on my Shaman eventually I'm sure but he does already have the Mirror of Truth trinket though.

On my Death Knight I got the Coren's Chronium Coaster trinket. He already as well like my Shaman did have the Mirrow of Truth also. So now my DK has both trinkets which is cool unfortunately they don't stack though for effect though.

I just heard that Blizzard added this in just late last night as a drop on the Brewfest Boss Tankard O' Terror. Ya Mon! I'm really going to have to try and get that on my Shaman. Its much better than what I'm still using in my OH and it rocks for dps.

Did some other Brewfest events on my 3 lvl 80's and only thing I really cared to buy with the Tokens was to get the Brewfest Pony Keg since its always usable and just something fun to have in Heroics and Raids. So I got that on all 3 characters the Pony Keg. Have yet to get the Pint Sized Pink Elekk for the pet, but at just 100 Tokens won't be that long. Rest of the Brewfest stuff I can't say I really care all that much about to spend more time to do or get or for the Achievements also. I just don't care that much about it to want to spend any more time at it.

Still one the funnest of Blizzard WoW Events though. Hopefully you been enjoying Brewfest as well so far.

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