Sunday, September 6, 2009

Faction Change?

The recent announced new Faction Change service is amusing with the amount of Faction swapping going on. Blizzard sure will reap some huge profit from this new added service as well. What a way to reap some huge profit.

What does Faction Change service mean to me?

It don't mean a Damn Thing to Ardent Defender!

All my characters are born and raised in the Horde. I love the Horde. You couldn't get me to switch sides to join the Alliance. No Way! Absolutely Not!

For the Horde! May all the Alliance commit grant treachery to their faction and come join the growing Horde!

I know the Horde got many of you for sure.


David said...

For the HORDE!!!!

Almaster said...

I used to say the same thing, i played a troll warrior for 4 years, then decided to play again after a 3 months break after BT and before sunwell, and played a human paladin on the same server.
and i am loving it, you should try to play alliance :D

Ardent Defender said...

For The Horde!

No Way I'm gonna switch sides. Not even for a Worgen.

J.P. Mays said...

Galo- this is more of an FYI, here lately I've been getting a popup box to enter a username and password when going to your blog. I'm able to cancel out of it, just thought I would let you know.
here is what I'm seeing.

A username and password are being requested by The site says: "Limited!"

Ardent Defender said...

Hey Thanks J.Mays thanks for pointing that out.

Went and looked into it. Seems a blog that i had listed under my "Blogs I Read" section was causing that login popup box whenever you load the site here.

Appears on trying to load the page here the the RSS blog feed was trying to update from all the other blog site and one the blogs in the feed was seemingly causing a login popup to occur.

First thing i did was to go down my "Blogs I Read" list and removed the one blog in particular in the RSS feed and that seem to have fixed the problem. Site seem to load fine.

Thanks for pointing that out again.