Monday, September 14, 2009

Nerf Hammer Strikes

I haven't been playing my Paladin much or have barely played him at all. I haven't really tanked anything significant since before patch 3.2. So all those nice changes we got back then some time ago. I've barely had time to try things out myself since all the changes came due. Now I hear the pendulum has swung to its limits and swinging back with a Nerf.

What? I'm getting nerfed! I haven't even used that shinny ability yet and I'm getting nerfed. Yeah since I haven't been keeping up much on things I was reading up over at pal Honorscode to see whats been up on things and I read for Protect Paladins aka Tankadins Ardent Defender talent is now getting nerfed. So tried to hop over to the Maintankadin Forum to see what was up as well and the site was down, I wonder why.

But really nerfed! I haven't even used it yet since patch 3.2. I haven't even really played my Paladin since before then. I have no idea what people been doing to make AD seem like its OP in some way. Damn Nerf Bat swung back for a nerf and I haven't even used my own ability yet.


I guess I can maybe stick to playing my Shaman and my DK a bit longer so I don't have to worry about this. Not like I been playing my Paladin much anyway. Only thing really done on my Paladin lately was solo Onyxia for the Achievement before patch 3.2.2 comes which was really easy and just doing some World Exploring for all the Achievements on my To Do List.

Back to playing my Shaman and my DK..... I guess its what I been distracted recently playing anyway for a change.


BigFire said...

rescinded as of last ptr patch. They did nerf ardent defender to just 20% damage reduction.

Ardent Defender said...

Thanks for letting me know as well. I just read about the proposed HotR nerf that was reversed as well. But AD got hit with the nerf instead.

So instead of nerfing one talent they were going to nerf they rescinded it and nerfed another.

What I don't understand is all these roller coster changes by the Devs.

Paul said...

They nerfed it because Paladins were suddenly in the position that Druids and DKs were in before 3.2: the clearly OP tank for hard progression content.

If it works, then all power to them. Even if I was playing Ulu right now, I don't need to be broken to justify tanking a boss.

Only guilds who should be worried are those who pick their tank purely on which is the flavor of the month. And I don't imagine there are many of those.