Friday, September 4, 2009

Working on my Goals

Right now just working on some my "Immediate" goals and leveling up my Unholy Death Knight Alithas. I've got my Goals in order and I'm kicking them in gear to get them done........... before the next expansion of Cataclysm. So my current project is getting my Death Knight leveled up at the moment. So he's at 76 and moving on. Stopped to have a chat with the man Arthas. Don't our names seem so similar?

It really took me a while to get a hang of playing a Death Knight again after months. He was at 65 for quite a while just doing AH business in Orgrimmar. After that much time I had completely forgotten how to play a Death Knight. So it took me a while and with some EJ Forum research reading over some time. But I got the swing of things going after a while. I still prefer playing my Shaman for fun vs my Death Knight that's my personal flavor. But the DK is still fun and just a different play style. Getting the rotations down took some practicing but I got it down as well pretty much. As well as relearning how to properly use some abilities though still working on most.

Ran a few instances when I had some time so done several. Did a DTK run last night with a few 75-77 as a lvl 75 DK last night. I was most leet on the DPS meter. Duh I'm not even a real DPSer from a experience point of things. But I did make my best effort to just do DPS and give my best effort like I always do. I remember being in some Heroics on my Paladin where dps didn't even break 1K DPS or barely. My gear is just regular gear and nothing impressive. I couldn't believe I topped the DPS meter the entire run and usually on my previous Instance run usually #1 or 2. No loot, but it was just fun to know where I score among other people that DPS as well.

Did a regular Hall of Stone run didn't pick up any loot either nor did i have any the quests for it since I was lvl 75 as well when I did. I beat the lvl 78 Hunter for DPS by a few points. I think I can DPS i guess then seeing my numbers are up there.

We had a Paladin tank the run which seem like a new Paladin or a inexperienced one. I haven't played my Paladin for a while but still keep up with stuff. The young healing Priest healed the run fine. The Tank used Seal of Light to tank the almost entire run and drank for mana often. Never once did he ever use Seal of Corruption or did I even see him use Divine Plea or kept it up. He always pulled with throwing Avengers Shield and then stood right there as the mobs came to him and then right there and when mobs was on him dropped a Consecration then attacked. Was just funny to notice these things. Never say a Judgement drop on the pull either. But he was always out of mana it seems. Anyway we finished the run ok. A view from the other side looking at the mirror.

For now working on getting my Unholy Death Knight to 80 as one my immediate goals that needs focus in getting it done before the road to the next expansion in Cataclysm gets shorter and shorter. Just one of many things working on to get done before the next expansion. If you have stuff you need to do before the next expansion start working on it now if you haven't completed it yet.

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