Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dinged 62

Galo continue rolling through the quests in HellFire Peninsular. As result dinged 62 barely can remember what I was doing when I did. I often take screenshots of lots of stuff to remind of of where Galo was or what was doing then. Often a lot to have to remember. Just looking at the shots I can remember what happened. Anyway Galo is now half way to 63. I haven't been to Paladin Trainer as yet so not sue what i will pick up next in spells.

Attacked several camps, blew up more cannons, killed more stuff in the area. Warlock minions are a joke to kill, they nice for a good few mana taps. Galo sometimes get out of mana so having a few mana taps on charge are nice to release in Arcane Torrent to get some mana back to maybe also recharge Blessing of Wisdom. So always good to mana tap mobs often when can. PVP for stadiums was kinda fun. However I totally suck at PVP. I'm not a player that studies PVP tactics to use and other classes what they do and know how to counter moves and spells. So I suck at it. Got ganked twice buy rogues once from stealth and other time from above a lvl 70 dropped out of sky from a flying mount and got ganked, easy to see that green tag. Just what's the dam deal with lvl 70 ganking people doing lvl 61-62 quests on flying mounts? On last run I did it with a 69 rogue and another player and found out to regain stadium all you have to do is stay close to the outside wall of stadium to regain control. Cool mission accomplished.

Fighting most the mobs in the area I fight one on one at first then after I prefer to AOE fight mobs if can and just faster to me if they more physical mobs. So often usually 2 at a time since Galo run to the other mob to draw them in. 1 vs 1 paladin is real slow.

Did a few quests as a group helping out a priest and they all went well, we also had a hunter along. Did the "Foot of the Citadel" I think thats the quest went well. Was a rush of mobs all after each other to kill a guy in charge of training Fel orc's and then to do a challenge to get to another commander guy in charge next to HellFire Citadel. I tanked the mobs the priest heal and the hunter DPS. Was lots of fun. After that we ran off did some more quests togather easily. Some I had aleady did my self solo, but the priest needed to do them, So was ok. Left after to go Solo my own quests. Some groups move so fast you barely get time to read the actual quest what its asking you to do and thus you barely know what you need to do when you get there not properly reading the quest in groups. Just another day in the Peninsular.


Wulfie said...

Grats on 62! The big spell at that level is Crusader Aura, which makes your mounted speed 20% faster. Useful, but not gamemaking.

Oh, and in case you hadn't realised, in levels 61-70, you actually get new spells at each level, although the odd levels usually just have upgrades to existing spells.

AoE grinding's the only way to go, I get bored if I don't have at least 2-3 mobs on me.

Galoheart said...

Thanks, Will have to check that out when i go to the trainer. Always nice having a new aura. Willl find out what one does. I do wish Paladins had a Arcane Aura though to go with the other misc arua of fire, frost, shadow. Arcane spell eats at me fast and hate it.

Absolutely AoE. Since figuring out how most mobs play in HellFire Peninsular. I AoE almost everything! Its just too slow 1 vs 1. And in AoE fights even if its 2 its much faster. On Ravegers its a bit more difficult since they knock me back off my feet, otherwise AoE if i can get away with it.

Still need a much better Shield though, on the new Armory seem i can get one in that forest place with a "T" next to HellFire Peninsular.