Friday, June 29, 2007

Dinged 64

A bit busy. However was questing a bit in Terrokkar Forest and doing a lower city quest for Shattrath. Dinged 64 last night also doing some quest with a new Hunter friend. Still have 3 HellFire Peninsular quests to do, but since they require a group effort its taking much longer than I had thought it would be to get them done. Also became Honored with Cenarion Expedition by turning in over 300+ "Unidentified Plant Parts" all in one pop. Bought out the entire AH stock listed to do so for reputation points. I have some extra plants left over so will sell them back on AH for a good profit.

Have to head to work tonight so not much time to do a good post.


Megan said...

Grats on 64. And ahh, good ol' Cenarion Expedition/Unidentified Plant Parts.. went through 4 character's worth of that stuff, fun fun.

Sunstriker said...

Wait until you start farming Aldor/Scryes. I powerleveled it and it was like, /wrists.