Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sig Images for World of Warcraft

I think these Sig Images are cool to get and nice to use as signature tags. Quite a few people have them and they provide quick glance info and stats. Got me one yesterday. They update ever 12 hrs from your WoW info. You can choose any stats you want to display as options. Looking at mine I have a long way to go in raising those stats. Hmm, needs lots more defense I would say for a Paladin. Well in time. Since its new my Kill rating seems low. It only starts to log when you first get the tag I guess. I'll make sure to kill even more stuff in Outland. Better change to get a world Epic drop from something randomly.

Here is a link to get one. Link Here.


Peter said...

I've tried this before but unfortunately the link to display the sig is on port 8080 and may not work if you are behind a firewall. This can make loading the page it is on take forever or time out.

BRK seems to get around this by linking to a static image which would need updating all the time, maybe downloading it automatically on a schedule.

Peter said...

Thought about it and found a solution. Blogged here: http://www.petersblog.org/node/1402

Galoheart said...

Not sure if its updating yet. Be nice if i can get it in the header somehow. I haven't figured out how yet. Will keep a eye on it.