Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mid Summer Festival Quests

Have been a busy at the AH with making pots to clear up my inventory problems some and reduce stocking in the Herb Bank some. So spent some time in Orgrimmar at the AH a bit just crafting in demand Alchemy pots all over the spectrum, from valuable high level potions and elixirs, transmutes, to low level profitable pots that's not on the AH but in demand in my crafting experience.

Decided to go and do the Mid Summer Festival quests so spend a bit of time all over both continents finding the Festival Bonfires. Was rather fun with the Epic mount & with Crusader Aura made the trip a lot quicker when not on the Wing Rider. Made me remember how I missed some the old places. Stoped to pick up the new FP in Felwoods at Emerald Circle passing through. As a result of all the running around along the way on the Mid Summer Festival quests whenever I spotted a few select valuable herbs I just had to stop a sec a pic a few flowers. Nothing like keeping the bank stocked for profit making. Did get to complete several of the quests for some nice buff food which always help. Buff foods are always nice, much better than no buff at all.

*Found another Ret Paladin Blog: Seal of Righteousness. Something for you readers to keep a eye on. Will see how it goes.


Sunstriker said...

Theres a new FP? GG i didn't even know that...was it hidden in the patch notes?

Galoheart said...

Was new Flight Path in the last big patch 2.1 they a new one at the Emeralc Circle in Felwoods, which was great, its was already long route in that area to one.

Jehu said...

I'm finding out all sorts of new things after having returned to the game. It's only been 6 months! Felwood did need another FP though.