Friday, May 29, 2009

A Good Deal!

Yeah I call that purchase a good deal after all my frustration of attempting to make Darkmoon Cards some few posts back with Inscription on my DK. I call it a waste of money to try and craft all those cards. I could probably make the gold faster I guess. The other good news is I did sell all three of the Nobles Cards I made at decent profit which netted me just about 2k gold. On average the deck always up on AH at about 6500-7000g. 

I decided I had more patience than some the sellers because I can just sit on the gold for someone desperate to sell their card and make some needed money. So I sat on all the cash and waited. I finally found someone in Trade desperate to cash out selling the card first at 6000g and asking for buyers. But no takers and none with extra cash. So I /w him and offered him a deal.

And with that deal sealed I acquired me the entire Darkmoon Card Nobles Deck to get the Greatness Card Trinket for my Retribution gear set. Much less headache and frustration than having to try to make all those cards and what seems like wasting money at the hand of the RNG with making random cards in the process with Inscription. 

In the Milestone of things since started playing WotLK back in March from absolute broke at $0 gold I've finally climbed over 10K gold from spoils and plunder much of it from the AH. And thats with having all my usual repair bills. With patch 3.1 after buying dual spec a bit after I was down to 2k gold for funds. Since then my DK alt parked in Orgrimmar has made me back over 6k gold parked in Orgrimmar making trips back and forth to the AH and mailbox daily milling inks and selling Glyphs. Rest from doing the AT quests and dailies.

Buying the Nobles Card deck set me back a few thousand gold. But even in a tough WoW Economy I manage to make a bit of money just purely selling only several glyphs on the AH everyday and constantly researching to make new glyphs to find some corner of the market to sell to. Right now the only real fun part of the game really just playing the AH. Make sure to buy a few glyphs when you at the AH for all your alts and more, I can use the extra money :)

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BigFire said...

Congrat. I have to borrow some gold from my co-worker to buy 2 Nobles Deck (one for my pally main, one for my DK alt), but well worth my effort.

Now that I'm just doing Argent Tournament and JC/Disenchant for money, I did not feel quit as bad when I blew 4k gold for 3 Horde pets.