Monday, May 18, 2009

Twilight Zone Pt 2: Guild Office Memo.

Something was definetely in the air.

Office Memo recieved 05/18/09 0133 from guild GM Warrior. The end has come. Due to RL issue and other things related to raiding requirements and lack of guild endgame raider dedication he will be quitting WoW and not renewing his account. You may or will have to eventually find a new home.

You are now even deeper in the Twilight Zone!

I was a original member of our first guild signing the guild charter before our guild second incarnation into it's current form when due to RL issues our first GM and his wife quit. He was also a friend, was a sad time back then. I've been here from the beginning. I've seen many changes. I've stated through thick and thin when many came and went so the guild would have some good core members at heart.

I had plenty of time to move on but choose not to. I actually like and respected our GM. We've had good memories togeather all the way back in Kara. So it's sad to hear he's actually quitting.

Yet I understand it as well why he's leaving. I sometime feel it as well.

Change has come to our guild.

Really does feel like the Twilight Zone.


Stoico said...

Sad, its always sad when things like this occur. I know its a game, but most of us, put so much into this game time and personality that it hits.

Hope you get through this and find a new hope to keep the tanking and fishing going... :)

Remember to have fun, impadin.

Malevolent Angel said...

So much like our own guild. Once the GM or the raid lead leaves, it's very hard to rebuild and move on. I think it's one of the major reasons guilds come and go.

Anonymous said...

Man, guild drama and problems are always a bummer, but you are good player and you have other friends on the server I assume. You will find a place that needs your playing skills. Don't give up on the game just because others you know are.

Galoheart said...

Yeah its Sucks. Thats all really need to be said.