Monday, May 4, 2009

Argent Tournament Champion

So far have really being enjoying playing the Argent Tournament and the quests are also fun to do. I guess I'm a bit into the Argent Tournament If I can say that and so far Its going well. Today I reached the Champion level and got Exalted Champion of Silvermoon after doing all my quests daily for the last few days as well as the various achievement. 

So now working on Champion of Orgrimmar. I think I can say I've got that Jousting down a bit as well. Those purses also pays out a bit of gold that adds up as well.

Having a little Squire carry your city flags is kind of cool. 

I got the Lance a Lot achievement for jousting and defeating all the Valiant from each city both Horde and Alliance both at the Tournament rather quickly. Also defeated all the Champions from Both Alliance & Horde, there don't seem to be any achievement for defeating all the Champions though. Some tips are already linked in a recent post. But ones I do most the time is: 

1. Always have 3 Shields up at all time.
2. Before you start the fight with the challenge window open refresh your shields then start.
3. As soon as the other challenger moves away Charge (3) and Thrust at him using (1) on your action bar. Then as your turning around throw a Shield Breaker (2) at him ASAP and close the gap ASAP and continue Thrusting. 
3.b. Alternate Strat can use: When the challenger moves away as soon as in range to throw a Shield Breaker throw it asap, and then just close the range on target as normal. Keep repeating that if your not as good at doing tip 3. Doing this the fight takes a little longer, but you keep the advantage on your health over the challengers and you will often win. As long as you keep you Shield up, throw a Shield Breaker when challenger moves away and close the distance quickly after and keep thrusting. If your doing more damage on thrust than the opponent is you have the advantage. Disadvantage if your not. I've won with tip more times than I can count especially if i'm off my game!
4. Refresh Defense Shield refreshed for 3 shields up at all times especially if it ever turns yellow on taking a hit from the challenger usually a Shield Breaker.
5. Keep Thrusting when close to challenger. As soon as he moves away Charge at him and Thrust as well. Throw a Shield Breaker as soon as you turn around and he's in view. 

The Boneguard Commander can be tough if your soloing him especially with 250K HP. You have to use some tactics to beat him. Best way is to clear up area of some the other Lieutenants and Scouts if possible. Usually one Boneguard Commander is there in area. Have 3 Defense Shields up before you charge at him. Charge at him from whichever direction to least pull any more adds than you have to. Fight the Commander and damage him as much as possible. You can also run down close to the camp area fighting him. Just don't draw any more scouts than you need to.

Alternate Boneguard Commander Soloing Tip: Its can be much easier if your trying to get him to pick him off from the group first vs straight charge at him. Move close to where he is. As soon as in Shield Breaker range with all shields up thrown a Shield Breaker and run away to draw him away from the crowd of all the other mobs than can spoil your fun. While running away charge back at him and thrust in a cleared area or close to camp. Solo him there and can use tip 3.b as well. 

As your loosing health fighting him try not to loose all your health. When your health is really low head for the camp and he will follow you. Get there before you loose all your health. Immediately dismount and remount a new Warhorse and put up shields as soon as you can. Charge the Commander again or throw a Shield Breaker at him to get his attention so he don't run back to his spawn area. If you fight him in or around the camp area you have less scouts there to mess with you in the fight. Rinse and Repeat till you kill him. Easy Solo Boneguard Commander ftw!

Updated 05/12/09: Tip 3 & added 3.b. Also Alternate Boneguard Commander soloing tip.


mandm413 said...

I wanted to thank you for putting up how you win the jousting, I was having a horrible time getting it down. I reread your post and in 20 mins or so had the lance a lot achievement. I have always enjoyed your blog anyway but I really appreciated that.


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Galoheart said...

Glad to hear some the tips have helped :)