Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Original & Still Unique

I read a nice post over at World of Matticus the other day about character names. So I remembered to check the Armory to see if my own character name was still unique. After over 3 years in the WoW Armory I guess I'm still a unique character name wise as of 05/19/09. 

Way back when, I actually thought hard about the name for hours naming my Paladin. I completely made the name up thinking about all kinds of combinations of names or names I knew that was unique. Made it up to match what I think my character was going to be like. 

At the time I was thinking of Braveheart from the movie back then. So I took the last half of the name thinking of names. I remember seeing a great Knight movie a popular movie it was though just can't remember the name of it. But one the brave knight I remembered was actually named "Galo". I remember liking that name as well. So when I was thinking of names that was my thought process. So I then combined both names and actually liked it and thus my own character name was born. 

Quite a few people all the time always ask me how I got my name or if I got it randomly by the WoW name generator or if I made it up. I really did make it up to reflect my character as a knightly Paladin. 

So after all this time I'm still unique in the WoW Armory name wise. I can claim total original ownership of my character name. And since its recorded here on the blog for history, anyone else after today that show up in the WoW Amory if they do is a total impostor.

How original is your character name in the WoW Amory and how many clones are they?


HolyWarrior said...


I am also totally original, there are two of my character name in the armoury. HolyWarrior and HolyWarrior (my level 39ish Tauren Shaman). My Level 1 something HolyWarrior placeholder does not appear obviously.

HolyWarrior isn't my real characters name, that will never be known!!

Capn Skillet said...

My main character, Navarion, seems to have many others with that name. I'm not sure if the name appears somewhere I am not aware, but I thought I came up with an original name. I first used the name in Shadowbane before deciding to use it for my paladin.

Ngita said...

My 1st and 2nd main names are far too common but my very first beta character was named Ngita (it translates as lock) and since in 5 years it remained unique I tend to comment under that name.

KiwiRed said...

Of my seven dwarves, only one (Dinglemouse) shares a name with anyone else (and even then, there's not many). The other six are uniquely unique.

Superconqui said...


thats my paladins name... or was when I played.

Its short for super conquistador, was called that during pledging

Klemens said...

2 years ago when I started playing this great game I created my very first character-human priest named Qerias. I thought of this name in like 5 sec and I liked it, it's been unique since then. Unfortunetaly, I stopped playing him a year ago. My next char was BE paladin named Espruar, I also got some other chars named like this but ofc on different servers. Espruar is an ancient elf language so I thought that'd be a good match with BE paladin :P. My current main is Sekko, BE paladin and sadly that name seems to be much more popular...cheers m8s!

Galoheart said...

Yeah it's cool to know your character have a unique name or one hardly in use by others.

I named my DK Alithas. Kinda somewhat in reference to arthas. I actually thought about that for days with other names I made on a piece of paper with at least 40+ names or more. I tried out all kind of name combo to come up with something unique. So I came up with that and actually liked the sound of it. I check the Armory just out if curiosity and what you know quite a few people had the name as well. Bummer. I totally made that name up and it was in use. But liked it and used it anyway.

My 70 Hunter named Krovon. I made it up as a off shoot of Kraven the Hunter from the spider man comics. Not all that unique a name but nice.

I have a Druid I made named Gorias. Really cool name. I actually tried to research a name fitting for a Druid and I found that one. It was a real name of a mystic Druid city from Druidic legends of Celtic lore if I remember correctly. But they were three cities and Gorias was one the names. So I named mine that. I have no idea how many of that name is in the armory but can imagine a few.

A nice and unique name is just cool. Much cooler if your the only one with it as well.