Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Twilight Zone

Guild Life.

You WoW gaming & guild life have now entered the Twilight Zone. I have no idea what's going on these days. Lots of Guild Drama happening lately. People are quitting and leaving, not that that has ever really bothered me much. Some of our highest dpsers have left a few was g/kicked for drama reasons lately. 

But when one of our guild longest veteran/raider a Holy Paladin has left the server I know there are other things behind the scenes happening as well that I'm just not in the loop on. I have no idea what's happening either. But something feels like its happening and the guild has being feeling different as well. Especially since last Naxx 25 which was..... some weeks ago when they had a officers meeting after. Few people log on these days and only mostly for raiding since. Not many guild raid since that time either due to few people logging on as well.

You have now entered the WoW Twilight Zone....

Always liked the old tv series though.


Nathan said...

I think my guild's situation is different, but ours too had seen its share of people leaving. We're not half the guild we were two weeks ago. There hasn't been any guild drama or anything, and I think most of our probably is that every guild member is prepared to commit a different amount of time (and usually on a different schedule) than everyone else.

RJ said...

Lately I have seen a lot of guild drama myself lol. And here I thought it was happening only in our guild :D.