Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Talent Plans for 3.2

As for 3.2 with all the changes and seal redesign and some minor talent changes I'm pretty much going to go with this for this all around utility spec and will work best for my personal build 0/53/18.

I'm often a PuG player or raid as such often, its what I've always been used to so unlike many with a full guild roster I don't depend on others to have any group utility buffs I need as well. I'm also not all that worried about threat for any the content I'm doing and I'll rather go with a Crusade build again since it will apply to most the content I'll be doing and more dps and threat on Humanoids, Demon and Undead vs going with SotP (Seal of the Pure). Its a personal choice! And with patch 3.2 you have the option of personal choice vs being a cookie cutter. Plus to say the least I really like having Persuit of Justice - PoJ so I'm sticking with it for faster movement speed which i rather have vs not having at all.

That will work for me doing my 5 man for the most past and 10 man content when I have the time or get a change to pick up a 10 man raid since I'm not really in a regular raid rotation at the moment.

As for Glyphs for my personal flavor I have the option of either using Glyph of Judgement or the revitalized and enhanced to much usefulness Glyph of Righteous Defense which will work well to back up the redesigned Hand of Reckoning. I'll have extra glyphs for both as I see the need.

Now that all said and done whys the rest of my plans for 3.2 since its all so hot......... I'm staying Focus and going to finish leveling up my Shaman. Because that is my task at the moment and i'm sticking to it like a hit taunt on boss.


Logtar said...

I like the idea of self reliance, however it is nice to have totem droppers and other buffs to help out.

Ardent Defender said...

Totem droppers are nice, buffs from other players are nice as well. Its more that I don't spec a certain way expecting someone else from my own class to to bring a buff or someone else from another class with the exact same buff that i can "easily" have without going out of my way much for my own utility.

Its more based on my play style that I often pug allot and don't really expect being invited to a group that their will be any other paladin there to provide a buff or debuff thats beneficial eg like the new Vindication.